Intrix 4-in-1
Filtered Boiling & Cold Water in One Convenient Tap!
Enjoy instant filtered cold water and boiling water - all in one tap
Intrix 4-in-1 black

Intrix 4-in-1


Filtered Boiling & Cold Water in One Convenient Tap!

Install the Intrix 4-in-1 Kettle Tap and enjoy instant filtered cold water and boiling water - all in one tap! Discover the Intrix 4-in-1 Kettle Tap. An energy efficient, contemporary water filtering system that combines elegance with functionality allowing you to enjoy high quality, filtered water in your home. Filtered cold and boiling water or standard hot and cold mains water, the Intrix delivers it all.

The Intrix 4-in-1 Kettle Tap is 80% more energy efficient than a traditional kettle. With its advanced technology the Intrix 4-in-1 Kettle Tap will only heat the water when you ask it to. With versatility at the forefront of its design, the Intrix is your friend. Fancy a quick cup of tea (or coffee perhaps) with porridge in the morning, or a quick lunchtime snack, with the Intrix 4-in-1 waiting for the kettle to boil is a thing of the past. Enjoy on-demand boiling water (up to 98°C), cold filtered water and then switch to mains hot water in an instant for washing up.

The new Intrix KettleTap is perfect for:

  • making cups of tea, coffee
  • hot chocolate making instant pasta, soups and porridge snacks
  • filling large saucepans with boiling filtered water for cooking

Ditch the kettle and save time, money and energy. You won’t look back!

Hot filtered water
Cold filtered water
Cold mains water
Hot mains water
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  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Smart technology and safety features
  • Fits into any interior
  • Black or polished chrome finish
  • Eco energy save mode
  • Control temperature to 98˚C
  • Child lock tap
  • Manufactured in ISO9000 accredited factory
Technical Specification
  • Power rating: 1.3 kW
  • Operating voltage: 220V-240V; 50, 60HZ
  • Tank capacity: 2.6l
  • Filter capacity: 7600l
  • Cups per hour: 100 per hour
  • Temperature range: 60 to 98 degrees C
  • Heating element: Titanium
  • Dimensions (mm): W 190 x H 360 x D 440