Naturally sourced water
Perfect taste straight from the tap
Stylish and easy to install in your home
No delivery fee
Bottled water cooler for home

Fresh, high-quality water whenever you need it

Naturally sourced water
Without any commitment
Full Maintenance Cover
No delivery fee - No bottle deposit - No Catch!
One tap, that does it all!

Intrix 4-in-1 Kettle Tap. Available from £999

Integrated tap system
Hot and cold, cold filtered and boiling filtered water
Stylish and easy to install
Energy efficient
Bottled water dispenser for your home

Bottled Water Dispenser for Your Home

At Eden Springs, we work for individuals. We bring you pure and natural water directly from local sources. Water is the most basic thing that your family needs to be able to recharge energy and promote a healthier lifestyle. The recommended amount of water to be consumed per day is 1.5 litres. So why not drink the best-quality water to stay healthy? 


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Intrix 4-in-1 KettleTap

Intrix 4-in-1 KettleTap

Intrix 4-in-1 delivers hot and cold mains water and filtered cold and boiling water. This convenient tap that does it all - hot and cold mains water, cold filtered and boiling water.

No need for bottled water, simply refill your refillable bottle from the comfort of your home.

Instant boiling water allows you to make tea, coffee, and all your hot drinks. You can also fill large pans with filtered, boiling water for example to cook pasta, make instant soups, blanch and prepare vegetables and sterilise baby bottles in no time at all.

The Intrix 4- in- 1 is available in 2 versions - Kettle Tap Chrome and Kettle Tap Black. Prices starts at £999 and include delivery and a standard 1 year warranty plus a filter for the first year. Ask for your free quote today!

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Reasons why you need a home water dispenser

Reasons Why You Need a Home Water Dispenser

  • Water quality: The naturally-sourced water from our bottles is pure, tasty and pollution-free.
  • Comfort: Free home delivery of water bottles means you don't have to carry the water from the supermarket. An advantage for large families or the elderly.
  • Generous size: Our 11.4L sized bottles will make sure you don't have to clutter your fridge with bottles of water.
  • Ecological: We collect your bottles and reuse each bottle up to 50 times. Following this, the bottles are collected for recycling, which allows us to control the amount of plastic wastes we generate.
  • Fun: A water machine available to your children will encourage them to drink. Good hydration is essential for the proper development of children, yet more than 90% of them do not hydrate sufficiently.
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