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We will deliver and install your water dispenser for free. Contact us and choose a convenient time for delivery

Rent water dispenser with free rental period and favorable price for prolongation. Free cancellation at any time.

Easy to clean the water dispenser or maintain with Eden Springs sanitisation service.

Eden Springs UK have been Carbon Neutral for 10 years and we only use renewable energy

Free delivery and installation
Free rental period
Easy to maintain and clean
Carbon Neutral®️
Water machine for home

Home water dispensers

Tired of having to fill your boot with water bottles every month? With Eden Springs, you can enjoy a home water dispenser, capable of offering your family high-quality water. This provides your family with purified water to drink at any time of the day. What’s more, you can choose between hot and cold water, adjusting the thermostat to make tea more easily and without having to boil the kettle.

It’s the perfect solution to provide pure and healthy water to your family, and save money. Choose between the various bottled-water dispensers we offer and save from the very first day.

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Water machine for office

Office water dispensers

The Eden Springs water dispenser for businesses is a great option for organisations with high water consumption. This is an economic, practical and eco-friendly way to offer workers high-quality water in their working environment.

We work across the country so you can rely on our water dispenser, no matter where your business is located. The installation of water dispensers and filtered drinking fountains is quick: our installers work without bothering employees at their workplace.

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Rent a water machine

Renting or buying a water dispenser: the advantages

  • Access to high-quality, natural mineral water at any time.
  • Dispensers are designed in small and discreet sizes to adapt to any space (office or home).
  • They allow you to choose whether you want cold water or hot water for a cup of tea.
  • Eden dispensers are 100% recyclable. We are firmly committed to protecting the environment.
  • If you’d prefer to opt for Eden Springs’ home water coolers, you’ll find that these are very easy to use and install.
  • We offer home delivery for all our water dispensers and fountains. There’s no need to worry about how to transport the system or any water replacements.
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COVID-19 secure water machines

COVID-19 secure water machines

We care about our customers and provide safe and convenient water delivery to homes or offices. Our contactless delivery to your door will help you to avoid heavy loads and reduce number of trips to store. With regular maintenance and cleaning water machines are safe to use. We can also offer you an extra sanitisation service.

We can reassure you that we are taking all the necessary preventive measures to avoid any risks of contamination and we will continue updating you on the evolution of the situation.

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Why Eden Springs?

Over the course of more than 20 years of experience, we have developed various models of Eden bottled-water dispensers, as well as a range of water-purifying systems. They are all very easy to install and simple to use: all you need to do is connect them to your building’s supply for pure, bacteria and limescale-free water with all the minerals your body needs.

We guarantee quick installation and a delivery service across the country, so you can enjoy certified spring water as soon as possible.