Palma H87 Vending Machine



Azkoyen palma+ h70/h87 snack vending machines

Product display and product capacity are fully flexible with two adjustable tray configurations, two temperature zones as well as the ability to operate two spirals simultaneously. This allows for the dispense of larger sized foods. Flexible & reliable & robust the azkoyen palma h series is easy to maintain and boasts a score of a+ in energy efficiency.

The palma+ h series range offers a fully flexible snack and drink vending solution that caters for all location types

The large shop window presentation acts as an attractive product display. The palma h series is designed to vend products of any size. The adjustable shelves allows you to modify the channel width and adapt the presentation style, allowing you to adjust your range of snacks and cold drinks to market trends without limiting choice.

The innovative idetect technology provides 100% vandal-proof machinery. Made from galvanized steel, the palma h series provides an anti-leverage system, steel buttons and triple toughened glass front. In addition, the collection tray is specifically designed to make accessing the product zone unachievable.

Re-stocking and maintenance is easy and fast with features such as fully removable trays and doors that open at 90º. While fast and easy programming and set-up means you can enjoy your snack and drinks solution easily and hassle free.

The Palma uses materials that are fully compatible with RoHS European directive, aiding recycling, while thermal insulation and the use of LED lighting, make the Palma series energy-saving, benefiting the planet, and your pocket.

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  • Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Technical Specification H70
  • Technical Specification H87
  • Large illuminated product display (LED Lighting on specific models)
  • Product dividers are made from clear material to enhance product presentation and encourage impulse purchases
  • Excellent unit dimension/product capacity ratio. A+ energy efficiency
  • Guaranteed vend system "idetect" (included in Palma+ H and specific models of Palma+ Hz) reduces vandalism and offers assurance to the end user
  • Triple glazed front panel in Palma+ H front panel
  • Anti-pry surround and steel selection buttons
  • Galvanized steel body
Technical Specification
  • Easily configurable shelves which can be removed for loading even with the door open 90 degrees
  • Adjustable trays allow for the simple reconfiguration of product channel widths, enabling the dispense of different size products, optimising the capacity of the machine
  • It is possible to operate 2 motors simultaneously offering the ability to dispense larger products
  • 1 or 2 temperature product areas
  • Temperature adjustable down to 3ºC (exterior 32ºC) allowing the dispense of perishable products
  • Programmable expiry date control on perishable products
  • Specific models of the Palma+ H87 and Palma+ Hz87 are prepared for a door clearance of 70 cm
  • Payment module prepared for EXE and MDB
  • Compatible with bank note readers and cashless systems (keys, cards, etc.)
  • EVA DTS protocol compatible
  • H87 - Ensures an internal temperature of 3ºC with external conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity
  • HZ87 - Ensures an internal temperature of 8ºC with external conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity
  • H70 - Ensures an internal temperature of 3ºC with external conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity
  • HZ70 - Ensures an internal temperature of 8ºC with external conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity
Technical Specification H70
  • Dimensions mm (W)723, (D)865, (H)1830
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Power: 13A
  • Frequency: 50HZ
Technical Specification H87
  • Dimensions mm (W)888, (D)875, (H)1830
  • Weight: 340kg
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Power: 13A
  • Frequency: 50HZ