Water Wells Project - Wakiso district, Uganda

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Since 2011, Eden Springs has partnered with the not-for-profit organization People Help People-One World, to provide support for water and community development projects in Tanzania and Uganda.

In 2014, Eden provided help to fund the construction of several clean water wells in the Wakiso district, 50km southwest of Kampala (capital of Uganda).

About 70% of this areas 1.4mm inhabitants have no access to clean water. These new wells help to increase access to safer drinking water sources, thus improving health and community development in the region.

Lack of clean water negatively
affects health
Lack of clean water negatively
affects education and income

10%of children are affected by
water-borne parasites17%of girls drop out of school due to
poor hygiene17%of children under age five die
from diarrhea10%of boys spend time fetching water
compared to focus on studies12%of children age 10-17 suffer
dysentery5%of household incomes level drop
as a result of poor access to water40%of adults suffer from typhoid