Office Water Coolers & Coffee Machine Suppliers

We are the UK’s number 1 supplier of office water coolers across UK workplaces, supplying our quality bottled and plumbed-in water coolers to thousands of offices and companies throughout the country.

Your workplace could benefit from reliable Eden Springs water delivery (with water sourced near you), plus purchase and all-inclusive rental water cooler options from 3£ a week!

Office water coolers for the workplace

  • Water coolers, standalone water delivery and small PET bottled water.
  • UK leading office water cooler supplier with unmatchable infastructure.
  • Only UK-certified CO2 neutral water cooler company – we’re doing our bit to make workplaces more green.
  • All-inclusive cooler plans – hydration for your office without the hassle.
  • Dedicated account managers organise water across large organisations.
  • Clients include 10 Downing St, Buckingham Palace, the NHS and hundreds of small businesses.