Fresh, great-tasting, naturally sourced water
  • Guaranteed quality thanks to stringent tests
  • Classic or contemporary cooler designs
  • Quick and easy to install at any power outlet
  • Water coolers designed to suit any kind of workspace
  • Choice of temperature and still or sparkling
  • Flexible delivery schedules
  • Environmentally responsible, recyclable bottles

Eden Springs offers a wide range of bottled water coolers and dispensers designed to suit any environment.

  • Bottled water coolers are quick and easy to install – they can be plugged in to any standard power outlet
  • They’re suitable for any kind of workspace - reception areas, kitchens, meeting rooms, and even factory floors
  • Colleagues, customers and visitors can choose their water as they like it, depending on your water cooler you can provide cold, hot, ambient and sparkling water at the touch of a button
  • You’ll have professional installation and regular sanitisations carried out by our qualified engineers and water cooler experts
  • We offer flexible delivery schedules for refills to suit your needs – delivered to your premises
  • Our bottled water coolers are environmentally friendly. Bottles are used up to 50 times before being recycled and we are a Carbon Neutral certified company, offering Carbon Neutral certified products
  • There’s a great range of accessories available, from cups and glasses to bottle racks, and from hygienic wipes to sprays


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Mains Fed Water Coolers
Unlimited, great-tasting water on demand

Does your workplace need access to unlimited, great-tasting water on demand? If so, our mains-fed water coolers are the answer. 

  • Mains-fed water coolers take the water from your existing main and use a high-quality filter to transform mains water into fresh, great-tasting drinking water free from bacteria, contaminants and chlorine
  • Colleagues, customers and visitors can drink as much water as they like at the touch of a button
  • Depending on your water cooler you can choose your favourite temperature from ambient, cold and hot. We even have Sparkling option available
  • Water quality is our top concern, so we use state-of-the art filters from 3M and Brita
  • Mains-fed water coolers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • They come in a range of designs from basic to premium to suit any workplace and budget
  • You pay one regular fee - no matter how much water your employees, customers or visitors drink
  • You’ll have professional installation and regular sanitisation carried out by our qualified engineers - usually twice a year
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Eden Small Water Bottles
Perfect for events and meetings

Eden Springs offer small bottles in 2 sizes – 50cl and 1.5l – because you can’t take the office cooler with you!

  • Perfect for events and to use in meeting rooms – refreshing and good-tasting Eden water, any time, anywhere
  • A great way to offer water to visitors and guests "on the go!"
  • Good for employees to enjoy at off-site meetings or to take to the gym or for the commute home
  • Great tasting naturally sourced pure water from the UK
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