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No minimum period commitment. Additional coolers including 4 sanitisations a year/ cooler are available for an additional £10/ month. Additional water bottles are available for £6.50 each and cups are available for £17.90/ box of 1000. Package prices include all environmental, congestion and service call out charges (see terms). Executive and Trade Member discounts will be provided as a discount on the monthly rate as advertised. Prices do not include unscheduled delivery requests. Price correct at time of printing and subject to change. Payments are +VAT charged at 20%. Acceptance is based upon our risk criteria and unfortunately in certain circumstances it may not be possible to provide you with the service, should your industry be deemed high risk. Dependant on your credit risk a direct debit payment maybe required. If before the end of term stated you move your services away from Eden Springs or cancel your services, you will be subject to contract cancellation charges.

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Packages Include: Eden 24 Eden 36 Eden 48
Eden Water Cooler 1 1 1
Total Water Bottles per year* 24 36 48
Total 9oz Cups per Year** 1000 2000 3000
Number of Sanitisations per Year 4 4 4
Executive Member Price (10% Discount Applied) £22.41 £26.91 £31.41
Trade Member Price (5% Discount Applied) £23.66 £28.41 £33.16
Standard Package Price (No Discount Applied) £24.90

per month


per month


per month

*18.5L bottles provided for business, 11L bottles for home

**Water cups not included in home/ residential packages

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With every cup of Eden water, our customers help to create a cleaner world and improve the well-being and development of communities in Central Africa.