The Alterra Coffee range was developed to provide consistently great tasting filter coffee. The range available has been designed to provide a coffee option for the whole office.

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Alterra Coffee

Freshpack explained

Developed by MARS drinks the innovative freshpack system was designed with one aim in mind, to keep the ingredients as fresh upon delivery as the day they were encapsulated within the pack.

  • Each freshpack contains ingredients and a filter. When the predetermined quantity of hot water is passed through the freshpack nozzle it mixes with the ingredients and brews the perfect cup of coffee or tea.
  • Because the volume of coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is inside the freshpack is measured and remains constant a consistently great tasting drink can be guaranteed.
  • The Alterra coffee range is split into two categories:
    • Origin (coffee beans are procured from a single source - ie. Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia)
    • Blend (two or more coffees are bleneded together to create a great tasting flavour)

The FLAVIA barista, FLAVIA C500 and FLAVIA C400 all exclusively use the freshpack system and have proven to be the office favourite thanks to their consistency, freshness, ease-of use, reliability and the great range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate available from the range.


Did you know?

  • In the US about 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every day.
  • Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil.
  • The world coffee production is estimated at over 130 million bags per annum.
  • Over 20 million workers earn their income from the coffee industry .

To keep your office/ workplace functioning you need to ensure all your teams tastes are catered for. MARS discovered that they could categorise these taste profiles into four quadrants that take into consideration the degree of roasting and the flavour characterisitics of the bean.

It takes 4 combinations of roast and taste to make everybody happy....

  • Light and Smooth

Description: Refreshing, clean and sweet for the all day coffee drinker

Drinks available: Mild Roast | Smooth Roast | Smooth Roast Decaf

  • Medium and Balanced

Description: Distinctive flavours for discerning palates who know what they like

Drinks available: Rich Roast | Colombia

  • Medium and Bright

Description: Lively experience for the adventurous who enjoy different aromas and fruity flavours

Drinks available: Artisan Roast | Ethiopia

  • Dark and Intense

Description: Dark roasted, intense and full-bodied for those who enjoy a complex cup

Drinks available: Italian Roast | Espresso Roast | Sumatra

MARS choose their suppliers carefully, conducting regular audits to ensure that the ingredients that are inside the freshpacks are from sustainable resources.

All MARS Coffees are 100% Sustainably Resourced