Klix 450

The Klix 450 has been intuitively designed using cutting edge technology to deliver a choice of hot and cold drinks consistently, reliably and easily. Consistent product quality is guaranteed through the innovative in-cup system which ensures you will only ever be presented with a perfect drink. The Klix 450 offers a flexible systems that can be tailored to your work place's individual needs. A leader in choice and variety, the Klix 450 is the perfect solution for the fast-paced and choice-hungry.

0 - 20
20 - 50
50 - 100
  • Small BusinessSmall Office
  • Medium BusinessMedium Office
  • Large BusinessLarge Office
  • Soluble CoffeeSoluble
  • Fresh TeaTea
  • Cold WaterCold
  • Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate
  • Hot WaterHot
  • Hot ChocolateChocolate

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Klix 450 Coffee Machines - EDEN CONVENIENCE

The most compact drinks system from KLIX, proving that less is more.

Proof that good things come in small packages, the Klix 450 sits neatly on a table top yet offers a generous 400-cup capacity and 8 drinks choice. Time efficient, reliably, and simple and easy to use, you can position the KLIX 450 just about anywhere.

Delivering high quality for low maintenance, the KLIX 450 machine makes providing choice, simple. Using cutting-edge technology, KLIX have pioneered an in-cup system that ensures consistent product quality, unsurpassed reliability, simplicity and choice. KLIX technology eliminates every unnecessary moving part and bypasses the complications and issues related to mixing ingredients in the machine itself.  Ingredients are predetermined in the cup, the machine simply adds water. This technology concentrates the complex process of mixing ingredients away from the machine. The cups are hygienically sealed and supplied for easy installation into the vending machine.

Compared with traditional loose ingredient machines, KLIX machines are about as hassle free as you can get. All you need to do is a daily wipe around with a damp cloth and there is a simple step-by-step guide to cleaning the machine inside the door - an effortless solution.

Klix offers an easy to maintain solution and competitive reliability, the Klix 450 Mean Time Before Failure (the average time between the need for a technical callout) stands at 38 weeks, meaning fewer interruptions, and more great tasting drinks.

We'll help you to set up your Klix drinks coffee machine with exactly the right mix of drinks you need according to your male-female ratio, staff age range and business activity, while free-vend & pay-vend options gives you the choice to make all or some of the drinks free vend or paid for.

  • 8 Drinks options (400 cup capacity)
  • Choose from a range of 28 different drinks using in-cup technology.
  • Ideal for kitchenette areas or counter tops
  • Optional storage base cabinet
  • Cashless system as standard
  • Optional coin operation or KLIXKEY® technology
  • Low maintenance with easy restocking
  • Free on Loan / Lease / Rent / Purchase options
  • MEI Cashflow® coin mechanism
  • Easy to set up, simple step-by-step guide
  • User-friendly
  • One-touch operation
  • Fast drinks delivery
  • Ideal for sites of 20-70 people
  • Height: 1040mm
  • Width:  540mm
  • Depth:  400mm (hot) - 585mm (hot & cold)
  • Weight: Hot: 69kg - H/C: 92kg
  • Connection: Fused 3 pin plug into 13 amp switched socket, 2 metre cable and plug supplied.
  • Water supply: Mains drinking water supply with a 15mm OD x 3/4 BSP Male (WRAS Approved or equivalent) isolation valve, no more than 1 metre from the machine; flexible house supplied.
  • Water pressure: 1.0 - 7.0 bar; 15 - 100psi.


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