The popular Flavia Creation 400 uses cutting edge technology to bring you your quality hot drink in only 40-60 seconds. It’s LCD display with interactive software means employees and visitors can help themselves to a drink effortlessly without training. Designed to meet individual drink demands, everyone will find a drink they love, and will be able to enjoy again and again thanks to the 24/7 availability. No fuss, no mess, just perfect drinks every time.

20 - 50
50 - 100
100 +
  • Small BusinessSmall Office
  • Medium BusinessMedium Office
  • Large BusinessLarge Office
  • Capsule CoffeeCapsule
  • Fresh CoffeeFresh Coffee
  • Hot DrinksHot Drinks
  • CappuccinoCappuccino
  • LatteLatte
  • Fresh TeaTea
  • Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate

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Flavia Creation 400 Machine - EDEN CHOICE

FLAVIA is the leading single-serve brewer perfected for the UK workplace.

A perfect single-serve brewer, boasting industry leading reliability, the Flavia Creation 400 keeps your workplace running smoothly. FLAVIA® machines deliver hassle-free convenience, brewing directly from pack to cup using the original freshpack system. Designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today's busy workplace, the simplicity of the machine and its innovative, non contamination fresh pack system, means that FLAVIA® can save you time and effort, especially when compared to other hot drinks machines.

The FLAVIA® CREATION 400™ is easy to use, convenient and even portable. Its intuitive yet simplistic interface takes the stress out of the rush. Drinks are delivered in seconds, so making the perfect cups of great tasting ALTERRA™ coffee, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ tea or GALAXY™ hot chocolate couldn't be easier, saving you time to do the important things.

  • Drinks are ready in 40-60 seconds
  • Available 24/7
  • No mess
  • Industry-leading reliability - averaging over a year between service calls
  • LCD display with interactive software
  • Portable, jug filled or plumbed in
  • Small and compact desktop design
  • Designed to meet individual drink demands
  • Each FLAVIA drink is dispensed from a ‘freshpack’. Each freshpack contains fresh, ground ingredients that brew your perfect drink in seconds as soon as you pop them in the machine.
  • Each FLAVIA® freshpack ensures that drinks retain their freshness, aroma and taste for an average of 9 months, meaning you'll spend less time organising stock and will be able to enjoy fresh teas, coffees and hot chocolates for longer.
  • As each drink is brewed inside the freshpack, with no contact to other elements of the machine, cleaning takes a fraction of the time required by other vending machines.
  • With over 25 years experience, FLAVIA® systems are created from unbeatable quality. You can rest assure that delicious drinks are a touch of a button away, whenever and wherever you want them.


  • Height: 432mm
  • Width: 252mm
  • Depth: 517mm
  • Weight:10.5kg
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz (maximum 5 amps)
  • Power Consumption:1520W heating mode / 3.7W standby
  • System Capacity Unplumbed: 3 Litres
  • Set-up time: Installation 4 minutes max (first drink availability)
  • Typical Drink Temperature: 84°C / 183°F (Regular Coffee - In paper cup)
  • Typical Brew Time: Coffee/Tea - 29 seconds, Choco - 23 seconds, Cappucino - 52 seconds
  • First Drink Availability: 57 seconds (brewer switched off overnight)
  • Water Filter Type: Activated Charcoal
  • Bin Capacity: 24 filter packs
  • Power Lead: 2m long
  • Payment System Option: Available (coin mechanism)
  • Plumbed Option: Available


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