Women drinking coffee at work

A solid foundation to build on when choosing a coffee machine for your organisation is your business type. Simply, consider whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, whether you are an office infrastructure, warehouse, factory or otherwise. Consider whether you are client facing, customer facing, or simply employee focused. By establishing who you will be making the drinks available to, you can rule out any machine choices that do not meet you size, type or user needs.

There exists a wide range of coffee machines on the market. To fully maximise your return on investment we advise that you consider potential coffee machine choices in line with your business objectives and organisational requirements. To help aid this process, please consider the below areas with your business type and business objectives in mind.

Coffee machine elements to consider

  1. Drinks variety, diversity and choice
    Once you have the basics established, you will need to predict what beverages your employees, visitors and or clients are likely to want. One way of increasing certainty is to ask your team what they would be most interested in, whether that’s specialities coffee, espresso based drinks or house hold brands.
  2. Maintenance levels
    Once you have decided how many drinks you will need to be supplying and what types, you can then begin ruling our options that cannot meet your organisations needs in other areas. Consider the maintenance requirements of your machine choices; are you able to dedicate time to cleaning daily? Traditional bean to cup machines require regular sanitisation to remain hygienic and function efficiently. It is economical to dedicate a member of staff to the daily maintenance of the machine, or would an easier to manage system be more suitable?
  3. Accessories
    Once you’ve chosen your perfect solution, research whether there are accessories available that complement your work space design. A merchandiser that houses your drink packs, a cup warmer or a payment system may be part of your overall vision. Secondly, do you envision disposable or reusable cups, what would best reflect you brand? If you are client-facing, perhaps consider branded cups or coca stencils to add a touch of personalisation. 
  4. Design
    Design is another important aspect that reflects brand. As well as providing your ideal drinks solution tailored to your personal requirements, you need a machine that adds something to your work space visually and technically. Establish whether you require a plumbed in or hand-filled machine, and narrow your search this way. Consider your option with consideration to noise levels, technical capabilities such as speed, dual capacity, reliability and user-interface design.
  5. Buy, rent or lease payment options
    Like all purchases, be wary of your budget. Choose a payment plan that suits your usage. Remember to consider costs for ancillaries and other supplies. Certain machines such as the FLAVIA and KLIX are available on a Pay Only for Drinks model which groups costs into one, simple and easy to manage payment. Familiarise yourself with your options and make an informed decision.



Man Drinking Coffee
  • Soluble and Instant Coffee Machines

Soluble coffee machines create instant coffee at the touch of a button. Hassle-free, and low maintenance, machines such as the Vitro S3 and Vitro S4 brew a range of café specialities including coffees and tea, prepared in a short time leaving you to focus on the important things.

  • Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines brew the highest quality real whole bean coffee specialities. For a true barista style coffee experience, bean to cup machines will create coffee perfection that will reflect the most premium of brands. A more expensive option, bean to cup machines will also require time investment for cleaning and maintenance, usually daily.

  • Single Serve Coffee Machines

Single serve machines offer all the benefits of a bean to cup machine, with a lower maintenance design. A compact solution, the single serve machine offers filtered coffee made from fresh ground beans. Choose from a range of café specialities, black and herbal teas. The FLAVIA C400, C500 and barista are single-serve machines offering a hassle-free beverage solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

  • In Cup Vending

Minimum hassle and offering maximum choice, in cup drinks machines such as the KLIX OUTLOOK offer a simple and speedy solution for the busy work space. Able to generate a high volume of drinks, quickly, in cup machines provide a wide choice of household brands, covering hot and cold drinks as well as soups. An instant drinks solution, in cup machines require minimal maintenance.