A well-positioned and optimised coffee area can reap benefits for each individual and the company as a whole.

Well-being Energised

An opportunity for employees to re-fresh and reenergise is guaranteed to improve an employee’s health and wellbeing, meaning higher commitment levels and lower absenteeism rates.


By providing a communal area where employees can socialise, design, innovate, and debate, individuals can enjoy the opportunity to converse with their co-workers, and others from different departments or braches or companies, creating a greater sense of community and offering opportunities for Cross-company socialising. 


By showing that you care for your employees, your employees will feel a greater sense of wellbeing which in turn will build loyalty, commitment and productivity at work.


You will need to co-decide your preferences and requirements in terms of machine and drinks in-line with your office requirements. For the best results, try to sync up versatility and usability, with the size and demographic of your employees, this will ensure your machine gets the most use possible.

Will you want to provide your team or customers with coffee shop favourites or a number of different options? - such as tea and hot chocolate! Narrowing down your menu and options you want to offer will establish what machine will be best suited to you and your workplace. 


Drinking Coffee at Table
Supporting resources

Equally as important as picking the right machine, and selecting the perfect menu of drinks is choosing where to locate your coffee area.

A coffee machine generates productivity, energy, social bonds and a sense of wellbeing, as well as luxurious drinks. To really maximise your return on investment and get the most out of your coffee package, ensure you fully optimise your resources. A coffee machine shouldn’t stand hidden or alone, ensure you pair your chosen coffee machine with suitable resources where possible. For example, showroom areas, waiting areas, or social areas can be generated centred around your coffee machine.

Depending on the spare you have, and how much you want to dedicated to a coffee break area, and the location you should being by considering your abilities and limitations. If you have a lot of space to work with, dedicate space for comfortable seating. A coffee table compliments sofas and seats, and provides a convenient spot for socialising on handing paperwork or a laptop.

A cabinet and other accessories will make the display area as convenient as possible. Look for a cabinet that can hold your coffee machine as well as any cup warmers, fridges, drinks merchandisers and a so forth as you wish. A hidden bin shoot will help keep the place tidy and discreet.



Team in Meeting drinking Coffee and Water
To add atmosphere and a sense of warmth to the environment, add touches such as greenery and signage to the break area.

The coffee break location is a perfect place to display your company’s core values and mission statement to create a sense of togetherness. Another opportunity to add a personal touch could be to personalise the space in line with company brand. A personalised coco powder stencil can make a lasting impression on visitors, by dusting their speciality coffee with your company’s logo. A touch everyway will appreciable.