Choosing a coffee solution that matches your business

Knowing your core company values

When it comes to making any decision for the business you are a part of; whether for the workplace, team or customer, it is important that you measure the proposition in line with the company’s key values.

Usually, a company has a mission statement along with key values and key objectives that the organisation aim to operate in guidance of. Doing so maximises success for the organisation and its customers and employees.

Small details like deciding on a coffee machine or drinks solution and break space can support your company’s values in the same way as larger decisions such as employee profiles and organisational structures can. If your organisation’s key values include principles such as collaboration, innovation, and teamwork it may be worth investing in an updated workplace design that supports these. For example, if you want to encourage collaboration, a workplace design that harbours the socialising of individuals and cross-departmental encounters could be the perfect means to enhance the growth of collaboration and cater for collaborative opportunity. A coffee break area could be the opportunity to spark growth in line with your company objectives that could in turn drive profit.

A coffee machine is a simple centre point for such an area. Whether a space dedicated to causal socialisation, or a team space set up in the boardroom, create a location that is tailored to your individual company’s needs.  Design an office that offers perks to your customers showing that your company cares for employee wellbeing while stimulating creativity, teamwork and collaboration.


Once you have decided on what you want to get out of your coffee space design, whether a closer team, greater creativity, or a heightened sense of employee wellbeing, your next move is to secure a coffee solution with a trusted coffee machine supplier. When choosing a company to partner with, consider the company’s values in line with your own.

For example, if you practice sustainable sourcing and ethical trade, utilise a company that performs with similar values. You are therefore supporting your causes across all operations, and working with a company you have an invested interest in. Secondly, if a coffee company is highly rated for its customer service, you can trust that you will be looked after. With machine servicing and supplies secured, you are guaranteeing you can look after your own company with the highest care.



Once you have chosen you coffee supplier, you will then have to select the most suitable machine for your organisation along with your ideal drinks menu. There exists a wide scope of coffee machine designs and capabilities. Choose your professional coffee machine based firstly on company size, as whether you are a small, medium or large company, you will need a coffee solution that can support your drinks requirements.

Also, you will need to consider your staff demographic, and design your ideal menu to cater for all tastes. A varied and diverse office of a larger size will need a coffee solution that caters for everyone so that all employees and visitors can benefit. You want the coffee you provide to reflect your brand and leave an impression of your employees, partners and visitors. Making the correct choices in the planning stages will enable your company to generate a higher return of investment in the long term.