Coffee beans are the second most traded commodity in the world after oil.

Coffee beans are the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. The coffee tree blooms white scented flowers that last for approximately three days. The trees fruits first occur six to nine months later. The cherries will grow green in colour, turn to a yellow hue and then ripen to red. The coffee ‘beans’ are in fact the seeds found within the red ‘cherry.’ There are normally two beans inside.

Grown at high altitudes (4000-7000 ft), the Arabica bean is distinguishable by its beautiful aroma and sweet acidic taste, the Arabica beans is flat in shape with sharp edges.

The Robusta plant is more resistant to disease, and creates coffee with a higher caffeine level compared to Arabica. In terms of shape, the Robusta bean is slightly bulbous in shape.


Coffee is grown in over fifty countries....

The main coffee production regions cover the bean belt along the equator. Some of the most popular areas are Colombia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra which are available as single-origin coffee beans for all Eden bean to cup machines.

Each origin has a distinct and unique taste and aroma. The American coffee beans are usually aromatic, balanced, sweet, fruity or mild, and pleasant. Whereas, Africa is unique, effervescent, and winy. Step over to Indonesia, and discover a fruity, heavy body, spicy taste and aroma.

Once the cherries are grown they are picked, usually by hand, and shipped to a processing mill where they are processed. There are two methods of processing coffee cherries, known as dry and wet. The process ususally goes as follows:

  1. The coffee plant is planted and grown
  2. Cherries form and are picked
  3. Cherries are processed by either wet or dry means
  4. Coffee is sorted on the basis on quality and then exported
  5. The coffee is blended or left to remain as single origin
  6. The coffee is then roasted
  7. The final stage is packing the coffee ready for you to enjoy


Single-origin, blend, roast and taste...

Single-origin or blend

  • Blend is two or more coffees blended to create a unique flavour.
  • Single-origin offers beans that come from a single-source.

Roast and taste
Appearance, aroma, flavour (acidity and bitterness) body and finish.

  • Light and smooth: refreshing, clean and sweet for the all-day coffee drinker.
  • Medium and balanced: distinctive flavours for discerning palates who know what they like.
  • Dark and intense: dark roasted, intense and full-bodied for those who enjoy a complex cup.
  • Medium and bright: Lively experience for the adventurous who enjoy different aromas and fruity flavours.