The Psychology of Sound: Productivity Through Music

Health & Well Being at Work


Finding a source of inspiration when you’re feeling decidedly demotivated can be tricky. Productivity isn’t self-perpetuating, which means we sometimes need to generate the motivation required to get the job done - and thankfully, this is all too easy. If you’re running on empty and need a motivation injection, music could be the answer. Here’s a look at exactly how music is one of the world’s greatest motivators - and the crazy psychology behind the audio effect.

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Sound Psychology

Surprisingly enough, music’s seemingly magical effect on our mind and body can be traced back to neuroscience. Music’s ability to engage our sympathetic nervous systems allows it to prepare our bodies for action - causing our airways to open and heart rates to accelerate, and readies our muscles for movement. The sound patterns in certain songs affect our bodies physically, with an increase in pace triggering an increase in pulse - providing a sudden and welcome burst of energy. Music also helps to coordinate our neurological processes, with this syncing of brain cells helping to align our cognitive, perceptual and motor processes with ease. So if you need a quick fix for an office motivation shortage, get some high power tunes on and sit back as they work their neurological magic. An inability to summon the motivation for work is all down to energy. While the caffeine contained in your morning coffee is more than enough to give you the instant boost you need, music offers a natural, alternative stimulant with similar effects.  

Try It Yourself

Commercial tracks aren’t the only way to give yourself some musical motivation. is a site that gives users a chance to find unique noise generators tailored to their own hearing curve. This innovative concept means office workers can find the ideal soundscape for their own brain, accessing motivation solely through the power and influence of sound. Give it a try today to see if you can find the noise you need. Remember - music is great for relaxing at work, too. So when it’s time to give yourself a well-earned break from the daily grind, dive into your guilty pleasures playlist and reward yourself with some good old R&R. At Eden Springs, we know how important it is to stay motivated at work. That’s why we supply offices across the UK with eco-friendly coffee machines, guaranteed to give your employers the working boost they need. Take a look at our range of environmentally friendly office solutions now to propel your business’s productivity.