Coffee Machine of the week - Vitro X4 Espresso – Bean to Cup Machine

I’ve chosen the Vitro X4 Espresso as our bean to cup office coffee machine of the week because of its contemporary good looks, ease of functionality and the range of great tasting coffee it produces.

Easy Functionality

With it’s clear imagery and touch screen, the drinks selection system of the Vitro X4 Espresso instantly reaches out to customers and staff, providing them with 10 drinks variations, including Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water for Tea, all at the tap of the screen.

Vitro Display

High Capacity Bean Hopper

The Vitro X4 Espresso features one high capacity bean hopper and 3 soluble containers, the flexibility of these containers means you can use them for an instant decaf coffee hot chocolate ingredients and instant milk - to create all your coffee shop favourites.

The Perfect Espresso

The 9bar brewing mechanism provides an authentic espresso, with a great taste and a perfect crema. This machine will deliver around 250 drinks a day and is designed to be plumbed in. To increase autonomy a waste solution can be added which allows the coffee grinds to fall directly into an under cabinet bin, rather than the traditional grout tray.

Vitro double nose

Easy to clean and economical to use

The cleaning cycle has the same easy-to-maintain steps as the previous Espresso machine, making it a simple process to train others to keep the machine clean and in working order, you can find the cleaning instruction video here. The Vitro X4 Espresso is also an economical and environmentally friendly machine – in fact 90% of its components are recyclable at the end of its life, creating a sustainable coffee machine for your workplace.

Additional Features

Last but not least the X4 is unlike any other coffee machine, by offering the option of a 10” media screen, where you can show off your latest products and promote upcoming events!

Vitro 4 optional screen

You can find out more about the Vitro X3 & X4 here.

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