Interview: Creative artwork made from coffee spills

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I was browsing Facebook one day and this image popped up on my news feed:


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I thought this piece of 'Alice and Wonderland' artwork created by coffee spills was absolutely stunning. So intrigued by the piece was I that I contacted the artist to find out more about her and to ask why she uses coffee as a medium for creating art.

So here is the low-down on our coffee spill artist.

Her name is Giulia Bernardelli, a 28-year-old museum worker from Mantova, Italy. She says that 'art has always been part of my life' and helps to organise art courses for children in her father's art gallery.


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When asked what gave her the idea to use coffee as a substitute for paint, she responded: "I started to use coffee by chance, less than a year ago. I accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and suddenly appeared a new world, made of beautiful shades, each one different from the other. In my artwork I try to catch the magic of a moment, as if the coffee created a story by toppling. I love the spontaneity, the ephemeral, the magic.

"The different shades, from the Espresso to the Americano, make coffee an amazing raw material to create art with."


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The piece above is Giulia's favourite of all those she has created and depicts a dream sequence she had. She likes "its continuity, as if the images came out from a unique stain. I believe it's magic. It is my favourite, even if the picture other people like most is 'Alice in Wonderland'."


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When I asked Giulia if she has any plans or ideas for her next piece of coffee art, she said: "I don't like planning my next work; I follow my moment inspiration."


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Obviously someone who uses coffee to create art with must really enjoy it and she calls coffee her 'life partner'. As an Italian, she drinks many cups a day alone, while with friends every cup is a "special moment".

She is not fussy about how she takes it either: "I love coffee in every way! Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, Macchiato..." for her it is a "ritual".


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To see more of Giulia's amazing coffee artwork, follow her on Instagram.

Do you and your colleagues love coffee? If so, we think her work would be perfect for hanging on your office walls and perking up your workplace.