British pie week: Pies recipes to perk up your workplace

Office Management


With this week being British pie week, why not put a smile on your colleagues' faces and make a pie that will be sure to perk up your office? We have recipes for sweet pies perfect for coffee break or savoury pies to make you the star of lunch. Either way it's a win:win because, after all, who doesn't love a pie?   chicken-pie

1. Mini chicken and asparagus pies

These bitesize chicken pies are simple to make and perfect for sharing at lunchtime.

2. Chocolate pumpkin brûlée pie

Want to appeal to your colleagues with a sweet tooth? Why not try Jamie Oliver's chocolate pumpkin brûlée pie? This inventive and non-traditional pie is perfect for a mid-morning coffee break.

3. Mucky mouth pie

From the Yorkshire region, this is a berry-filled pie designed to get your colleagues in a mess. But this time it is one they will thank you for.

4. Pork pies

Want to appeal to your colleagues who don't have a sweet tooth? Then this pork pie recipe is definitely the way to go!

5. The perfect apple pie

Fancy something a bit more traditional and classic? Well you can't really go wrong with an apple pie, now can you?