The Biggest Loser: Eden Springs challenge!

Office Management


As part of our Well Being@Work campaign Eden Springs employees from our Blantyre Glasgow headquarters are striving to become 'The Biggest Loser', competing against each other through healthy eating and controlled exercise to lose the most weight (safely)!  At Eden we certainly know that good hydration is part of a healthy lifestyle, but it's only one part – aspects such as healthy eating and exercise are integral to achieving a healthy lifestyle and physique. To support the efforts of the team and encourage them to get healthy, Eden Springs are donating a super-duper SodaStream fizzy drinks maker to the winner who loses the biggest percentage of their weight. The challenge is on!

Meet the team

Find out more about the people looking to change their lifestyle and weight: page splitter

John 'JT' Thornton

Hobbies: "Gym at the weekend! Oh how I look forward to it" (with sarcasm...) Savoury or sweet?: Sweet (like his nature) Food weakness: Chocolate! And the Scottish favourite Irn-Bru. Why taking part?: "To lose a few stone and make sure I look amazing on the beach!" How does Eden help?: "The 'food patrols' and team morale support has helped keep us on a straight path, while 6 x 500ml bottles of water a day keeps me going." page splitter

Sally 'Salbart' BartholomewSally_B

Hobbies: Drinking, dancing and singing badly at karaoke Savoury or sweet?: Both Food weakness: Haribo, jelly sweets and milk. Why taking part?: "I stopped smoking after I was diagnosed with Asthma – I was on steriods and gained a few extra pounds." How does Eden help?: "It'll require my own will power. There's no excuse for not drinking water as part of it, we're surrounded by it!" page splitter

Susan MuirSusan_M

Hobbies: Eating out Savoury or sweet?: Both Food weakness: Anything bad for you, especially meals out. Why taking part?: "So I can fit into my holiday clothes, and in my bikini not scare young children off the beach. I will try to stay on it and bin all my fat clothes!" How does Eden help?: "It's going to be a daily support group – no cheating at work! We've also got plenty of water so no excuses for not having it." page splitter

Denise ChisholmDenise_C

Hobbies: Cooking, listening to music, visiting family and having a drink with friends. Savoury or sweet?: Both Food weakness: Wine, pizza, cheese, Sunday fry-ups, cakes, biscuits and puddings. Why taking part?: "So I can get into my old jeans." How does Eden help?: "The support is great, and it's handy to have folk in the same situation as you. Personally I'm not much of a water drinker but Eden water certainly helps your hydration. I'll continue with the healthy lifestyle afterwards, but may take a week off..." page splitter

Clair DemellweekClair_D

Hobbies: Going to the pub. Savoury or sweet?: Savoury. Food weakness: Bacon, chips, crisps, wine. Why taking part?: "To take up healthy eating." How does Eden help?: "Having Eden staff alongside me will help, deffo." page splitter

Sharon 'Marshmallow' BradySharon_B

Hobbies: As long as she has a chuckle she's happy Savoury or sweet?: She's a sweet person after she's had something savoury. Food weakness: Anything under the category of 'food' Why taking part?: "To become The Biggest Loser! Diet is a bad word, so of course I'll change the lifestyle not just the menu – will anyone be monitoring me afterwards?" How does Eden help?: "Eden water helps me with energy, health, creativity and focus so I've heard...and when I win I will bring all my colleagues a drink from my new SodaStream!" page splitter

Valerie 'Val' Little_2Valerie

Hobbies: Drinking gin, walking the dog, being with friends/family, shopping. Savoury or sweet?: Savoury. Food weakness: Chinese food, crisps and general munching. Why taking part?: "To lose weight and look better – if that's possible, I look so good already! I may continue healthy eating after...sometimes...maybe...." How does Eden help?: "Hydration is definitely the way forward, although the rest of the team haven't helped so far...LOL" page splitter