6 Creative Coffee Tables To Liven Up Your Office



Are coffee breaks a little bit boring? Why not try and entice your boss to get one of these coffee tables to perk up your office.  

ideatable3 Image Courtesy of creatingclever.com


1. The Idea Table

This table is perfect for the creative office, your team can sit around it and have brainstorming meetings. Designed by Aileen Bennett and it is cheap to make your own all you need is an Ikea table with some paper cut to fit on top, simple!  

arcade-table Image Courtesy of firebox.com


2. Arcade Game Coffee Table

Having the right balance of work and play in the office is crucial to employee motivation and productivity. This arcade game coffee table encourages fun in the office with a work hard play hard attitude.  

Image Courtesy of dexigner.com Image Courtesy of dexigner.com


3. Book Coffee Table

Fancy an award winning coffee table? Well this one should be right up your street, position it in a chilled out part of the office and load with books that will increase your staff's knowledge of the industry that you work in. Encourage them to take breaks and head over to the coffee table to learn something new!  

c_coffee_table Image Courtesy of yankodesign.com


4.  Communicative Coffee Table

Do you work in an office where people are not the most talkative? This table could be a creative and fun way to get your team interacting with one another. Get them to leave notes for other colleagues, take notes or even share stories/ideas.  

Aquarium-Coffee-Table Image Courtesy of opulentitems.com


5. Fish Tank Coffee Table

Do you work in a fast paced stressful office? Then this fish tank coffee table would be suited to your workplace. It will act as a calming gathering place where your employees can go to clear their mind or have a moment to relax.  

IMG_5404_knob Image Courtesy of designsponge.com


6. Paper Shredding Coffee Table

This multifunctional coffee table is perfect for the types of offices that have a lot of paper to shred, for example a law firm or a bank. Not only does it look nice but it gives the staff something to do while they have their morning coffee.