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Energizing our customers with water and coffee solutions

Eden's objective is to energize Europe's workplaces and homes through a wide choice of water and coffee solutions. To achieve this goal we have set ourselves high standards for our way of working:

  • Excellence in the service to our customers: With our award-winning service network there is only one task left for our customers: enjoy.
  • A product offer that aligns with the highest quality standards and responds to our customers' needs and tastes. Making Eden the supplier of choice for bottled water, plumbed in water coolers or office coffee machines and related products.
  • Being Europe's number one is not enough for us : we want to support the collectivities that we work in by.
  • Continuously deploying an eco friendly way of working with a special objective to become a carbon neutral company.
  • Supporting local and global charity activities as well as socially engaged water project.