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Pay only for drinks

Pay only for drinks

bullet point Pay only for drinks - drinks machines
bullet point from just 21p per drink!

  • Order from Eden and we will roll the cost of the machine and servicing into one easy-to-manage drinks payment

  • Enjoy a top-brand coffee machine from
    as low as 21p per drink - * terms apply

  • Drinks machines professionally installed
    within just 7 days


Pod & Capsule Coffee Machines

  • Cuppuccinos, lattes and more from individual sachets
  • Easily positioned anywhere in the office
  • Coffee shop culture for offices, receptions and meeting rooms


Soluble Coffee Machines

  • Easy to use with cutting edge design
  • Quickly enjoy CafeNeuva, Twinings, Nescafe and more
  • Hot or cold drinks ideal for offices or factories