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You will, no doubt, be familiar with the "traditional" water coolers with the blue coloured water bottle on top. These are referred to as "bottle-fed" or simply "bottled" water coolers. You may be less aware that it is possible to get coolers that source their water from your mains supply instead of bottles. In addition to cooling your water, they also filter it - providing great tasting water. This type of cooler is usually described as "plumbed-in" or "mains-fed" water coolers. Within the industry they are sometimes referred to as POU coolers (point of use). Both types of cooler are suitable for most environments including offices, schools and universities.

Quick Comparison

  Bottled Coolers Plumbed-in Coolers
Cost of Cooler Lower Higher
Cost of Water Cost per bottle Free*
Installation Incredibly easy Easy
Location Anywhere** Within 15 metres of plumbing
Piping None Easily Hidden
Water Delivery Easy to manage Automatic
Environmental impact Low Lower
Water Quality Excellent Good
Designer Coolers Available Yes Yes
Sanitisation Required Yes Yes
Servicing Required Yes (Simpler) Yes

* You will, of course, need to continue to pay for your mains water

** You just need an electricity supply and a square foot of flat surface

If your decision comes down to cost, then your choice will depend on the amount of water you get through. It's a bit like petrol and diesel engines – in general you need to be doing a pretty high mileage (a lot of drinking) before you will pay off the extra cost of a Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with the Eden Filter System™.

For more information see our water cooler products and accessories.


Both our bottled and plumbed-in water coolers come with two taps, but clearly when buying a cooler you want one of these to give you chilled water - there's no debate there! However, for the second tap you have an option:

Hot - like a conventional hot tap but hotter. Ideal for cups of tea or coffee

Ambient - the water is neither chilled nor heated. Whilst not for everyone, drinking ambient temperature water has been proven to rehydrate your body quicker than chilled or hot water.

Having the hot option is slightly more expensive and if you are working to a budget you also need to consider the additional electricity costs.


Once you have decided what type of cooler you want (bottled or plumbed-in), you need to choose a model. As a general rule you pay more for looks, cooling power and build quality. At Eden you have the choice of standard, mid range or premium models. Due to our UK and international purchasing power (we buy more coolers than any other UK company) you can be assured that you are getting great value for money with any of our coolers.

Cooling Power

More expensive models will typically be able to chill water to a lower temperature (and heat to higher temperatures in the case of hot and cold models). In the UK this is only really significant if your cooler is going to be located in a warmer than average environment, in which case we would recommend a premium model. If your cooler is going to be getting a lot of use (e.g. if it's in a canteen), then you should also consider the rate of water cooling (usually reported in litres per hour). Our standard and mid-range models have an excellent cooling rate.

Cooler Design

Our premium range is designed for style and is ideally suited to customer facing areas such as reception. If looks are less important to you, then choosing an option with less expensive finishes will keep your costs down.

Build Quality

As service and repairs are all part of the Eden customer service, you can be assured that it is in our interest to give you a well built cooler that is going to give many years of reliable service. There are "cheaper" models available elsewhere, but the lifetime cost of these are usually much higher.


Free-standing water coolers have always been the traditional choice and probably remain the ideal solution if you have sufficient space. Being that little bit bigger they tend to become a focal point and therefore engender the age old "water cooler chat".

Desktop versions were devised in response to those with smaller space. They are ideal for the home (e.g. sitting on a kitchen work surface) or any other situation where space is limited. They tend to be a little cheaper but on the downside the water cooling capacity (litres per hour) is usually smaller. If you go with a desktop bottled cooler (as oppossed to a plumbed-in cooler) then the bottles will be smaller, meaning you have to change them more frequently.


A bottled water cooler may supply ‘mineral’, ‘spring’ or simply ‘drinking’ water, although all bottled waters must meet the same high standards for hygiene and mineral content. ‘Mineral’ and ‘spring’ waters must be suitable for drinking with only very limited permitted treatments, and a ‘mineral’ water must additionally show a long history of stability and go through a formal ‘recognition’ process. Eden Springs water is drawn from deep, natural aquifers in Renfrewshire and Hertfordshire, and both sources have a long history of excellent quality. We choose to treat our water to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout – befitting our national distribution system as the UK’s leading water cooler supplier – and the Eden Springs water supplied to your cooler is therefore legally defined as ‘drinking water’, although it is of similar quality to many ‘mineral’ and ‘spring’ waters and meets the same stringent hygiene and mineral content standards.


Buying or renting a cooler is not dissimilar to buying or renting a property. In the long run you expect that buying would be a bit cheaper, but if you rent you don't need to worry when the boiler (or cooler) packs in, or any of the other administrative hassles that go along with maintenance - someone else will take care of that for you. With any purchase where there is the opportunity to buy or rent, you need to consider initial costs and ongoing costs before making your decision. Water coolers are no different.

If you are considering renting then you have another decision to make - whether to sign up for a fixed or pay-as-you-go water supply. While the terminology may differ, fixed supply provides you with a fixed number of bottles each month at a total set price, while pay-as-you-go supply means you pay for each additional bottle you require. The fixed supply offers you the benefit of a fixed cost each month making it easier to budget, but may cost more if you don't use all the water you're entitled to.

Some suppliers simply sell water coolers and then encourage you to get water from a third party if you need it. No consideration is given to servicing and repairs so you risk finding yourself with a large bill, not to mention the time consuming job of trying to find someone to fix the cooler for you should it break. Rental contracts on the other hand typically include servicing and repairs. Regardless of whether you choose to buy or rent, Eden Springs always includes cooler delivery and installation. With experience of looking after more customers than any other company we have seen the benefits our customers receive from having a single supplier who is able to cover all their water needs.


Hygiene is a paramount concern with all water coolers. Coolers that aren't properly looked after can rapidly become a health hazard. Similarly, an improperly maintained cooler can become inefficient or break down totally, as a result regular maintenance is required.


The process of cleaning coolers is known in the industry as sanitisation. Your cooler needs sanitising once every three months. Whilst some suppliers suggest this is something that can be done yourself by purchasing a sanitisation kit, this is not a stance that the British Water Cooler Association agree with. The surcharge for having an expert do the job for you is not significant.

Servicing & Repairs

Periodically some of the cooler parts - especially those parts permanently in direct contact with the water - will need replacing. Plumbed-In coolers have a few more parts that need to be changed, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding what type of cooler you want, especially if you are buying rather than renting.

Whilst most well maintained coolers will give you many years of excellent and uninterrupted service, problems do occasionally occur. In this event it is important to employ the services of a professional and ideally you want this cover as part of your overall package.


When buying or renting a water cooler it's wise to find out what additional bits and pieces are included in your package. In some cases you may not need any extras at all so we recommend you do your research before signing up for any costly extras.

Most suppliers will include an initial supply of plastic cups (please ensure that they are recyclable). If you have a bottled water cooler then new cups will usually be delivered with your water. With plumbed-in coolers, extra cups will typically be sent by mail order. Some customers will survive without any cups at all, instead choosing to use and wash up glasses.

Other extras include bottle racks and covers (for bottled water coolers), cleaning kits, and hot chocolate and coffee (if you have a hot and cold cooler). For more information see the cups and accessories we offer with our coolers.

Coffee & Hot Drinks


Our extensive range includes Kenco, Lavazza, PG Tips and Twinings along with our own-brand products. From freshly roasted coffee beans, paper cups and stirrers to soup, hot chocolate and biscuits; with over 800 products to choose from we’re sure to have what you’re looking for to create the perfect hot drinks offering.


We offer a large selection of coffee equipment from bean to cup machines to corridor vending options and our range can seem quite daunting. A quick phone call to us on 0844 800 33 44 will soon help to narrow your choices down to what you really need. Your first step should be to decide what kinds of drinks you want to provide (for example, tea, coffee and cappuccino) and then how many drinks of each kind you need to offer.

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge


Demand for sustainable goods and services is on the rise. Eden Springs stocks a wide range of sustainable and Fair Trade certified products including Kenco coffee, Suchards hot chocolate, PG Tips Tea and Lavazza Tierra coffee pods.The Rainforest Alliance is an independent, non-profit organisation promoting sustainability, environmental conservation and the well-being of workers and their communities. They work with local, on the ground expertise, which helps farmers to improve farm management and create lasting benefits like better schooling, cleaner water and healthy living conditions.

Those businesses that meet the standards for their field earn access to the Rainforest Alliance family of marks, which distinguish their products and services in the marketplace. These marks make it easy or consumers to identify a legitimately sustainable product or service and support those businesses that are acting responsibly. One example of these marks is the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. The little green frog symbol is granted to farms that meet the comprehensive criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Network.


The Kenco Singles Machine capsule system is one of our best sellers and for good reason. It is reliable, easy to maintain and offers a great range of premium hot drinks. Easy to install and maintain, the Kenco Singles capsule machine can operate either from a plumbed in point, or can be manually filled with water, so it can be located just about anywhere you need a hot beverage.


Coffee capsules are hermetically sealed pots of ground coffee which are individually packed. These hygienic, self-protecting capsules protect coffee from air, light, humidity and heat, ensuring that coffee is always at its best – 100% fresh and easy to store. The capsules (also known as pods and/or cartridges) contain just enough coffee for one shot and are mess-free. So, you don’t have to worry about investing in a grinder, a knock box or a tamper; the coffee is always the correct grind.

Quick and easy to use and simple to maintain, capsule coffee machines use innovative systems that work in a similar way to a filter – but much faster. They are perfect for making speciality coffees such as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. The machine pierces the capsule and forces hot water through to make an espresso. All you need to do is wait for the coffee to pour into your cup. Eden Springs stocks the following capsule systems: Kenco Singles and Lavazza BLUE.


Filter coffee machines allow for multiple cups and top-ups from one brew. They are ideal for locations where there is a steady demand for quality coffee such as bars, restaurants and open plan offices.

Pour and serve coffee brewers offer a simple, value for money way of solving corporate beverage needs. Put a filter paper in the basket, add fresh coffee, pour a jug of fresh cold water in the machine and a few minutes later you have a jug of delicious fresh brewed coffee available to quench your thirst. The only drawback with these systems is that you can only serve coffee.

If you are considering buying pour and serve equipment, the best choice to go for is a commercial quality machine. These are usually made of stainless steel, have two jugs, two hotplates and a more powerful boiler. They usually stand alone and do not require any plumbing.

Our product range includes: Bravilor Iso | Bravilor Mondo | Bravilor Novo