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Pod & Capsule coffee machines

Eden bean to cup coffee machines offer a professional, authentic café style coffee from espressos and cappuccinos to latte and Amerciano's Coffee direct from freshly ground beans provide an unbeatable home or office coffee indulgence!

An Italian style espresso direct from the bean in your office:

  • Freshly ground coffee on demand
  • Authentic Italian café style coffee (taste and aroma)
  • Consistent tasting coffee every time

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Jura Giga X8

The innovative Giga X8 professional boasts a unique speed functionality, which allows the preparation of multiple perfect coffee specialities in record time. The adaptable Giga X8 can create authentic specialities in all their perfection at the touch of a button.

Jura Impressa XJ9

The impressa xj9 professional creates the perfect hot beverage, where taste and aroma are perfectly balanced. As well as being user-friendly to operate and program, the IMPRESSA XJ9 is easy to clean and maintain.

Jura F9

The JURA F9 is the first in the range to create your favourite speciality drinks with just the touch of a button. One touch and you are served a choice of speciality hot drinks, from latte macchiato to the popular flat white.

Melitta Bar Cube

Simple operation and high quality technology in one impressive design. Diverse, adjustable, and fully automatic - the Melitta® bar-cube will prepare all kinds of coffee specialities just how you want them.

Vitro Espresso

Super-stylish machine using a icon-driven touch screen interface for from-the-bean coffee.