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Eden Springs are the UK’s leading water cooler provider.

-Things to do mug - be time efficient

8 ways to be more time efficient

Be more time efficient – Stop trying to multi-task!

In order to prove just how time efficient and competent they are many people practice the art of multi-tasking. This often leads to outcomes that are the very opposite of what they were at the time. The majority will end up being less efficient and the quality of what the person has produced suffers. The truly time efficient know that concentrated focus on one project at a time yields faster and more satisfactory work.


Delegate delegate delegate!

If people bite off more than they can chew, productivity and efficiency take a huge hit. The uber efficient know when to delegate and who to delegate to in order to achieve the aims of the task in hand.


Good communication is key.

It is important before communicating to consider what the objectives are for the interaction and also to communicate effectively so that there is no confusion about the subject. For example before you send an e-mail consider how it can be worded to convey your intentions succinctly and politely. A little thought before you pick up the phone or hit send can save hours being lost if all you’ve achieved is to cause confusion or offence.


Structure your time.

In order to achieve a disciplined approach to your schedule create standard routines to stick to within each day. This will help you be ready for important events and gain control over projects. The more control you have over your schedule the easier it will be to cope with the unexpected when it arises. Control your time, don’t let it control you!


Organise your physical space.

Ensure that your workspace is organised and that everything has its place. Organisation is key if you want to avoid situations where you lose precious minutes every day trying to hunt down essential equipment for you to complete tasks. Spending time decluttering your desk and finding everything a home will save you significant time in the future.


Keep a productivity diary.

Try keeping a diary for a week which logs how long it takes you to do specific activities and also note down time that for whatever reason hasn’t been productive. Then the following week try to reduce time spent on similar activities, just being aware of what can potentially hold you back or distract you can yield large efficiency gains.


Do engage in downtime.

It is a fallacy to sacrifice your own leisure time in order to accomplish more at work. We know now that overly tired stressed out people are not as competent or efficient as their rested relaxed counterparts. A well-rested person will perform at their peak which is a win win for everyone.


Plan plan and plan some more.

When given a project many people in a bid to be efficient practise the art of impatience and completely fail to plan their objectives and how to tackle the task. Super-efficient people research the project and break it down into small steps in order to achieve success . This planning may require time at the beginning of a new assignment but it will be worth it to have clear objectives and a pathway to success clearly mapped out.

Eden Springs: A Dedication to Coffee

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Eden Springs, as Europe’s leading office hydration provider, have been working hard to understand the coffee machine industry and the coffee needs of our wide range of customers.

Meeting the demand for cappuccinos, lattes and espressos and supplying the brands you respect and trust – like Kraft, Kenco and Lavazza – has meant that Eden have taken an in-depth look into the coffee culture in the UK and Europe.

“We are confident that customers will love this new offering” said Antonio de Alarcon, vice president of business development. “Eden has worked hard to become a leading brand in the drinking water solutions market, but we are now faced with a big opportunity to position ourselves as the leading provider for full-​scale hydration solutions.”

Complete coffee solution

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs, commented: “We realised that we have created an amazing delivery platform for drinking solutions within the work place environment.”

“The provision of a complete coffee solution – across 16 countries – illustrates the confidence we have to look after customers in this area. [It] will also include the provision of other hot drinks such as teas, chocolate and herbal infusions.”

coffee cup

see original article on FoodBev.com


Eden Springs now offering coffee

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lavazza blue coffee machine

Extend range as UK’s number 1 office drinks solution

Eden are please to announce that we will now be offering a range of coffee, tea, and hot beverage solutions for your workplace or home.

As part of this commitment we are pleased to announce that Eden Springs UK has acquired Shakespeare Coffee Company, one of the largest independent coffee companies in the UK. This is the biggest Eden’s acquisition in the coffee industry in Europe and represents a strong commitment to accelerate the development of the coffee and hot beverage business segment for customers.

Coffee machines rental

We currently offer a flexible and attractive range of hot drinks machines, with a range of coffee delivery services set to be rolled out.

UK’s biggest independent coffee distributor

Based near Birmingham, Shakespeare Coffee Company specialises in premium coffee brewing systems and vending machines, providing expertise to small-to-medium offices

and large national multi-location businesses. The acquisition of one of UK’s biggest independent coffee distributor will enable Eden Springs to offer all our customers a full hydration package, with mains and bottle-fed water coolers and a complete range of hot beverage solutions including premium coffee, hot chocolate, tea and even soup.

Shakespeare’s industry knowledge will help us provide you, our customers, with the very best advice and selection of workplace drinks available, and we warmly welcome everyone from Shakespeare into the Eden Group!

Tanzanian water projects with People help People – One World

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Drinking Water
Drinking Water

Drinking Water by Julien Harneis

Eden have begun a charity partnership with the not-for-profit organisation People help People – One World. The agreement to provide support for three drinking water projects in Tanzania, Africa.

As the leading provider of drinking solutions for the workplace we like to set an example in helping charities and worthwhile causes, and our funding will help provide clean drinking water supply systems to three secondary schools in the Uru district of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This will ensure that around 1,000 school children and a further 7,500 residents in the nearby communities have access to a safe drinking water supply.

Big difference

“We spent a lot of time looking for the right partner and it was important that they shared our values and ‘can do’ attitude” explains Chief executive officer of Eden Springs, Raanan Zilberman. ““Our experience as shown that while charity donations are a nice gesture, many companies forget to assess the effectiveness of their giving.

“We wanted to ensure our chosen partner would work efficiently and make a big difference to people’s lives through our support. People help People – One World has been established in Tanzania since 1985 and has helped to transform living conditions for hundreds of thousands of people across the country.”

Clean water

Eden Springs has pledged to donate at least €30,000 each year in support of the three projects, with Eden employees at depots across Europe also raising additional funds for the charity.

In Tanzania today only 55 per cent of people have access to clean drinking water and only 7 per cent of all children have access to secondary education*. In the Uru district, children and residents of the nearby villages currently have to resort to drinking dirty surface water or walking up to 10km (6 miles) in order to access clean drinking water. The partnership between Eden Springs and People help People will not only benefit the schoolchildren but also all of the communities around the schools who will have access to the water for both drinking and farming.

* Source: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/tanzania_statistics.html

Eden help the SSBA Charity Golf Day

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Prudential Golf SSBA

Eden Springs recently donated water to the Scottish Spina Bifida Association in aid of their charity golf day at The Earl of Mar Golf Course, Mar Hall, Scotland, through our free water for fundraisers programme.

Despite the ‘dreich’ weather, the event was a great success and they’ve kindly provided us some photos of the event. With our support helping the outing raised L8,000 for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association. The victorious team are pictured below!

Making a big difference

This charity is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to providing advice and support to people born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and their families, and receives less than 1% in Government funding. The money raised will help them make a big difference.

Thanks to monies raised the charity have also been able to employ support staff specifically for the North of Scotland which enables them to provide more services and attend to any emergency situations quickly, and their facility in Cumbernauld continues to offer numerous services and specialised equipment.

If you have a fundraising event coming up and would like some free water, do get in touch at our free water for fundraisers page.

Prudential Golf SSBA

scottish spina bifida charity event

5 Tips for Looking after your Water Cooler

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water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

Water from Eden water coolers is tasty, safe and refreshing. However we want to ensure your cooler is working exactly as intended and keep you cooler in top shape, so take the advice of  Steven Riley, Cooler Expert for Eden Springs UK, to ensure the very small risk of water contamination remains small and unnecessary call-outs are avoided!

1. Are you plugged in?

It’s a surprisingly regular occurance – a cleaner might take out the cooler power plug so they can plug in the vacuum cleaner and they forget to plug the cooler back in. A call to our water cooler customer service team follows explaining that the cooler isn’t chilling the water, with a subsequent visit from a cooler expert, only to find out the cooler isn’t plugged in! So if you haven’t got cooled water, check one should be the power socket.

2. Watch for drip tray overflow

Often water cooler drip trays are left unemptied and overflowing, and this can lead to water spilling onto the floor. Often the first response to water on the floor is “The cooler is leaking” and an Eden Springs representative is called, and you go without chilled water unnecessarily. In order to maintain a clean and uncontaminated cooler we recommend regularly taking out the drip tray to empty and clean.

3. Store your water bottles in a suitable location

It’s important to store your water cooler bottles in a suitable room or space; yes we’d all prefer the bottles to be near your cooler, but there are other equally important factors to consider. The bottles should ideally be stored in a cold and dark environment, and they should preferably be stored off the floor to avoid any potential contamination from the floor surface. There is always a small chance that any spills, debris or cleaning fluids used on the floor can get into the bottles over time. Also the water cooler bottles themselves are made of a type of plastic, and chemicals or even the colour and dye of the bottles can seep into the water if left in direct sunlight or alongside contaminating materials.

4. Don’t refill water bottles

We generally wouldn’t recommend refilling bottles etc from water coolers, especially if there isn’t enough room for the bottle to sit well below the taps. This is because when refilling bottles people will often push the mouth of the bottle directly up against the water taps, and this is an opportunity for bacteria or viruses to transfer from the bottle to the cooler tap. If one person with a cold, say, did this in a busy office you can imagine how many people might catch this simply because they have refilled their bottle at the water cooler.

5. Clean inbetween sanitisation visits

To enjoy your water to the full contamination prevention is important. To achieve this we would recommend cleaning your water cooler intermittently and between our official sanitisation visits; it’s obviously not a full strip-and-clean of the cooler, however any cleaning will significantly reduce the chance of cross-contamination of your water. To this end we can also supply you with special sanitisation kits, which contain a small hydrogen peroxide spray, wipes, and a brush for fine cleaning around taps. Simply spray the cleaning fluid, wipe off and allow to dry.

After an Eden Springs sanitisation we also recommend changing the bottle on the cooler, as we don’t know how long a bottle has been on the cooler and with a nice clean cooler and reservoir we don’t want to reintroduce a potentially contaminated bottle.

MSP Tom McCabe visits Eden Springs HQ

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MSP Tom McCabe
MSP Tom McCabe

MSP Tom McCabe (centre) with Jean-Marc (right)

Tom McCabe,  Member of the Scottish Parliament for Hamilton South, recently visited Eden Springs UK’s headquarters in Blantyre, Hamilton, to meet UK Managing Director Jean-Marc Bolinger.

McCabe said: “Eden Springs is a significant Lanarkshire employer and I have seen first-hand the positive and inclusive working environment maintained at the headquarters. The company’s ambitious growth plans will provide a welcome boost to local employment, and the wider Scottish economy, and I look forward to the company’s development over the coming years.”

Water jobs in Scotland

Employee numbers at Eden Springs’ Scotland operations have trebled since 2001, and Eden’s Jean-Marc Bolinger confirmed a strong commitment to the local area: “We will continue to develop our HQ in Blantyre and investments are planned in almost all areas of the business. As the company grows, the concentration of jobs in Scotland are likely to increase, underpinning our key role as a local employer.”

Products and partnerships

“Our industry is currently undergoing a period of major consolidation which presents a significant opportunity for Eden Springs to expand” explains Jean-Marc Bolinger, UK Managing Director. “Over the next few years we look forward to developing new products and partnerships, and building on the environmental sustainability of our production and distribution networks.”

The Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 7

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the-biggest-loserEden’s Biggest Loser challenge has reached week 7 and the competition is hotting up with Susie and Denise leading the way towards a fitter physique!

With only six weeks left in the competition the guys and gals really need to get moving and losing if they’re to claim the top prize of shopping vouchers and an incredible SodaStream Ultimate drinks maker.

Who do you think will top the table next week? Anyone looking like catching from the bottom of the chart? Let us know and check back next week!

Week 7 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Susan Muir 8.21%
Denise Chisholm 8.13%
John Thornton 4.47%
Sally Bartholomew 3.89%
Sharon Brady 0.99%
Sheena Angus 0.00%
Clair Demellweek 0.00%
Valerie Little 0.00%

The Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 5

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the-biggest-loserWe’ve given the guys and gals at Eden some time to get into the Biggest Loser competition, and it’s now week 5 – this far through there’s no excuses, we want everyone to be making changes towards a healthier lifestyle!

And they’ve all responded brilliantly with some great achievements; Susan Muir and Denise Chisholm in particular losing a great amount of weight since the competition began. They’re in pole position to win the SodaStream drinks machine, but can they keep it up for the rest of the Biggest Loser challenge?

Loser challengers, have you found the going tough? Fellow Eden staff, have you been impressed by their efforts? Or are you on snack-watch, waiting for their resistance to break?

Check back next week to find out how they’re all doing!

Week 5 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Susan Muir 7.69%
Denise Chisholm 6.91%
John Thornton 4.15%
Sally Bartholomew 3.88%
Clair Demellweek 1.47%
Lesley McWilliams 0.40%
Sharon Brady 0.33%
Valerie Little 0.00%

Icy Britain: How water deliveries are affected

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Water delivery in the Glasgow cold
Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

With the wintry conditions gripping the UK, we’ve interviewed Ricky Gall, Eden Blantyre Service Centre Manager, to see how the delivery team are coping on the roads.

How have water and water cooler deliveries been affected?

Deliveries have been affected very badly, particularly in the north and Scotland. I’m Service Centre Manager of Eden Springs Blantyre, near Glasgow, and all the area that we cover have been affected in some way.

Have any deliveries been missed due to the adverse conditions?

Some deliveries have unfortunately been obstructed, although we are currently working through all outstanding deliveries and are updating the Customer Services call centre daily. If you have any questions or are expecting a water delivery please feel free to contact them on 0844 800 3344 and they should be able to keep you informed.

How have the drivers been coping with the conditions?

As any motorist will tell you driving in these conditions is bad enough, but delivering bottles of water in the snow has been very challenging. On 6–7 December when the weather was at its worst our last truck returned to Blantyre 21 hours after it left for its day’s deliveries! We’ve had trucks leaving the branch at 6.00am and returning anytime from 9.00pm to midnight, and there were some of us stranded at the depot overnight. You can’t fault their commitment.

So the drivers are dedicated to getting deliveries through?

We have had drivers starting as early as 4.00am to try and catch up on any failed deliveries, and we’ve also had some routes going out on Saturdays.

What happens to water cooler bottles in the ice cold?

We have had a some water cooler bottles freezing and bursting, however we can deal with this and it doesn’t affect our customers. It certainly arrives nice and chilled!