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5 Tips for Looking after your Water Cooler

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water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

Water from Eden water coolers is tasty, safe and refreshing. However we want to ensure your cooler is working exactly as intended and keep you cooler in top shape, so take the advice of  Steven Riley, Cooler Expert for Eden Springs UK, to ensure the very small risk of water contamination remains small and unnecessary call-outs are avoided!

1. Are you plugged in?

It’s a surprisingly regular occurance – a cleaner might take out the cooler power plug so they can plug in the vacuum cleaner and they forget to plug the cooler back in. A call to our water cooler customer service team follows explaining that the cooler isn’t chilling the water, with a subsequent visit from a cooler expert, only to find out the cooler isn’t plugged in! So if you haven’t got cooled water, check one should be the power socket.

2. Watch for drip tray overflow

Often water cooler drip trays are left unemptied and overflowing, and this can lead to water spilling onto the floor. Often the first response to water on the floor is “The cooler is leaking” and an Eden Springs representative is called, and you go without chilled water unnecessarily. In order to maintain a clean and uncontaminated cooler we recommend regularly taking out the drip tray to empty and clean.

3. Store your water bottles in a suitable location

It’s important to store your water cooler bottles in a suitable room or space; yes we’d all prefer the bottles to be near your cooler, but there are other equally important factors to consider. The bottles should ideally be stored in a cold and dark environment, and they should preferably be stored off the floor to avoid any potential contamination from the floor surface. There is always a small chance that any spills, debris or cleaning fluids used on the floor can get into the bottles over time. Also the water cooler bottles themselves are made of a type of plastic, and chemicals or even the colour and dye of the bottles can seep into the water if left in direct sunlight or alongside contaminating materials.

4. Don’t refill water bottles

We generally wouldn’t recommend refilling bottles etc from water coolers, especially if there isn’t enough room for the bottle to sit well below the taps. This is because when refilling bottles people will often push the mouth of the bottle directly up against the water taps, and this is an opportunity for bacteria or viruses to transfer from the bottle to the cooler tap. If one person with a cold, say, did this in a busy office you can imagine how many people might catch this simply because they have refilled their bottle at the water cooler.

5. Clean inbetween sanitisation visits

To enjoy your water to the full contamination prevention is important. To achieve this we would recommend cleaning your water cooler intermittently and between our official sanitisation visits; it’s obviously not a full strip-and-clean of the cooler, however any cleaning will significantly reduce the chance of cross-contamination of your water. To this end we can also supply you with special sanitisation kits, which contain a small hydrogen peroxide spray, wipes, and a brush for fine cleaning around taps. Simply spray the cleaning fluid, wipe off and allow to dry.

After an Eden Springs sanitisation we also recommend changing the bottle on the cooler, as we don’t know how long a bottle has been on the cooler and with a nice clean cooler and reservoir we don’t want to reintroduce a potentially contaminated bottle.

The BWCA Water Cooler Industry event

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BWCA Eden Jean-Marc Bolinger
BWCA Eden Jean-Marc Bolinger

Jean-Marc Bolinger at the BWCA event

On 31 March 2011 Eden Springs joined other representatives of the British Water Cooler Association in Crewe for a conference to discuss the future of the water cooler industry. Also invited to this special event were industry buyers and procurement managers from both private and public sectors, plus suppliers, manufacturers, bottlers and distributors – everyone involved in meeting hydration needs in the UK’s workplaces and homes.

Taking an in-depth look at the entire water cooler industry and incorporating the entire market, delegates discussed the benefits of bottled vs mains-fed coolers and what the future might hold for everyone in the sector. And of course there was plenty of water to be drunk inbetween the sessions!

Speakers included Charmain Holmes from Zenith International (who confirmed Eden Springs as the leading UK water cooler supplier in 2007) and Eden Springs UK’s own Managing Director Jean-Marc Bolinger, who explained how important environmental factors are in the hydration industry and challenged much of the rhetoric and fiction that exists.

SodaStream gets fizzy with Eden Springs water

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Amazing offer – free SodaStream worth up to L100

As the UK’s number one water cooler supplier we’re teaming up the the leaders in home carbonation SodaStream to offer free stylish drinks makers with every water cooler order! It’s an incredible offer that means you could enjoy the great quality Eden water with an additional fizzy flavour.

It’s important to stay hydrated in winter months and having an Eden Springs water cooler at home or in the office makes is easy to get your recommended number of glasses each day. And with a free SodaStream for every customer who rents or buys a cooler from us in November, it’s the perfect time to take a step towards better well-being with Eden.
Damien Higgins, UK Marketing Manager

So, if you’re in the market for a bottled water cooler for the office order quickly to benefit from a free SodaStream Genesis Value Pack – including a sleek drinks maker, gas cylinders, bottles and flavoured syrup – worth almost L100 absolutely free!

You’ll wonder how you coped for some many years without “getting busy with the fizzy”!

Find out more about our SodaStream offer or get a free water cooler quote now!

Get a free water cooler quote

Five ways to get hooked on drinking water

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sports smallHere at Eden Springs we’re always rattling on about drinking lots of water (as the UK’s leading water cooler supplier, you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you?)

But if you’re not used to drinking lots of water, how can you form the habit and work your way up to drinking 2.5 litres a day? And how can you avoid the dry mouth, nausea, headaches and dizziness that often accompany dehydration? Here are some tips:

1. Drink water with every meal (and have some when you snack, too).  This is a good way to get started.

2. Take a bottle of water when you go to the gym or do any exercise and make sure you drink it all. We lose more water when undertaking strenuous activity, so it’s important to replace it to avoid dehydration.

3. Visit your office water cooler a few times a day or take a bottle of water to work and drink it all.

4. Instead of drinking soft drinks or alcohol, drink water instead. No calories and no hangover – need I say more?

5. Invest in a plumbed in water cooler for your home or office to have cool, filtered water on tap – it will make it much easier to drink the amount of water you need each day.

Once you get used to drinking more water, you’re sure to get hooked on this healthy, natural drink.