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Spook up your Halloween coffee with these scary stencils

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Happy Halloween everyone! Why not spook up your office coffee break with these fun stencils that we have created for the occasion? Simply print out the designs onto card and cut around the circle and the shape inside. Hold the stencil above your cappuccino or latte and sprinkle chocolate powder through the shape and, hey presto, you have a Halloween-themed cup of coffee!


Print your Halloween coffee stencils Now!

Check out some of the most spooktastic cups of coffee we have found on the web for inspiration.


What Is The Golden Ratio For Maximum Productivity

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A recent experiment conducted by the Draugiem Group using the time tracking app DeskTime shows that the golden ratio of work to rest is 52:17. So that is 52 minutes of intense work followed by 17 minutes of rest and recuperation is the perfect combination for maximising productivity.

Julia Gifford an employee at DeskTime writes:

“Turns out, the secret to retaining the highest level of productivity over the span of a workday is not working longer-but working smarter with frequent breaks, make the most of those 52 minutes by working with intense purpose, but then rest up to be ready for the next burst. In other words, they work with purpose. Working with purpose can also be called the 100 percent dedication theory–the notion that whatever you do, you do it full-on.”

Why not try out this theory for yourself and let us know if you see a similar pattern!


10 Quotes That Inspire You To Be More Productive At Work

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manage priorities not time


1. Be able to prioritise it will save you time in the long run.



2. Set yourself one key task for the day, stay focused on completing that task. Perhaps tackle it at the begging of the day when you are feeling the most productive.



3. Sometimes the thought of tackling a huge task can be rather daunting, why not create a list of smaller more manageable tasks to help you reach the end goal.



4. It is an important skill to be able to decline opportunities. This means you have more time and attention to give to the things that you enjoy or care about.



5. When you are stressed with work you can’t count on your brain to remember every important detail therefore use technology to set reminders.



6. By doing this you are allocating time for all the little unplanned things that crop up throughout the day.



7.  We have all been in meetings that feel never-ending so why not break them up into shorter chunks of time so as people do not lose focus and become uninterested.



8. Multi-tasking is something we all do and think we are being more productive for doing so. However if we actually focus all of our attention on one project at a time it is more beneficial in the grand scheme of things.



9. Everybody has tasks at work that they don’t want to do, however putting them off isn’t solving any problems. Just do it and move on.



10. It is always better to have something done and finished so as you can score it off of your list. The expectation of perfection can often drive one to insanity.

Productivity Psychology: the Flexible Office Phenomenon

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Fun bright office

21st century office spaces are much more than a building to house your workforce during office hours. As employers and business owners are embracing productivity trends, offices are evolving from mere work stations into hubs of optimal output – designed with motivation in mind. And the key here isn’t to cultivate faddy initiatives or distract from the work itself, but to reinvent the workplace for the better.

If your office needs a shake-up and you’re ready to take the leap into your business’s future, it’s time for a new floor plan. But first, let’s look into the psychology factor with the help of the office space experts at Instant Offices.


Open Plan = Open Door

Fun bright office

Image Courtesy of Skyscanner

“An open-plan office encourages an open-door policy. Senior members of staff appear more approachable when they’re not hidden away in an office. This can be a great way of encouraging dialogue and innovation.”

By eliminating physical barriers between employees and their superiors, you’re giving your workforce the freedom to communicate without unnecessary filters and obstacles. Implementing an open office plan creates fluid communication channels among your employees – which, in turn, maximises office productivity. With workers feeling free to share their opinions and ideas with senior members of staff, your employees will demonstrate improved initiative and overall job satisfaction – all of the ingredients for bigger, better output.


The Isolation Station

“Private pods are ideal for those who need to focus, or take a confidential phone call. Room layout can be easily adjusted within serviced offices, so including a few private pods could be a real asset to your business.”

Equally, providing your employees with isolated work spaces where necessary is key to accommodating their working needs. Solitude is an essential factor for employee productivity, making it particularly important to offer your workers smaller, more confined areas for privacy and focus. With flexible offices open to interpretation and customisable on an individual basis, employers can mix and match as they like – guaranteeing that all employee needs are met, with an ideal work station for any given task.


The Business Breakout


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“Most flexible office providers often have shared break-out areas, which provide a space for staff to relax, have lunch or hold an informal meeting away from the office. These break-out areas can include anything from a rooftop terrace to an employee lounge. These break-out areas have often been given lots of design consideration too, from funky rooftop terraces with fantastic views, to comfortable executive business lounges.”

Offering your employees a place to take a well-earned break guarantees their health and happiness. Unique break-out areas are a major consideration for today’s employers, with innovative business owners designing and implementing creative spaces to complement the offices themselves. Instead of a standard coffee table and vending machine combo, get inventive and give your staff a place that offers something different – like a cutting-edge employee lounge or makeshift picnic garden. These exciting new approaches to break spots offer a change of scenery and some mental stimulation on top.
If you’re ready to embrace the modern office space and get down to details, Eden Springs can provide the refreshments. We provide businesses throughout the UK with eco-friendly office coffee machines and water coolers, helping to keep your employees happy and hydrated all day long. Or if you want the complete formula for office productivity, we’ve written the book on it.

Mapping the Office Environment to Maximise Productivity

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Image courtesy of Foundation7

The Ultimate Employee Motivation Guide: Chapter 1

Office layout is a popular topic of debate, with varying conclusions being drawn from research – this is due to the varied nature of different workplaces. However, one ruling theme is that the traditional office layout simply doesn’t work effectively in the modern business setting. Particularly in industries involving team work, open plan office designs are seen as the way forward, creating free-flowing work space with room for creative collaboration.


Inspiration from retail

Retailers invest enormous sums of money in merchandising and store layout planning in order to optimise their place of business, both for their staff and customers. This optimisation aims to boost sales by putting products in the right place and drive productivity through creating an effective stock management framework around the store. The same methodical approach can be applied to office based environments.

Key questions: Employers should ask themselves the following questions when assessing office layout in order to inform a more efficient use of space:

  • Within the team, are there any groups which regularly collaborate?
  • Are frequent collaborators positioned closely to each other? Conversely, are there any employees positioned together who rarely work on the same task?
  • How do the current or planned office groupings affect management’s ability to supervise the team effectively?


Collaborative grouping

By planning an office layout that positions workers who frequently collaborate on the same task in close proximity, you’re increasing the strength of communication in vital cross-team channels. This, in turn, leads to a productivity boost by allowing employees instant and constant communication between each other.

Take action: Group employees together based on the frequency of their communications with each other rather than their job role.

Factories are a great example of efficient and flowing workspaces. As the raw materials move through the factory, they pass through assembly lines, where employees are grouped by their task or speciality. The groups are positioned in a specific order to ensure that work flow moves in an undisrupted line, with teams overlapping between each stage of production. Each group contributes to the product, adding value along its journey, eventually turning the raw materials into the finished product.



Image courtesy of Phil Manker

The same factory model can be applied to the office environment. There should be a visible flow of work through the office from one team to the next, with close proximity between overlapping departments. This streamlines work-flow and takes obstacles created by communication delays, such as waiting for email responses or delayed access to information from another team, out of the mix. A clear, physical workflow throughout the office also means that teams are easier to manage from a supervisor’s perspective. Faster communication means that problems are dealt with more quickly and effectively, with a greater level of accountability amongst employees.

Take action: Speak to your employees about their preferred working environment and who they work most closely with – not all essential communication channels are obvious.

In any office environment, it’s common for employees to encounter ‘blocks’ in their work flow, which require input from other team members, before the task can be continued. This is often done without the involvement of management, meaning that a business may not be fully aware of all essential communications made by their employees when completing daily tasks.

Ultimately, changes to office layout are made to benefit employees, not just the business as a whole – and their input shouldn’t be discounted in the decision making process. Each team has their own working style and preferences, and designing a space which satisfies these across the board will result in an overall productivity increase.


Workplace motivation

Image courtesy of Foundation7

Key points for employers:

  • Open plan and flexible spaces improve communication between employees.
  • Improved communication channels strengthen team collaboration.
  • The physical layout of the office should be based on the frequency of communication between teams.

6 Work Situations Where Coffee Is the Only Cure

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Too much work

Some work situations can feel never-ending or simply unmanageable without the tools to power through. But at Eden Springs, we know just what you need to turn your office horrors into easy money – and it’s as easy as a fresh cup of coffee. Those of you already committed to your daily caffeine fix will know how powerful that first cuppa can be – but if you’re yet to be converted, here are just some of the office-hours ailments that only coffee can cure.

Long Meetings

Those long, drawn-out work meetings can seem like an impossible struggle without some hot java. The lethargy and mental draining often worsened and even caused by these never-ending meetings can be effectively combated with a simple cup of coffee. A nice early morning caffeine hit stimulates your central nervous system, keeping you awake and alert for the duration of the meeting and on top form, leaving you more than able to wow your colleagues with your bright ideas.


Heavy Workloads

Too much work

Photo by HKU RBR

Office coffee machines are the key to productivity at work, with heavy workloads made infinitely easier thanks to a big old cup of the good stuff. Caffeine gives workers the essential energy to maximise their productivity, making otherwise daunting volumes of work a relative breeze as long as you stay caffeinated.



Working outside of office hours can often seem cruel and unusual, especially when you’re fantasising about getting home and being horizontal ‘til morning. Working overtime is tough, but luckily this is yet another thing coffee can help you cope with. Caffeine is absorbed very quickly, finding its way into your system within a matter of minutes – and the energising effects of just one cup can last for hours. With coffee transforming you from exhausted and overworked into a well-oiled, adequately caffeinated machine, so you’ll be able to earn extra money and feel the extra gratification.


Office Migraines

The moment that a working migraine strikes, you might feel like your life is over. There’s nothing more inconvenient or damaging to productivity than an unexpected banging headache – and it’s painful too, of course. Luckily, one of coffee’s many beneficial qualities is its effective treatment of migraine headaches – due to its ability to dilate your blood vessels when a sudden migraine leaves them constricted. Hydrate yourself with a cup of coffee and feel your ailment miraculously disappear.


Urgent Projects

Got a time-sensitive piece of work to get your teeth into and need to manufacture a sense of urgency? You guessed it – coffee can fix it for you. If you’re working under time constraints and can’t seem to stir the motivation on your own, grab yourself a caffeine hit and you’ll feel well and truly energised in no time. Drinking coffee increases the circulation of fatty acids, giving you a burst of energy and the urgency required to be as efficient as the situation necessitates.


Problem Solving

Your powers of logic and mental clarity are never more acute than directly after a strong cup of coffee. If there’s a work situation which requires some serious brain power, or there’s a problem that calls for a powerful, practical mind, get yourself to the coffee machine and you should find that you’re more than equipped for the task.
Ready to feel the energising benefits of office coffee? You’ve come to the right place. Eden Springs provides state-of-the-art coffee machines to offices throughout the UK, keeping Britain’s workers happy and hydrated all day long.

Happy New Year from Eden Springs

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We’d like to wish all our customers, suppliers and everyone trying to keep healthy and hydrated a happy New Year and a successful 2011!

Why not consider making a New Year’s resolution to drink more water? You can find out more about healthy living and hydration on our Well Being @ Work site, and see our great range of bottled and mains fed water coolers.