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GPs rule dehydration as the cause of tiredness

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Do you often feel tired or fatigued? Is this affecting your productivity and motivation whilst at work? Well maybe you are not drinking enough water!

A recent study conducted by The National Hydration Council reveals that dehydration is thought to be the cause of one in ten visits to the GP in the UK for tiredness and fatigue. This diagnosis came as a shock to some patients with more than a third of them notably feeling better after drinking more water.


More findings reveal that:

Image courtesy of The National Hydration Council

Image courtesy of The National Hydration Council

  • One fifth of GP visits are down to tiredness and fatigue

  • Dehydration is thought to be the cause of one in ten consultations for tiredness and fatigue 

  • Half of GPs in the UK would prefer to have more time to look at people’s hydration habits

  • GPs advise people follow the NHS recommendations on daily fluid intake


How much water do you need to drink?

1 in 250 people fail to meet their total daily fluids needs in the UK, so use the Eden Springs water calculator to find out how much water your body really needs.



The right way to drink water

Drinking water can have various health benefits but also remaining hydrated helps your brain to stay alert and motivated throughout the day. This will no doubt increase your workplace motivation.

If you are someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy drinking water check out out tips on how to make it a bit more exciting.


5 fun ways to make your water more exciting




Perk Up Your Journey to Work: Get Active on Your Commute

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In a previous post, we discussed how to be more productive in the workplace – but what about making the most of your journey into work? While it can be very tempting to stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes and take the car to work, getting active out in the open air can have huge benefits to your health – not to mention setting a good example for your staff.


The stats

In a long-running study carried out by the University of East Anglia (UEA), researchers questioned almost 18,000 commuters from around the UK on their preferred method of transport. Their results found that, while 73% of people travelled to work by car, those who walked or cycled generally had a higher level of well-being. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) claiming that, in the UK alone, obesity figures are set to rise to 74% for men and 64% for women, there’s no better time to take action.


Take a hike

If you work at a desk and drive to and from work every day, it’s unlikely that you spend much time walking – and this can have disastrous effects on your health. From fitness to posture, spending too much time sitting is bad for your body – but there are things you can do to shake up your routine.

Getting active doesn’t have to mean an hour in the gym every night after work, as small changes to your lifestyle can mean big rewards. If walking to work every day isn’t feasible, start small and leave the car at home once or twice a week. If you live miles away from the office and use public transport to commute, try getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way to work.


On your bike

While cycling is a less practical mode of transport in the cold, wet winter months, it’s the perfect way to embrace the warmer seasons. Cycling to work will not only give you a chance to enjoy the sunshine and take in the scenery as you ride, but also help you to get fit at the same time. Better yet, taking your bike to work will also be easy on your wallet. Driving or taking public transport into work may seem like the easiest option, but it can be costly – whereas cycling won’t cost you a penny.

As well as improved physical health, getting active can also have a positive impact on your mental health and brain activity – which is, of course, essential in the workplace. Whether it’s once a week or every day, taking a greener journey to work helps you to make a statement about your business – as well as a commitment to both your environment and your employees.


If you want to encourage productivity in the workplace, make sure your staff stay hydrated by providing regular access to good old H2O. Invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly water coolers to ensure your staff stay happy, healthy and hydrated all day long.

Fitness + Focus = A Productive Workforce

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It may seem ironic, but the busier our working lives are, the more us office workers find ourselves sitting down. Do you ever get to the end of your working day and realise you’ve hardly left your desk? Studies show that fitness (or lack thereof) is heavily influenced by how much time we spend stationary. In a previous post, we discussed how fitness and productivity are inextricably linked and the effect this could be having on our performance in the workplace. In this blog, we’re going to give you some actionable tips that will allow you to get fit and stay focused.


Move more, think more

In an article published in October 2014, the NHS discussed how sitting for long periods of time has been linked to ‘being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and premature death’. While this sounds scary, small changes to the working day can help to prevent future health issues before they arise – starting with taking regular breaks.

Working hard is a commendable trait in any employee, but prolonged periods of concentration mean your staff will find themselves sitting for longer than is healthy. From using free standing desks to walking around the office, there’s plenty we can do to keep active. And if standing up doesn’t break a sweat, you could even invest in treadmill desks to get your staff going! While bringing the gym into the office may seem like a strange concept, it actually makes a lot of sense. With new studies proving that treadmills in the workplace not only improve concentration but help staff retain information, this could be the ideal solution to keep their bodies (and brains) as active as possible.



Hydration stations

While exercise is great, keeping fit isn’t just about getting moving. Ensuring your staff are hydrated is an integral part of keeping them fit and healthy, and a water cooler in the office is a great way to do just that. While the novelty of a trip to the water cooler will encourage them to get up from their seats regularly, the refreshing H2O will also guarantee your employees stay alert throughout the working day.


Graze on the go

Refuelling throughout the day is an essential part of keeping our brains active – but it’s easy to get into the habit of eating lunch at our desks and failing to venture outside. Although your staff may seem like they’re being more productive by working through their breaks, the lack of exercise is more likely to lead to a break in concentration. Lunch hours are your staff’s greatest opportunity to incorporate activity into their working day – and you can help. Encouraging them to leave the office during their lunch break and go for a walk or dine al fresco means your staff are more likely to come back to work refreshed and raring to go.

If you want to encourage fitness in the workplace, you can keep your staff happy and healthy by making sure they have access to plenty of fluids. Invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly coffee machine or water cooler for your office and you can ensure your staff stay hydrated and their brains and bodies stay healthy all day long.

How office lighting affects employee productivity

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Have you ever thought about how the lights in your office may or may not be affecting your motivation and productivity at work? Well a study conducted by the American Society if Interior Design revealed that at least 68% of US employees are unhappy with the lighting in their office. Check out our infographic below to find out if lighting in your office is affecting your motivation.





Eden Springs supports World Water Day 2015

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World Water Day is considered a key date in the diary for any company operating in the drinks industry and this is certainly true for Eden Springs.

Created by the United Nations and celebrated every 22nd March since 1993, World Water Day works to increase awareness of the importance of water.

This year, World Water Day’s theme is based on sustainable development. We at Eden Springs have set out to support this, working with People Help People (PhP) – One World, to build more wells in Central Africa. As a sign of our commitment, with every bottled water cooler installed in March,  we will make a contribution of £3 to PhP-One World.

PhP-One World is one of Eden’s long-term charity partners and works to help communities in Central Africa gain access to clean drinking water and development projects. The project is building several clean water wells in the Wakiso district of Uganda which in turn is helping to improve access to drinking water for this area’s 1.4 million inhabitants – 70% of whom don’t have a source of clean water. Could you imagine a life where on average you live 5km away from a clean water source? This is the case for many communities in Central Africa.

We have found that in many communities health, education, income and general development is negatively impacted due to a lack of water. That’s why we believe it’s vitally important to support where we can.

Did you know?:

  • 17% of girls drop out of school due to poor hygiene
  • 10% of boys spend time fetching water compared to focus on studies
  • 17% of children under five die from diarrhoea

Eden Springs wants to help World Water Day in promoting and recognising the suffering that takes place across the world due to lack of water. Join us this month of March and support our campaign to make water a priority!

To find out how you can help Eden Springs support World Water Day, please visit for more information.




Every drop counts…

At Eden Springs, water is truly at the heart of our business. We go further than just providing office water and coffee solutions across Europe – we work with selected charity partners to help bring clean, safe drinking water to communities who need it, across the globe.

Eden’s “Every Drop Counts” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme runs across all our European offices. A key focus of the initiative is supporting our current corporate not-for-profit partner, People Help People (PhP) – One World, in its work in Central Africa. Prior to this we worked with Unicef from 2007-2010.

Water is a basic human right. It doesn’t just for keep communities alive – it enables them to thrive. For example, many young people end up dropping out of school as a result of bad hygiene, either due to illness or because of the time it takes to travel to reach a safer water source each day. Increasing education gives people the chance to gain good employment and makes a real difference to their lives and the community for the long term.

We support PhP-One World because of the important work the non-profit organization is doing in Tanzania and Uganda to help improve living conditions, including access to clean water and education, in developing countries. We get a complete view of the results of the project’s work and know they are really making a difference.

As well as global charities, our individual offices support projects of importance to their local community. In Sweden, this has included the Noll-tolerans mot mobbning (zero tolerance against bullying in schools) project, in France, Solidarités, an NGO helping people in conflict and natural disaster areas, in Poland WOSP (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). In the UK, Eden Springs has raised funds for the British Teenage Cancer Trust.

So, water is truly at the heart of the business thanks to our Every Drop Counts initiative. We’ll keep you posted on the projects we’re supporting across the globe and closer to home.


Quiz: How much do you know about nutrition and hydration?

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Think you know how much water your body needs to stay hydrayed or what foods don’t count towards your 5-a-day? In honour of ‘Nutrition and Hydration Week’ put your knowledge to the test and see how much you really know. Share around your office to find out who really knows their stuff.

Work lunches to help you stay energised and motivated

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We have all heard the phrase ‘You Are What You Eat’ and it’s true. Certain foods help your mind to stay alert and motivated at work. Recently I stumbled across the site Nutritious & Delicious which is a healthy eating/wellbeing programme created for the busy employee. It aims to highlight the importance of the meals eaten in the workplace during daytime hours.

They have created a range of categorised recipes to help you target your needs. For example do you need to feel re-energised or alert?

Check out some of the recipes below and see if they work for you!

1. Courgette and pepper frittata



2. Roast beef sandwich

3. Warm chicken salad with aubergine and fennel

4. Haddock, leek and lentil chowder

5. Griddled tuna steak with cannellini beans



Guzzling water at the construction site

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Whatever the workplace, is it crucial that employees stay hydrated in order to remain motivated and focused. Some workforces need water more than others, however, and 2014 saw a 2% increase in the UK water cooler industry. Market analysts at Zenith International revealed that this increase is most likely due to the increase in bottled water consumption at construction sites. So, how many litres of water are construction sites going through in a week? Find out below!


You can check out the full article here!

Seven free apps perfect for boosting your work day

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Phew, it’s Friday; you have almost made it to the end of the working week. It’s not quite the weekend yet, however, so are you in need of some help to boost your working day and perk up your office? Look no further… check out our list of free apps designed to do that exactly that!



Timeful is an app that syncs with your calendars and gives you smart suggestions on how to use your time both wisely and effectively. Designed to schedule things so you can get them done, it acts as both a calendar and to-do list. This app provides all the help you need to make the most of your time.





2. Daily Water

water-appWith fewer than 1 in 250 people in the UK meeting their total daily fluid needs with water, this seems to be an app that people should really use. Since your body is made up of more than 65% water, it is essential to drink water throughout the day and ensure you stay hydrated as minimal drops in hydration can negatively influence your ability to concentrate on your work. Drinking water keeps your mind clear and focused on the task at hand. Daily Water helps you track the amount of fluid you drink and reminds you to drink water at the right time.



3. The Advanced 7-Minute Workout

The last thing you want to do when you get home from a hard day’s work is go to the gym, right? Then why not do your workout at work? The New York Times offers a free 7-minute workout app you can do in the office on your lunch break. The app acts as a step-by-step guide, offering animated illustrations of the exercises as well as a timer and audio cues to help you get the most out of your seven minutes. Remember: any exercise will benefit the body and provide positive effects.


7 min


4. Silva Relaxation

Work stress can sometimes become overwhelming. Silva has created an app that users are saying is the ‘perfect way to relax, unwind and de-stress’. Simple relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing and meditation can help you manage your stress and keep your life in balance.





5. Break

breakWho doesn’t need a break from their work every once in a while to watch a funny video? Break is the perfect app, with tons of hilarious videos and pictures including epic fails, pranks and stunts. You can even share these with your colleagues to perk up your workplace. Or be like Mary J who uses this app ‘every day to take a laugh break from work’.




6. Camellia Tea Timer

How many times have you been making tea for your colleagues and forgotten about it, forcing them to drink the strongest cup of tea known to man or making you start all over again? Now you no longer have to worry about that. With this app you just choose the type of tea you want, press ‘start’ and the app will let you know when your tea has brewed to perfection.




7. Evernote

evernoteEvernote is ‘the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self’. It can be used to capture notes, ideas and project details and timelines, helping you keep organised and making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Five health tips that increase workplace motivation

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January can be a tough month, when many people feel tired and are perhaps trying to fight off illness. Here are five tips on how to increase your motivation at work while also taking care of your wellbeing.   Health-tips

1. Try these to improve your concentration

To ensure good nutrition at work you need to plan ahead. Avoid the vending machine and keep a supply of healthy snacks in your desk; pack a healthy lunch from home; avoid caffeinated and sugary beverages; and remind yourself to drink water by keeping a bottle or glass on your desk.


2. Improve the ergonomics of your work station

Sitting at a desk and working on a keyboard puts pressure on the back, neck and shoulders. To help prevent common aches and pains, take a moment to adjust your chair to suit you most comfortably, including the seat height, backrest angle, lumbar support and armrests.


3. Stay hydrated by drinking more water

Your body is made up of more than 65% water, so it is essential to drink water throughout the day to ensure adequate hydration and health. Even minimal decreases in hydration can negatively influence your ability to concentrate on your work. Drinking water keeps your mind clear and focused.

4. Perform these stretches throughout your working day

Taking the time to perform simple stretches throughout the day can help relieve muscle tension and tightness. It can also help increase your flexibility, which can help reduce the risk of injury.

5. Remember to take a coffee break

Like most people, you are probably sedentary for most of your working hours. To help prevent stiff and sore muscles, take a break at least once an hour. Go for a short walk and grab yourself a refreshing cup of coffee, for example.