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Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Unlimited

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Eden UnlimitedFrom our Better range, our cooler of the week, is the state-of-the-art Eden Unlimited, a mains-fed water cooler providing the perfect solution for sites with direct access to a mains water supply.

The Eden Unlimited is an easy to use, stylish machine. It provides an unlimited supply of clean water removing chlorine or unwanted tastes and odours.

Customers choose the Eden Unlimited for its energy efficient water cooler features and environmentally friendly carbon filter system, providing purified, great tasting water in two temperature combination settings, either duo or trio. Options include ambient and cold or ambient, hot and cold.

The Eden Unlimited Water Cooler is available in both, floor standing or desktop versions, so no matter what size your office, you can benefit from clean, energy efficient mains-fed water. When the easy-to-use push button is pressed, the water will be served in either ambient, cold or hot, into the large dispense area, large enough for a sports bottle.

The benefits of having an Eden Unlimited water cooler include:

  •  Energy efficient and hygienic Direct Chill technology
  • Duo: Ambient / Cold or
  • Trio: Ambient / Hot / Cold options
  • Regular scheduled sanitisation
  • Push-button control
  • Large dispense area – ideal for sports bottles
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Floorstanding & desktop models
  • Hot tap models feature a child safety mechanism
  • Environmentally friendly carbon filter system for safe, great tasting water.


To ensure your mains-fed water cooler remains hygienic, every 6 months a BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) trained Eden Kafevend cooler expert will sanitise your water cooler and change its filter. The sanitisation process includes a thorough cleaning inside and out. This is automatically scheduled by our team. Sanitisation visits are scheduled Monday to Friday.

For further information on the Eden Unlimited Mains-Fed Water Cooler please call our team on 0808 256 2470 or fill out our ‘Get a Quote Form

Water Cooler of The Week: Eden Ebac F-MAX

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Ebac F-MaxWater Cooler of the Week: Eden Ebac F-Max

It can be hard to believe that there is such a variety of water coolers available to you, that’s why we have decided to pick some of our favourites to help guide you along the way. The Eden Ebac F-MAX is one of Europe’s best selling brands, it features within our best range and it’s easy to see why.

Slimline DesignFmax__C_2848x5079_300

The design of this bottled water cooler, stands out in comparison to others. It comes in a stylish black and silver finish that looks great in any environment, with a high quality and durable ABS Polymer construction, making it durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The water cooler is floorstanding which has an easy to load cup dispenser integrated within the casing, making it tidy and organised.

The cup stand has an automatic drip tray that features an evaporation system. This clever system means you and your team won’t have to worry about emptying a reservoir daily.

A Variety of Options

The bottled water cooler comes either as a Duo (Ambient and Cold) or Trio setting (Ambient, Cold and Hot.) Ideal for all your water needs, from refreshing cool water to hot water for teas and soups. The Hot models also feature a child safety mechanism, preventing any potential accidents.

The water cooler has a high burst rate and is capable of keeping up with a busy environment, the cooler can produce 8 consecutive cold cups of water and 6 cups of hot water.

High Standard of Sanitisation

EMax - WaterTrailHere at Eden Kafevend we pick water solutions that are suitable for a variety of locations from offices to hospitals. Bearing this in
mind, we make sure our water is the highest standard of hygiene.

Your machine will be sanitised approximately every 12 weeks by a water cooler expert, these visits are scheduled Monday to Friday – at a time that suits you! The cooler will have thorough clean and the WaterTrail™ within the product will be replaced.

Our patented WaterTrail™  technology is one of the most successful sanitisation processes in the world, meaning 100% sanitisation every time!

There aren’t any chemicals used within this cleansing process, as well as this the operating levers are separate to the dispense point, which is insulated with a shroud to prevent any cross-contamination.

Energy Efficiency

The hot tank that heats up the water is vacuum insulated, which makes the Eden Ebac F-Max 30x more energy efficient than competitors’. As well as this our water bottles are picked up and deep cleaned, up to 20 times in their lifetime and finally recycled at the end of their life.

Fresh, Locally Sourced Water

With over 5 million reusable Eden water cooler bottles filled every year, it’s fair to say we have some experience in bottling!

We take great pride in our water, which comes from natural aquifers located within the UK. These protected borehole sources provides the high quality and great tasting water found in every bottle of Eden Springs delivered here in the UK.

To find out more about the other Bottled Water coolers we have on offer, simply click here. Or give our team a call on 0808 271 8242.


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7 USEFUL (2)

7 Useful Tools For Monitoring Hydration – We’ve taken a look through the internet and have found some excellent tools to help you monitor your hydration levels throughout the day. Each one is designed to help keep you healthy, happy and productive.

Our mobile devices are less and less being used as phones, they have turned into our PA’s our child minders and even our fitness trainers. With so many apps out there we’ve picked a few to help maintain your hydration levels, some functional and some fun!

Water Logged Hydration App

Waterlogged hydration App

  • Waterlogged

Hey, you’re not drinking enough water. Waterlogged can help you with its charts and reminders. Every 6 seconds, someone around the world is using the Waterlogged application to track & improve their daily water intake. This APP works with Fitbit & by using photos of your favourite containers you can spend less than 60 seconds a day tracking your water intake.

idrated hydration app

idrated hydration app

  • iDrated

Don’t get irate with the lack of water you are drinking, use iDrated and keep track of your water intake. With simplicity and gesture-based interaction at its core iDrated makes it quick and simple to log your water levels and check how hydrated you are. It can even give you a gentle nudge when the app isn’t running should you need the extra incentive. Log your water intake quickly and easily with a simple swipe.

Plant Nanny App

Plant nanny water application

  • Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone. In order to keep it alive and help it grow, you must give it water at certain periods of time. Choose your cup size and then as you drink you feed the cute little plant. Mutually beneficial and very motivating!

Daily Water Free Application

Daily Water Free Application

  • Daily Water Free

So, as we know water plays a very important role in our body, it transports nutrients and oxygen into cells, regulates body temperature, helps with metabolism and so on, drinking enough water can help us lose weight, look younger with healthier skin, less likely to get sick, helps in digestion and constipation, relieves fatigue, have a good mood and so on…

This more functional app is simple and easy to use and like many of the others allows you to set your daily intake goal and track it. Each time you grab a glass of water you simply touch the screen to log the intake.

Had enough of App based tools, we found this ground breaking idea from Halo Wearables, take a look online and judge for yourself.

Halo has developed the first ever real-time and non-invasive hydration monitoring technology. Their proprietary solution uses a combination of sensors to track an individual’s hydration at the cellular level. Electrical and optical sensors monitor fluid content and movement in and between both the intravascular and interstitial fluid compartments in the body.

It tells you how and when to optimise your water intake and keep fit.

  • The future is around the corner

Sandia National Laboratories researcher Ronen Polsky and colleagues are patenting a prototype model that can analyze various electrolyte levels on the spot, yet fit in a palm or be worn on a wrist. The device, when commercially available, could decrease the time ordinary citizens, athletes and the military must spend in emergency rooms, lab testing facilities or doctors’ offices.

“This is the future of personalized health care,” said Polsky. “These wearable technologies are just starting to come out in different forms. It’s inevitable that people will go there.”

The device is painless because it employs microneedles so tiny they don’t traumatize nerves when pressed into the skin. It also samples only interstitial fluid — the liquid between skin cells. Thus the device has the potential for long-term, noninvasive use.

This could be the future of hydration monitoring!

  • Back to basics…

Then let’s go back to basics. I know it’s grim, but one of the simplest wasy to monitor your hydration is through toilet trip frequency and the colour of your urine. Healthy and hydrated bodies produce urine that is a light yellow in colour. It also make sense that the more you intake, the more visits to the loo you can expect –  on average 5-8 times per day.

10 ways to impress customers in your office

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modern office meeting room

Conference room

  1. Positive interaction

    It is of great importance to make sure that every single member of staff, no matter what their position can and will positively interact with any visiting customers. Employees should be friendly and polite and ready to offer assistance to a visitor if need be

  2. A great receptionist

    A receptionist will often be responsible for the first impression a customer will have of a business. It is therefore essential that your receptionist is a fantastic ambassador for the company. Ensure that he or she is an excellent communicator with good people skills and the ability to multi task. If for example your receptionist is on the phone when a visitor arrives it is important that they make eye contact, smile and can indicate that they will be with the customer ASAP

  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness

    Ensure that the office is clean and tidy, paying particular attention to anywhere that the visitor may have access to including toilet and kitchen facilities

  4. Refreshments

    Have high quality refreshments available for visitors. A high end coffee machine and water cooler that the customer can operate themselves in the reception area would be a brilliant idea

  5. Branded stationery

    Have professionally designed (complimentary) stationery with your company logo that can be given to the customer to keep (notepads, jotters, pens etc.). As well as being a nice gesture, it will also keep your business at the forefront of their minds

  6. Inspiring décor

    Offices don’t have to be boring and sterile spaces. It is certainly possible to inject some colour and personality into your workplace whilst still remaining professional. Perhaps for example, you could incorporate colours from your brand identity into the office

  7. Dress code

    Decide on a dress code within your company and stick to it. Employees at all times should adhere to the companies chosen dress code so that unexpected visitors always gain a good first impression

  8. Space and layout

    Modernise your layout and make the most of your space. Customers will be impressed by innovative technology which gives the impression that you are a forward thinking company. Avoid unnecessary clutter on desks and in the surrounding workspace which can be distracting and look unprofessional

  9. Genuine engagement

    Genuinely engage with customers through small talk so that they don’t feel they are yet again being schmoozed. Actively listen to what they are saying and if they offer small details about their lives be interested and remember to ask about for future meetings. For example they may mention a child of theirs or an approaching holiday somewhere. This shows that you view them not just as a potential business deal but as an actual person

  10. Go green

    Adding greenery to your office space, from reception to boardroom, enhances the environment both aesthetically and in terms of mood. By creating an inviting atmosphere, visitors will feel at ease and welcome from the moment they enter your office

Ground-Breaking Invention Of Plantable Coffee Cups

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With World Water Day and Earth Hour both happening this month, there’s no better time to think about how we can be helping our planet. Despite the increase in the amount of people that now recycle, waste going into landfill remains a serious problem – with coffee cups being a major culprit.

The coffee cup wasteland

Unfortunately, our continued longing for our daily caffeine fix means that the disposal of coffee cups remains a huge problem. Over 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year, with many of them not being recycled, resulting in a massive 25,000 tonnes of waste. America’s coffee drinkers are also contributing to the pollution, with an alarming 145 billion cups being discarded annually, making it an issue that needs addressing. Despite many coffee cups now being made from recyclable materials, a large proportion of these are still disposed of incorrectly – and get thrown in with the everyday trash. As consumer group Which? have pointed out, mixing materials (such as plastic and paper) when manufacturing coffee cups is also a major cause of the waste problem – making them extremely difficult to recycle. As the world’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks are responsible for distributing a huge 4 billion disposable cups worldwide. In 2014 they faced scrutiny regarding their approach to recycling, admitting they had failed in their mission to get more customers using their own reusable cups.

Plantable coffee cups

Based in California, environmentally-friendly company Reduce, Reuse, Grow have come up with a unique solution to the waste problem – designing the world’s first plantable coffee cup. The new creation aims to combat the high volumes of litter generated by disposable coffee cups every year. Not only is the new eco-cup biodegradable, but its walls are embedded with seeds – allowing it to be planted after use. As well as containing seeds which are native to the areas in which the coffee cups will be introduced, each cup contains at least one tree seed – in the hopes that this will repopulate barren areas of land. Although planting the coffee cups is the main focus of the initiative, the cup will fully biodegrade in less than 200 days – even if it’s thrown out with everyday waste. As well as encouraging customers to plant the cups themselves, the company are also happy to do the gardening work for them!

Is your business doing all it can to help the planet?

With many of us purchasing coffee on the morning commute and consuming it in the workplace, coffee machines are a great way to avoid unnecessary pollution. Your staff can enjoy endless cups of Joe without worrying about the damage they’re potentially causing our future planet. Water coolers are also an effective way to reduce your staff’s purchasing of plastic bottles. Encouraging your staff to be environmentally savvy is cost-effective and a positive improvement for your business. See how your business can do its part by checking out Eden Spring’s wide range of eco-friendly coffee machines and water coolers.

Simple Ways To Reduce Your Office Energy Costs

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Want to save money and help the environment? Why not try some of these simple tips to reduce your office energy costs.



Heating – Attributes To A Large Portion Of Energy Bills

  • Don’t obstruct radiators with furniture or desks as this reduces the amount of heat they let out therefore it takes longer for the room to heat up.
  • Be sure to draught proof windows and doors that you may be losing heat from. Also if the heating is switched on make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep in the warmth.
  • Limit the use of portable electric heaters as these are really expensive to run, only use them in emergencies.
  • Make sure you service your boiler regularly as a poorly maintained boiler can increase heating costs by 30% or more.
  • Why not reduce heating in areas that are not occupied by staff such as store rooms. Also remember to turn off the heating when the office is vacant a perfect example of this being Christmas break.


Lighting – Accounts For 50% Of The Money Spent On Electricity In The Office

  • Encourage staff to turn off the lights when they leave a room and at the end of the day.
  • Try reducing the brightness of lights in the office or in places that are not used as often such as corridors.
  • Make use of natural light so try not to block any of the windows.
  • Replace all of the bulbs in the office with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Do you have an outside light? Do you need it on all night? Why not use a timer to switch off the lights during the night when the world is asleep.


Office Equipment – You Probably End Up Spending More On Electricity For Your Office Equipment Than It Cost To Buy

  • Switch off all electrical equipment including computers, printers and coffee machines at nights and weekends.
  • Make sure to turn off computer monitors when they are not in use for instance when you are away at lunch or in a meeting.
  • Is the person who normally drinks coffee in the office on holiday? Switching off the machine reduces electricity costs.

Green Technology: New Machine Makes Drinking Water from Thin Air

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Glass of water

You would be forgiven for thinking that news of a machine that makes water out of air sounds like the stuff of pure science fiction, but Israeli engineers have made this fantastical concept a reality. The company behind the technological innovation, Water-Gen, hopes the technology will revolutionise developing nations by demonstrating a positive impact on communities suffering from lack of clean drinking water.

Primarily intended for military and government use, the machines are finding new applications in the developing world. Water-Gen spokesperson Arye Kohavi has said “we believe that the products can be sold to developing countries in different civilian applications. For example in India, (drinking) water for homes is not available and will also be rare in the future.” The machines, known as ‘Atmospheric Water Generation Units’, offer a far more cost effective solution than alternative water sources – with a lower environmental impact.


Image Courtesy of

So how does it work?

The system is actually quite simple at its core, using a heat exchanger similar to those found in air conditioning units, to rapidly cool down hot and humid air. This causes the water in the air to condense, forming droplets, which are then collected in a tank inside the Water-Gen unit. The concept of air dehumidification isn’t new – however, heat exchangers are traditionally expensive to run, whereas Water-Gen have successfully created an ultra-efficient system, minimising electricity usage.

The process doesn’t stop there either, as water in the air may be polluted by contaminants such as particles of dust or dirt which clings to the microscopic water droplets. To combat this pollution, the Water Generation Units employ a complex filtration system, removing any chemical or other contaminants – leaving behind nothing but clean and safe drinking water.

Depending on the levels of water vapour in the air (humidity) and the outside temperature, the Units are capable of producing anywhere between 250 and 800 litres of drinking water per day – enough to change many people’s lives for the better. Especially considering that, according to Water-Gen, it costs as little as 2 cents per each litre of water produced – providing perhaps the most cost effective solution to date for charities and governments investing in water provision for those in desperate need.

Eden Springs works in partnership with People help People – One World – working on projects in Tanzania, Africa – to provide drinking water to those who need it the most. In fact, Eden Springs is currently helping over 1000 school children and thousands of residents in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, providing access to life-saving water sources.

Closer to home, we provide fresh drinking water to offices around the UK – check out our selection of water coolers, providing the ultimate solution to your employee hydration needs. We work hard to ensure that our water is both locally and sustainably sourced as part of our ongoing environmental commitment.