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Your local Water Cooler supplier

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As the UK’s No.1 water cooler supplier we have an exceptional water delivery network, supplying water from 16 depots across the nation and ensuring you get a truly local service from your nearby branch.

Our water delivery network comprises over 135 delivery trucks and more than 1 million bottles in circulation, constantly being recycled and reused. However because of our local focus you receive water sourced within your area from a nearby depot, meaning we have to travel less – helping to contribute to our industry-leading low carbon and Carbon Neutral status!

Water supplier near you


Our Route Sales Managers deliver your water to your door, and have a great rapport with customers. Operating from regional depots they ensure that your water is never far away – they manage your water stock, delivery frequency and even answer billing queries. Our team do whatever they can to ensure you’re hydrated and happy!

So, contact our team to find out where your local branch is and start receiving your quality local water supplier service today.

5 Tips for Looking after your Water Cooler

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water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

water cooler tips video

Water from Eden water coolers is tasty, safe and refreshing. However we want to ensure your cooler is working exactly as intended and keep you cooler in top shape, so take the advice of  Steven Riley, Cooler Expert for Eden Springs UK, to ensure the very small risk of water contamination remains small and unnecessary call-outs are avoided!

1. Are you plugged in?

It’s a surprisingly regular occurance – a cleaner might take out the cooler power plug so they can plug in the vacuum cleaner and they forget to plug the cooler back in. A call to our water cooler customer service team follows explaining that the cooler isn’t chilling the water, with a subsequent visit from a cooler expert, only to find out the cooler isn’t plugged in! So if you haven’t got cooled water, check one should be the power socket.

2. Watch for drip tray overflow

Often water cooler drip trays are left unemptied and overflowing, and this can lead to water spilling onto the floor. Often the first response to water on the floor is “The cooler is leaking” and an Eden Springs representative is called, and you go without chilled water unnecessarily. In order to maintain a clean and uncontaminated cooler we recommend regularly taking out the drip tray to empty and clean.

3. Store your water bottles in a suitable location

It’s important to store your water cooler bottles in a suitable room or space; yes we’d all prefer the bottles to be near your cooler, but there are other equally important factors to consider. The bottles should ideally be stored in a cold and dark environment, and they should preferably be stored off the floor to avoid any potential contamination from the floor surface. There is always a small chance that any spills, debris or cleaning fluids used on the floor can get into the bottles over time. Also the water cooler bottles themselves are made of a type of plastic, and chemicals or even the colour and dye of the bottles can seep into the water if left in direct sunlight or alongside contaminating materials.

4. Don’t refill water bottles

We generally wouldn’t recommend refilling bottles etc from water coolers, especially if there isn’t enough room for the bottle to sit well below the taps. This is because when refilling bottles people will often push the mouth of the bottle directly up against the water taps, and this is an opportunity for bacteria or viruses to transfer from the bottle to the cooler tap. If one person with a cold, say, did this in a busy office you can imagine how many people might catch this simply because they have refilled their bottle at the water cooler.

5. Clean inbetween sanitisation visits

To enjoy your water to the full contamination prevention is important. To achieve this we would recommend cleaning your water cooler intermittently and between our official sanitisation visits; it’s obviously not a full strip-and-clean of the cooler, however any cleaning will significantly reduce the chance of cross-contamination of your water. To this end we can also supply you with special sanitisation kits, which contain a small hydrogen peroxide spray, wipes, and a brush for fine cleaning around taps. Simply spray the cleaning fluid, wipe off and allow to dry.

After an Eden Springs sanitisation we also recommend changing the bottle on the cooler, as we don’t know how long a bottle has been on the cooler and with a nice clean cooler and reservoir we don’t want to reintroduce a potentially contaminated bottle.

Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 12

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the-biggest-loserAt week 12 of the competition and Denise is just in the lead – way to go Denise! But with only another week or healthy-living left to win the Ultimate SodaStream fizzy drinks machine the pressure is really on!

Who’s your money on to win?

Week 12 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Denise Chisholm 13.41%
Susan Muir 10.76%
John Thornton 6.70%
Sally Bartholomew 5.00%
Clair Demellweek 4.90%
Sharon Brady 0.66%
Valerie Little 0.39%
Sheena Angus 0.00%

Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 10

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the-biggest-loserIt’s now week 10 of the competition, and there’s not long left to shoot to the top and claim the free SodaStream drinks maker!

While Clair has done really well recently it’s still Susan and Denise at the top; the battle is fierce and Denise has now taken the lead – who will win? Who’s your favourite?

Week 10 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Denise Chisholm 11.17%
Susan Muir 9.23%
John Thornton 5.59%
Sally Bartholomew 5.55%
Clair Demellweek 4.41%
Sharon Brady 0.66%
Valerie Little 0.39%
Sheena Angus 0.00%

The Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 8

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the-biggest-loserEden’s Biggest Loser competition is charging through week 8 and the entrants know they need to shape up or ship out as there’re only five weeks remaining!

The competition as the top is intense, with Susan and Denise matching each other’s weight loss pound for pound – can they both keep up the excellent performance to the end?

Week 8 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Susan Muir 10.25%
Denise Chisholm 10.16%
Sally Bartholomew 6.11%
John Thornton 5.75%
Clair Demellweek 2.45%
Sharon Brady 1.32%
Sheena Angus 0.00%
Valerie Little 0.00%

The Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 7

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the-biggest-loserEden’s Biggest Loser challenge has reached week 7 and the competition is hotting up with Susie and Denise leading the way towards a fitter physique!

With only six weeks left in the competition the guys and gals really need to get moving and losing if they’re to claim the top prize of shopping vouchers and an incredible SodaStream Ultimate drinks maker.

Who do you think will top the table next week? Anyone looking like catching from the bottom of the chart? Let us know and check back next week!

Week 7 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Susan Muir 8.21%
Denise Chisholm 8.13%
John Thornton 4.47%
Sally Bartholomew 3.89%
Sharon Brady 0.99%
Sheena Angus 0.00%
Clair Demellweek 0.00%
Valerie Little 0.00%

The Biggest Loser: WEIGH IN WEEK 5

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the-biggest-loserWe’ve given the guys and gals at Eden some time to get into the Biggest Loser competition, and it’s now week 5 – this far through there’s no excuses, we want everyone to be making changes towards a healthier lifestyle!

And they’ve all responded brilliantly with some great achievements; Susan Muir and Denise Chisholm in particular losing a great amount of weight since the competition began. They’re in pole position to win the SodaStream drinks machine, but can they keep it up for the rest of the Biggest Loser challenge?

Loser challengers, have you found the going tough? Fellow Eden staff, have you been impressed by their efforts? Or are you on snack-watch, waiting for their resistance to break?

Check back next week to find out how they’re all doing!

Week 5 results

Loser name Total weight loss
Susan Muir 7.69%
Denise Chisholm 6.91%
John Thornton 4.15%
Sally Bartholomew 3.88%
Clair Demellweek 1.47%
Lesley McWilliams 0.40%
Sharon Brady 0.33%
Valerie Little 0.00%

Icy Britain: How water deliveries are affected

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Water delivery in the Glasgow cold
Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

With the wintry conditions gripping the UK, we’ve interviewed Ricky Gall, Eden Blantyre Service Centre Manager, to see how the delivery team are coping on the roads.

How have water and water cooler deliveries been affected?

Deliveries have been affected very badly, particularly in the north and Scotland. I’m Service Centre Manager of Eden Springs Blantyre, near Glasgow, and all the area that we cover have been affected in some way.

Have any deliveries been missed due to the adverse conditions?

Some deliveries have unfortunately been obstructed, although we are currently working through all outstanding deliveries and are updating the Customer Services call centre daily. If you have any questions or are expecting a water delivery please feel free to contact them on 0844 800 3344 and they should be able to keep you informed.

How have the drivers been coping with the conditions?

As any motorist will tell you driving in these conditions is bad enough, but delivering bottles of water in the snow has been very challenging. On 6–7 December when the weather was at its worst our last truck returned to Blantyre 21 hours after it left for its day’s deliveries! We’ve had trucks leaving the branch at 6.00am and returning anytime from 9.00pm to midnight, and there were some of us stranded at the depot overnight. You can’t fault their commitment.

So the drivers are dedicated to getting deliveries through?

We have had drivers starting as early as 4.00am to try and catch up on any failed deliveries, and we’ve also had some routes going out on Saturdays.

What happens to water cooler bottles in the ice cold?

We have had a some water cooler bottles freezing and bursting, however we can deal with this and it doesn’t affect our customers. It certainly arrives nice and chilled!


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Yorkshire snow disrupts Eden Springs water deliveries.

Eden Springs are committed to getting your water delivered, however the current adverse weather conditions are hindering deliveries. Keep up to date with the status of our UK-wide delivery network here – please do bear with us as we will endeavour to deliver as soon as possible, but urgent queries can be directed to Customer Care on 0844 800 3344 or

w/c 13 December

Thanks to the warmer weekend all delivery routes are operating as normal!

w/c 6 December

In Scotland, deliveries to Dundee have been badly affected this week with no deliveries possible to date (although we hope to deliver today). Only one route in Aberdeen has been cancelled, however water supplies have continued to be delivered throughout the town.

In the north of England certain areas in Nottingham and Derby have also begun experiencing issues this week, with further updates available soon.

London routes have been affected in areas, with our Woolwich depot unfortunately unable to commence any of the usual routes today.

If you have been affected by any of these delays please do bear with us and we’ll do our best to have your water delivery with you as soon as possible.

w/c 29 November

The increased snow and ice, now spread across the UK, has begun to cause issues with water deliveries and some areas have been badly affected.

North Yorkshire routes have been seriously disrupted – one third of the delivery routes did not manage to go out, while the remaining routes found it impossible to get far in the difficult conditions. Delivery drivers also found that many customers had not managed to make it in and were thus unable to collect their water deliveries – we certainly can’t leave them out in the cold! With 520 schools in the region also closed, it’s no surprise that most delivery vans were forced to turn back.

Yorkshire snow disrupts Eden Springs water deliveries.

Yorkshire snow disrupts Eden Springs water deliveries.

Tuesday 30 November

Most deliveries are successful with routes being largely navigable, however areas in North Yorkshire have been particularly badly hit by the snow and ice conditions and if you are in this area please be aware that your delivery may be affected. Be assured we’ll try our very best to get your water to you as soon as possible.

Powwow water coolers: Eden rescue and what you need to know

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powwow water and eden springs

After the collapse of cooler company Powwow Water, Eden Springs have worked with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to come to the rescue and take ownership of all Powwow water coolers. This will help ensure that all former Powwow customers have continued and uninterrupted access to fresh drinking water.

Powwow water cooler customers – what you need to know

Eden Springs and the BWCA are collaborating to transfer you to a new water supplier – all Powwow contract have been reassigned to Eden Springs or an approved BWCA member to help ensure a smooth, legal and professional transition. If you have a former Powwow water cooler:

  1. Your water cooler contract will have been assigned to Eden Springs Ltd or a participating BWCA distributor member with immediate effect

  2. The BWCA and Eden Springs believe that is the most responsible solution for customers, suppliers and the industry at this difficult time.

  3. Your water cooler equipment is now under ownership of Eden Springs

  4. Any companies taking over Powwow accounts should not remove water cooler equipment without first consulting Eden Springs; any removal will be seen as theft.

  5. If you have any queries about the account transfer

  6. Please contact the BWCA or Eden Springs.