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Water Cooler of the Week: Fleet Range

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Eden Fleet Range
This week we would like to introduce you to our Fleet Range. These fantastic all-purpose bottled water coolers, have a simple, clean white finish that can fit into any office and workplace environment. Water temperature options on the Fleet Range include ambient & cold and hot & cold, providing great tasting, fresh Eden Springs water for every situation.

Our Fleet Range of water coolers are reliable and easily installed. In fact to ensure that you are 100% satisfied we will deliver and install your Fleet Range cooler for free. Many customers choose the Fleet Range as an inexpensive solution for their back of house requirements and select a cooler from our Better and Best ranges for front of house. The choice is of course yours and should you need help in locating the correct cooler for your environment please contact: 0808 256 2470


Choosing our Fleet Range means you will receive a white bottled water cooler from our existing stock and we cannot guarantee the exact model you will have installed. We pride ourselves in selecting only the highest quality models/ brands and all our water coolers are rigorously checked, to ensure the quality of the machine is 100% and meets our exacting standards, only then will it will be signed off for dispatch to you.


Bottled Water Deliveries at your Convenience

Eden Kafevend are the UK’s largest Water and Coffee machine company operating from 16 depots across the UK. We have over 90 delivery trucks on the road, and more than 700,000 bottles in circulation at any time. We can deliver and install your bottled water cooler anywhere within mainland United Kingdom.

When you become an Eden Kafevend customer, a bottled water delivery schedule will be created and tailored to your individual needs. The frequency of delivery can be set to monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on your water usage and storage capacities. All empty 18 litre bottles are collected on your scheduled delivery dates and re-used up to 50 times before we recycle them.

Although we understand you will be looking after your water cooler, it will require a routine sanitisation to ensure it remains hygienic. All our bottled water coolers receive a scheduled sanitisation visit every 12 weeks, where one of our BWCA qualified technicians will come out to your site and clean the interior and exterior of the machine.

For further information on rental of the Fleet Range, please feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0808 256 2470 or fill out a Get a Quote form.

Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Oasis Graphite

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Eden Oasis Graphite

Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Oasis Graphite

The Eden Oasis Graphite is the Bottled Water Cooler of the week due to it’s robust and attractive design. It provides a supply of great tasting bottled Eden water at the touch of a button and unlike our Good range of bottled water coolers the Eden Oasis comes in a stylish graphite colour which will look smart in any location. This floor standing water cooler is quiet, with an external cup holder and has an easy to remove drip tray.

Options Available

The Eden Oasis Graphite comes with duo temperature options, ambient and cold or hot and cold. This provides a solution to suit everyone’s needs. Depending on the model chosen consumers can enjoy both chilled and hot drinks, at the press of a tap.


Bottled water coolers are perfect for locations that do not have access to a mains supply, they can in fact be situated practically anywhere. All you need is access to a mains cable and should you need to relocate the water cooler to a different room, it’s a simple process, unplug – move and plug in again.

When you become an Eden Kafevend customer, a bottled water delivery schedule will be created and tailored to your business requirements. The frequency of bottled water deliveries can be set to monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on your water usage and storage capacities. All empty bottles are collected on your scheduled delivery dates and taken back to our depot to be re-used, or if at the end of their workable life, recycled.



It is important that you keep your drinking appliance clean and hygienic. To help you we will schedule a sanitisation for your bottled water cooler every 12 weeks. One of our British Water Cooler Association trained specialists will contact your premises and give your cooler a thorough clean. This will be automatically scheduled by our team. Sanitisation visits take place between Monday – Friday. However if you wish to make any changes to this, or want someone to pop in sooner this can be arranged by a quick phone call.

Water Cooler of The Week: Eden Ebac F-MAX

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Ebac F-MaxWater Cooler of the Week: Eden Ebac F-Max

It can be hard to believe that there is such a variety of water coolers available to you, that’s why we have decided to pick some of our favourites to help guide you along the way. The Eden Ebac F-MAX is one of Europe’s best selling brands, it features within our best range and it’s easy to see why.

Slimline DesignFmax__C_2848x5079_300

The design of this bottled water cooler, stands out in comparison to others. It comes in a stylish black and silver finish that looks great in any environment, with a high quality and durable ABS Polymer construction, making it durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The water cooler is floorstanding which has an easy to load cup dispenser integrated within the casing, making it tidy and organised.

The cup stand has an automatic drip tray that features an evaporation system. This clever system means you and your team won’t have to worry about emptying a reservoir daily.

A Variety of Options

The bottled water cooler comes either as a Duo (Ambient and Cold) or Trio setting (Ambient, Cold and Hot.) Ideal for all your water needs, from refreshing cool water to hot water for teas and soups. The Hot models also feature a child safety mechanism, preventing any potential accidents.

The water cooler has a high burst rate and is capable of keeping up with a busy environment, the cooler can produce 8 consecutive cold cups of water and 6 cups of hot water.

High Standard of Sanitisation

EMax - WaterTrailHere at Eden Kafevend we pick water solutions that are suitable for a variety of locations from offices to hospitals. Bearing this in
mind, we make sure our water is the highest standard of hygiene.

Your machine will be sanitised approximately every 12 weeks by a water cooler expert, these visits are scheduled Monday to Friday – at a time that suits you! The cooler will have thorough clean and the WaterTrail™ within the product will be replaced.

Our patented WaterTrail™  technology is one of the most successful sanitisation processes in the world, meaning 100% sanitisation every time!

There aren’t any chemicals used within this cleansing process, as well as this the operating levers are separate to the dispense point, which is insulated with a shroud to prevent any cross-contamination.

Energy Efficiency

The hot tank that heats up the water is vacuum insulated, which makes the Eden Ebac F-Max 30x more energy efficient than competitors’. As well as this our water bottles are picked up and deep cleaned, up to 20 times in their lifetime and finally recycled at the end of their life.

Fresh, Locally Sourced Water

With over 5 million reusable Eden water cooler bottles filled every year, it’s fair to say we have some experience in bottling!

We take great pride in our water, which comes from natural aquifers located within the UK. These protected borehole sources provides the high quality and great tasting water found in every bottle of Eden Springs delivered here in the UK.

To find out more about the other Bottled Water coolers we have on offer, simply click here. Or give our team a call on 0808 271 8242.

Guzzling water at the construction site

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Whatever the workplace, is it crucial that employees stay hydrated in order to remain motivated and focused. Some workforces need water more than others, however, and 2014 saw a 2% increase in the UK water cooler industry. Market analysts at Zenith International revealed that this increase is most likely due to the increase in bottled water consumption at construction sites. So, how many litres of water are construction sites going through in a week? Find out below!


You can check out the full article here!

Water coolers go retro

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Ceramic water cooler

When you think of bottled water coolers, the words ‘cool’ and ‘funky’ don’t often come to mind, but there’s one type of water cooler that’s getting a bit of hipster attention – a retro-style ceramic water cooler.

It looks pretty good (that smooth surface just begs you to run your hands over it) but does it do a good job of keeping your water cool and filtered?

People have been using clay pots for ages to store and cool water, but a study has found that filtering with clay will remove between 95 and 99 per cent of E.coli. Maybe the Aztecs and Egyptians were on to a fairly good thing with this simple technology! But maybe it’s not the best solution for a modern workplace…

How ceramic water filters work

The ceramic water filters work by using clay’s natural properties to filter out bacteria which generally can’t pass through the small pores. The filter sits in the top half, while the bottom half contains the filtered water and is fitted with a tap.

Those who like retro have seen it as a good accompaniment to an Aga and retro sink, and it makes an interesting conversation piece when people are gathered around the kitchen table, but does it come up to modern standards?

Well it needs to be filled – it doesn’t simply connect to a mains supply like a plumbed-in water cooler and you can’t attach standard water cooler bottles, so getting hold of the best-quality spring water is going to be a lot more tricky. And while it keeps the water fairly cool you won’t get the ice-cold water on demand like a modern water cooler. Finally, if you’re after safety and cleanliness the self-cleaning of some of our new models can’t be beaten, and there’re no quarterly sanitisation visits for an old-school ceramic cooler!

Moving on

Looking back we can see how water coolers have developed in the last few decades, using the latest technology and materials to become extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. While ceramic filters are pretty stylish, those looking for a modern and convenient beverage solution are better off sticking to the latest Eden Springs water coolers!

New Eden Unlimited plumbed-in water cooler

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Why limit yourself?

It’s new,  it’s sleek and it’s the best way to get fresh water without a hefty price tag. The new Eden Unlimited mains water cooler from Eden Springs is the best way to have a mains water cooler at a set price.

The stylish cooler is slim enough to fit in almost any space (Floorstanding Dimensions: (WxDxH) 34x32x120cm), and uses our exclusive 3M/Brita Eden Filter system. This new cooler is better than ever, giving you hygienic, purified and chilled water using recyclable technology. And because it’s plumbed-in, you it filters and chills your regular mains water supply.

Unlimited drinking water

Our Eden Unlimited plumbed in water cooler is available in versions providing  cold, hot and ambient temperature water, and has a capacity of 20 litres in its stainless steel tanks. A cup dispenser is built in, just in case you need it.

Our mains water cooler rental plans start from L25.50 a month, which means you get fresh, natural water on demand for less than L1 per day. Eden Unlimited is a great solution for your office or home.

Powwow water coolers: Eden rescue and what you need to know

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powwow water and eden springs

After the collapse of cooler company Powwow Water, Eden Springs have worked with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to come to the rescue and take ownership of all Powwow water coolers. This will help ensure that all former Powwow customers have continued and uninterrupted access to fresh drinking water.

Powwow water cooler customers – what you need to know

Eden Springs and the BWCA are collaborating to transfer you to a new water supplier – all Powwow contract have been reassigned to Eden Springs or an approved BWCA member to help ensure a smooth, legal and professional transition. If you have a former Powwow water cooler:

  1. Your water cooler contract will have been assigned to Eden Springs Ltd or a participating BWCA distributor member with immediate effect

  2. The BWCA and Eden Springs believe that is the most responsible solution for customers, suppliers and the industry at this difficult time.

  3. Your water cooler equipment is now under ownership of Eden Springs

  4. Any companies taking over Powwow accounts should not remove water cooler equipment without first consulting Eden Springs; any removal will be seen as theft.

  5. If you have any queries about the account transfer

  6. Please contact the BWCA or Eden Springs.