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Guzzling water at the construction site

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Whatever the workplace, is it crucial that employees stay hydrated in order to remain motivated and focused. Some workforces need water more than others, however, and 2014 saw a 2% increase in the UK water cooler industry. Market analysts at Zenith International revealed that this increase is most likely due to the increase in bottled water consumption at construction sites. So, how many litres of water are construction sites going through in a week? Find out below!


You can check out the full article here!

Water coolers go retro

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Ceramic water cooler

When you think of bottled water coolers, the words ‘cool’ and ‘funky’ don’t often come to mind, but there’s one type of water cooler that’s getting a bit of hipster attention – a retro-style ceramic water cooler.

It looks pretty good (that smooth surface just begs you to run your hands over it) but does it do a good job of keeping your water cool and filtered?

People have been using clay pots for ages to store and cool water, but a study has found that filtering with clay will remove between 95 and 99 per cent of E.coli. Maybe the Aztecs and Egyptians were on to a fairly good thing with this simple technology! But maybe it’s not the best solution for a modern workplace…

How ceramic water filters work

The ceramic water filters work by using clay’s natural properties to filter out bacteria which generally can’t pass through the small pores. The filter sits in the top half, while the bottom half contains the filtered water and is fitted with a tap.

Those who like retro have seen it as a good accompaniment to an Aga and retro sink, and it makes an interesting conversation piece when people are gathered around the kitchen table, but does it come up to modern standards?

Well it needs to be filled – it doesn’t simply connect to a mains supply like a plumbed-in water cooler and you can’t attach standard water cooler bottles, so getting hold of the best-quality spring water is going to be a lot more tricky. And while it keeps the water fairly cool you won’t get the ice-cold water on demand like a modern water cooler. Finally, if you’re after safety and cleanliness the self-cleaning of some of our new models can’t be beaten, and there’re no quarterly sanitisation visits for an old-school ceramic cooler!

Moving on

Looking back we can see how water coolers have developed in the last few decades, using the latest technology and materials to become extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. While ceramic filters are pretty stylish, those looking for a modern and convenient beverage solution are better off sticking to the latest Eden Springs water coolers!

New Eden Unlimited plumbed-in water cooler

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Why limit yourself?

It’s new,  it’s sleek and it’s the best way to get fresh water without a hefty price tag. The new Eden Unlimited mains water cooler from Eden Springs is the best way to have a mains water cooler at a set price.

The stylish cooler is slim enough to fit in almost any space (Floorstanding Dimensions: (WxDxH) 34x32x120cm), and uses our exclusive 3M/Brita Eden Filter system. This new cooler is better than ever, giving you hygienic, purified and chilled water using recyclable technology. And because it’s plumbed-in, you it filters and chills your regular mains water supply.

Unlimited drinking water

Our Eden Unlimited plumbed in water cooler is available in versions providing  cold, hot and ambient temperature water, and has a capacity of 20 litres in its stainless steel tanks. A cup dispenser is built in, just in case you need it.

Our mains water cooler rental plans start from L25.50 a month, which means you get fresh, natural water on demand for less than L1 per day. Eden Unlimited is a great solution for your office or home.

Powwow water coolers: Eden rescue and what you need to know

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powwow water and eden springs

After the collapse of cooler company Powwow Water, Eden Springs have worked with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to come to the rescue and take ownership of all Powwow water coolers. This will help ensure that all former Powwow customers have continued and uninterrupted access to fresh drinking water.

Powwow water cooler customers – what you need to know

Eden Springs and the BWCA are collaborating to transfer you to a new water supplier – all Powwow contract have been reassigned to Eden Springs or an approved BWCA member to help ensure a smooth, legal and professional transition. If you have a former Powwow water cooler:

  1. Your water cooler contract will have been assigned to Eden Springs Ltd or a participating BWCA distributor member with immediate effect

  2. The BWCA and Eden Springs believe that is the most responsible solution for customers, suppliers and the industry at this difficult time.

  3. Your water cooler equipment is now under ownership of Eden Springs

  4. Any companies taking over Powwow accounts should not remove water cooler equipment without first consulting Eden Springs; any removal will be seen as theft.

  5. If you have any queries about the account transfer

  6. Please contact the BWCA or Eden Springs.