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The 5 Best Biscuits For Dunking At Coffee Break

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Brits are famous for their love of a good cuppa and dunking biscuits into it just makes your mid morning coffee break that little bit more enjoyable. So ever wondered what Britain’s favourite biscuits for dunking are?

A recent survey by office fruit and milk delivery company, Fruitdrop reveal that it is the Rich Tea that tops the list.


In order of preference, Britain’s favourite biscuits for dunking are:

1) Rich tea (33%)

2) Hobnob (25%), chocolate digestive (25%)

3) Custard cream (9%)

4) Bourbon (8%)

Why not share your favourites with us? Anybody love a Jammie Dodger in their coffee?

Why Your Office Mug Tells Colleagues You’re “Aggressive and Touchy”

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What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

While most office workers probably don’t put too much conscious thought into their office mug, the truth is that what you put your office coffee in is as good as a self-portrait in the working world. There’s a lot going on under the surface, so whether you’re a clean, corporate type or prefer your brew inside some quirky kitsch, your office mug says a lot about you behind your back.

It’s vital to feel like you and your colleagues can be yourselves at work in order to feel happy and be as motivated as possible, and your mug can let you show your true colours. Before your colleagues start gossiping, you might want to know what secrets your cup’s been telling…

We know a mug is more than just a mug – and we’ve got the ungrounded theories to prove it!

Which mug are you? Show us your favourite mug at our Facebook page

Pop Culture Paraphernalia

Film Reel

Image by Coyau


You’ve got a favourite movie or record you’re convinced reflects your identity, which means you’ve got the t-shirt, the poster, the key ring and even the coffee cup. Whether you’re a cult movie lover or die-hard Rolling Stones fan, your office mug doesn’t mess about. Everyone knows what you’re into and you were willing to pay £3.99 or thereabouts for the privilege.


Corporate Class


You take yourself seriously and don’t see why that’s a problem. You ooze professionalism and think your mug should do the same – which is why yours is clean, corporate and altogether presentable. You keep work and home separate and don’t give away too much, so your coffee mug keeps its mouth shut and gets right down to business – just like you.


Kitsch Love


You’re a big personality who wants the entire office to know what you’re about without having to spell it out – which is why your office mug is loud enough for the both of you. Whether it’s a misshapen crime against ceramics or a delightful, kaleidoscopic oddity, your mug might be a Marmite choice but it has undeniable character.


<Insert Slogan/Catchphrase Here>

Image courtesy of

Unlike the kitsch lovers, you’re more than willing to spell it out. Your mug features a cheeky slogan, inspirational quote or bold statement – and you’re well aware what it says about you. This is a bold move on the mug front and can alienate some of your colleagues but, as far as you’re concerned, there’s no worse failing than the failure to distinguish yourself.


It’s Got Your Name On It

Image courtesy of

You didn’t get the office memo about the benefits of sharing – not that it would have made any difference. That mug has got your name on it – whether you found it in a custom china shop or had to scrawl it on in Sharpie yourself – and that means it’s yours. Coffee is very important to you, which is why your office mug doesn’t say much other than ‘look but don’t touch’, and there’s an ‘or else’ in there somewhere.


Start-Up Mug

Image courtesy of

You’re a child of the Online Age who probably looks up to Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs types whenever you need some inspiration. Your mug is ultramodern and unmistakably dotcom, probably in a primary colour and quirky shape – and you’re always on the cutting edge of international trends. We wouldn’t be surprised to find some serious gourmet java inside.



Giant Coffee Cup

Image by Dan Lacher


You don’t see the point in having a cup of coffee when you can have five at once. Your office mug is big enough for an entire day’s caffeine dose, and you like it that way. It could be sleep deprivation, or maybe just a serious case of the caffeine cravings, but the bottom line is that you can fit a whole lot of coffee in that beast of a beverage holder. Some colleagues think you’re over-compensating for something, but you know it’s just a quantity thing.

Which mug are you? Show us your favourite mug at our Facebook page

Looking for some tasty java to put inside that mug of yours? At Eden Springs, we specialise in office coffee machines with the power to give your workspace some serious flavour. Take a look at our range of coffee solutions and let’s make a brew.

Green Office Week 2014

It’s Green Office Week 2014 – will you be following the daily tips for moving towards a greener office? Why not place the tips up as a poster or computer desktop in your office to remind everybody to do their bit?

green office week 2014

Green Office Week 2014
Monday 12th–Friday 16th May
Monday – Energy: At the end of the day make sure all electrical equipment is switched off
Tuesday – Transport: Try walking, cycling or carpooling to the office today
Wednesday – Waste: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Thursday – Purchasing: Promote use of environmentally friendly products
Friday – Innovation: Encourage employees to share ideas about how to create a sustainable working environment.


Running the London Marathon: Darryl’s training update

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after long marathon training run


Eden Springs’ Darryl Johnson is running the Virgin London Marathon for the Charity Children with Cancer and to highlight Eden’s free water for charity fundraisers initiative.

Running through the wall

Nobody said training for a marathon was easy – far from it. Darryl has been running hard and putting in some good miles for his training, including a particularly tough 14.5 run that took it out of him (although he doesn’t look too bad afterwards in the first picture below!).

He’s also been working on speed, taking part in timed 5k ‘Parkruns’ that are organised around the country.

If you’re pushing yourself hard for a charity cause, consider applying for a free case of bottled water from Eden to help you meet your goals! Apply for a charity water donation

after long marathon training run

parkrun 5k

Please contribute

Please find Darryl’s fundraising page at

UK Coffee Week: It really does have it’s own theme song…

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uk coffee week logo


UK Coffee Week runs from 7–13 April 2014 and brings together lovers of coffee in an effort to provide safe access to clean water, through Project Waterfall, for people in the countries that so often grow the coffee we consume.

uk coffee tanzania

5 bean challenge – win coffee stuff!

This year Eden Springs Coffee Machines have partnered with to offer a £50 voucher as a prize in the fantastic ‘5 bean coffee challenge’.

Complete five coffee-related achievements, ranging from downloading the delightfully-named Hot Coffee theme song to purchasing a limited-edition London coffee guide, to be in with a chance of winning, have some fun and know you’re supporting a charity project in Tanzania that could directly save lives.

Enter the 5 Bean Challenge

Hot Coffee

Yes, UK Coffee Week really does have its own theme song!

hot coffee theme songuk coffee week 2014







Running the Ashby 20: Sunday 9 March 2014

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Eden Springs’ own Darryl updates us on his training to run the London Marathon. Please do support Darryl’s fundraising at

push it

Ran the Ashby 20 yesterday in the lovely warm sunshine!

1200+ people turned up for the race, which is organised to coincide with London marathon training.
There was a fantastic atmosphere and great support all round from local people embracing the race as part of local culture.

Personally I was very pleased with my race with a very modest 3hrs 22min. The last two miles were very tough going but I achieved yet another milestone: every step over 19 miles was a step further than I’d ever run in my life.

I got very emotional at the end as four years ago my life was as low as it has ever been (won’t go into details) and I have been able to turn my life around – with the support and belief in me from my family and true friends (mostly my gorgeous fiance), set myself goals AND achieve them. Life is good right now :)

ashby 20 darryl johnsonashby 20 darryl johnson


Running the Virgin London Marathon: Introduction

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good nutrition

Hi, My name is Darryl Johnson and I work in route operations at Eden Springs’ Leicestershire (Coalville) branch. On 13 April 2014 I will be undertaking the challenge of my life: I am running the London Marathon.

I have had tremendous support and sponsorship from Eden Springs and staff from all over the Eden network for which I am eternally grateful; without you all this would not have been possible. I’m going to do my best to keep you updated with how my training and runs are progressing on the Eden Springs blog – keep you eyes peeled!

Brave children

I am running for the charity Children with Cancer. Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against all childhood cancers.

Around 3,600 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. Our aims are to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

The reason I have chosen this charity is because I believe we have it within our power to help these very brave children who are struck by this evil disease in the prime of their innocence.

Every mile I run and all the pain I’m going through (and believe me there’s a lot of that) is nothing compared to what these very brave souls are going through. I want to help them.

early days


early day 2

Big softie raises big money

My training has been very tough at times and very demanding but I have stuck to it and most of the time enjoyed it. 6 months ago I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) with next-to-no training; just a good base level of fitness. I got very emotional afterwards…that’s just me – big softie!

I am now up to 20 miles training runs! Never ever thought those words would come from my mouth.
As the marathon draws closer I am getting more and more confident that I will NOT let these children and all those that have supported me down.

At last count my fund pot sits at over £1,500 – how amazing is that?! Thank you, thank you, thank you all.


The charity

Please visit for more information about the charity Darryl is supporting.

Please contribute

Please find Darryl’s fundraising page at

Eden water helps out again at Carsington 7+ charity run

We were delighted to once again donate water in benefit of the RSPCA Derby Carsington 7+ charity run around Carsington Water. Taking in the spectacular views across the water, the event is organised and staffed by Derby & District RSPCA who provided much needed Eden liquid refreshment to the runners!

The event also incorporates the Stones Island Spin, and short one-mile family race.

The photos below show it was another very successful event!

child runner at carsington spinrunners at carsington watercarsington water scenery