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UK Coffee Week: It really does have it’s own theme song…

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uk coffee week logo


UK Coffee Week runs from 7–13 April 2014 and brings together lovers of coffee in an effort to provide safe access to clean water, through Project Waterfall, for people in the countries that so often grow the coffee we consume.

uk coffee tanzania

5 bean challenge – win coffee stuff!

This year Eden Springs Coffee Machines have partnered with to offer a £50 voucher as a prize in the fantastic ’5 bean coffee challenge’.

Complete five coffee-related achievements, ranging from downloading the delightfully-named Hot Coffee theme song to purchasing a limited-edition London coffee guide, to be in with a chance of winning, have some fun and know you’re supporting a charity project in Tanzania that could directly save lives.

enter 5 bean challenge

Hot Coffee

Yes, UK Coffee Week really does have its own theme song! You can listen to it here.

hot coffee theme songuk coffee week 2014







Running the Ashby 20: Sunday 9 March 2014

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Eden Springs’ own Darryl updates us on his training to run the London Marathon. Please do support Darryl’s fundraising at

push it

Ran the Ashby 20 yesterday in the lovely warm sunshine!

1200+ people turned up for the race, which is organised to coincide with London marathon training.
There was a fantastic atmosphere and great support all round from local people embracing the race as part of local culture.

Personally I was very pleased with my race with a very modest 3hrs 22min. The last two miles were very tough going but I achieved yet another milestone: every step over 19 miles was a step further than I’d ever run in my life.

I got very emotional at the end as four years ago my life was as low as it has ever been (won’t go into details) and I have been able to turn my life around – with the support and belief in me from my family and true friends (mostly my gorgeous fiance), set myself goals AND achieve them. Life is good right now :)

ashby 20 darryl johnsonashby 20 darryl johnson


Running the Virgin London Marathon: Introduction

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good nutrition

Hi, My name is Darryl Johnson and I work in route operations at Eden Springs’ Leicestershire (Coalville) branch. On 13 April 2014 I will be undertaking the challenge of my life: I am running the London Marathon.

I have had tremendous support and sponsorship from Eden Springs and staff from all over the Eden network for which I am eternally grateful; without you all this would not have been possible. I’m going to do my best to keep you updated with how my training and runs are progressing on the Eden Springs blog – keep you eyes peeled!

Brave children

I am running for the charity Children with Cancer. Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against all childhood cancers.

Around 3,600 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. Our aims are to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

The reason I have chosen this charity is because I believe we have it within our power to help these very brave children who are struck by this evil disease in the prime of their innocence.

Every mile I run and all the pain I’m going through (and believe me there’s a lot of that) is nothing compared to what these very brave souls are going through. I want to help them.

early days


early day 2

Big softie raises big money

My training has been very tough at times and very demanding but I have stuck to it and most of the time enjoyed it. 6 months ago I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) with next-to-no training; just a good base level of fitness. I got very emotional afterwards…that’s just me – big softie!

I am now up to 20 miles training runs! Never ever thought those words would come from my mouth.
As the marathon draws closer I am getting more and more confident that I will NOT let these children and all those that have supported me down.

At last count my fund pot sits at over £1,500 – how amazing is that?! Thank you, thank you, thank you all.


The charity

Please visit for more information about the charity Darryl is supporting.

Please contribute

Please find Darryl’s fundraising page at

Eden water helps out again at Carsington 7+ charity run

We were delighted to once again donate water in benefit of the RSPCA Derby Carsington 7+ charity run around Carsington Water. Taking in the spectacular views across the water, the event is organised and staffed by Derby & District RSPCA who provided much needed Eden liquid refreshment to the runners!

The event also incorporates the Stones Island Spin, and short one-mile family race.

The photos below show it was another very successful event!

child runner at carsington spinrunners at carsington watercarsington water scenery


What is Coffee Culture?

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coffee culture

All around the world, coffee is working its java magic – revitalising, maintaining and indulging caffeinatics every day, everywhere. Sure, at the heart of it, coffee is a beverage and therefore ultimately a thirst-quencher. But beyond that, this liquid energy is a legitimate business tool and even a culture of its own. But what exactly is coffee culture, and why do we care?

Coffee shops

When organising a social gathering, it’s sometimes difficult to find a place everyone is comfortable with. Whether the diets of the group restrict your choice of venue or it’s just too early for the pub to be a socially acceptable option, the bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with a coffee house. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, there is enough variety to find something for everyone. Coffee shops have spent almost as much time and effort on shop ambience as they have on the product, allowing satisfied consumers to enjoy both great coffee and great conversation. With some cafés looking more like large living rooms with a selection of comfortable chairs and small coffee tables, it’s the ideal setting for informal meetings, post-work chill outs or socialising for socialising’s sake.

Internet cafés

Internet cafés offer the same informal setting as your standard coffee shop, but with added work benefits – and they absolutely have productivity on their side. Perhaps you need to Skype a colleague while on an out-of-office meeting? Your nearest internet café has you covered – here you’ll find not only computer accessibility, allowing you to stay productive while indulging in your barista’s light roasted delights. Even if all you need is somewhere to work alone and undistracted but still contactable and work-orientated, these 21st century cafés are a simple and elegant solution.

Office coffee breaks

urgent coffee requiredStill in its infancy, the coffee break was only introduced to working culture in the last century. As a welcome supplement to the office water cooler, the coffee pot has been proven not only to increase social interaction between workers, but to optimise productivity as a direct result. Coffee breaks allow co-workers to talk on a professional and personal basis, helping to increase office morale through workforce synergy and improve overall performance, compared with employees who don’t drink coffee.

Studies show that these short but frequent interactions create happier and more positive employees generally, which is subsequently reflected in their work. If you’re working late – as so many of us do – a simple cup of coffee can reduce the stress associated with sleep deprivation. No matter the cause, a simple cup of coffee can obliterate stress and stimulate the brain to optimise your work rate. As an added bonus, caffeine is credited with increasing metabolic activity – meaning that, while you’re partaking in a private caffeine-filled moment at your desk, your body is actually burning fat at a higher rate. Science!

Coffee poses numerous direct and indirect benefits, but most significant of all is its ability to unite people in the work place. Conduct your next meeting with a good supply of coffee and observe your employees’ alertness and productivity increase, putting them in the optimal mind set for the working day.

Improved productivity due to coffee is based on short and frequent coffee breaks. This regular social interaction offers a brief and welcome distraction from the daily agenda without employee output suffering – and with so many lovely blends on the market today, investing in an office coffee machine could be the key to true efficiency the tasty way.

 coffee culture



Charity water donations: The Three Belles ‘Ration Book Challenge’

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ration book challenge

Eden Springs donate water to a range of charity fundraisers, and we’ve decided to find out a bit more about some of them. First up are the Three Belles, a 40s-style vocal group who are raising money for The British Legion by adopting the Ministry of Food 1944 ration book diet!

The Three Belles

Tell us a bit about yourselves? 

We are a professional vocal trio who have been performing as a company for 3 years. We sing in the 1940s style of The Andrews Sisters in three part harmony, and we tour far and wide, performing at all kinds of events. We also produce our own 1940s theatre shows and experience nights.

How has Eden Spring’s donation of water helped you with your fundraising?

Well us Belles go through a lot of water when singing, so whilst we are eating only rations this week, it is nice to have some good bottled water to see us through the gigs!

Why did you decide to do your Ration Book Challenge? 

We adopted The Royal British Legion Surrey as our charity this year and we aim to do as much as we can for them to help raise awareness and money. The Ration Book Challenge seemed like a fun thing to do, in keeping with our 1940s theme, and hopefully will raise some cash for this amazing charity. We have learnt a lot about rationing over the years and have always imagined what it would be like, but now we can live it and see how hard it really was for civilians in WW2.

 Why did you choose to raise money for The British Legion? 

three belles picThe RBL “Helps serving members of the Armed Forces, ex-Service men and women and their families, now and for the rest of their lives”. This touched us as we meet a lot of war veterans at the 1940s events, military events and care homes that we sing at. They always have such incredible stories to tell us and often they are in need of a great deal of care. They have made a great sacrifice to serve for our country and so it is our duty to help care for them afterwards, and us girls want to do whatever we can to help these brave people.

Is this the first time you’ve raised money for charity? If not, how else have you raised money and who for? 

We have performed at many charity events before for Macmillan, Help For Heroes, and some smaller local and private charities. We have held auctions and raffles to raise money for charities and often donate our CDs and merchandise for raffles and auctions when requested.

Why do you think raising money for charity is important?

There are charities for a reason. People clearly need help outside of state funding and that is why a charity such as The Royal British Legion needs so many volunteers and fundraisers- because there are so many people in need. When you see how expensive a wheelchair or hospital equipment is, you can see how important it is that they raise the funds quickly. From our point of view, it is important for us to raise awareness also for the charity. We are in our early 20s and charities such as the RBL need young people to start getting involved.

What would be your advise for others trying to raise money for charity? 

Aim for a target slightly higher than you think is possible; that way it really pushes you to get the sponsors or donations that you need. Be creative and make a sacrifice – friends and family love to see you suffer!


Find out more about their challenge

You can find out more about the wonderful Three Belles and their challenge at


Get your free bottled water for charity fundraisers

If you’re inspired to raise money for charity and would like a free donation of bottled water to help you along, APPLY FOR FREE WATER HERE >>>




How drinking water can reduce your carbon footprint

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The term “carbon footprint” has been a buzzword for quite a few years now. It is significant enough of a topic to merit thousands of yearly conferences all around the world; where scientists, activists and concerned parties come together to discuss the impact of our carbon footprint on the world and practical ways we as communities and individuals can aim to reduce it.

It is vital that drinks and water companies like Eden Springs understand their carbon outputs, seek to reduce its impact, and look to affect a wider change in the businesses and people serviced.

Eden water delivery saving

Understanding greenhouse emissions

Over the last decade companies have been particularly concerned with organisational and product carbon footprints and every year hundreds of thousands of companies carry out carbon footprint assessments to determine their total greenhouse gas emissions.

Eden Springs, as the leading workplace beverage supplier in the UK, have been actively assessing organisational and product carbon footprint since 2007 in order to better understand areas for improvement. Through this the majority of our carbon emissions are sourced back to electricity consumption, transport and material production.

Reducing carbon emissions through these sources is not something that happens overnight but in fact involves a long term overhaul of the business operations and processes. This has ranged from optimisation of delivery routes (to conserve fuel) to strict product selection for efficiency, and highlights the opportunities available in every areas of a business.

Immediate changes were implemented by opting to support a number of carbon offset projects in partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company in order to support organisational carbon footprint reduction.

water emissions

Glass half empty

One thing we sought out to do very quickly was to establish the carbon emissions produced from a single glass of Eden Springs water, including the production of materials, transport and resources used to produce that glass of water. Once that had been established we wanted to be able to compare this with other beverages and products commonly used by consumers in the UK. For example, a 20cl glass of Eden water has 0,03 kCO2 whereas a 20cl cup of cappuccino has 0,24 kCO2; meaning that a glass of Eden water has much less of an impact on the environment than a cup of cappuccino.

A vital step in becoming not just a carbon neutral but a ‘carbon considerate’ company is achieved through informing and educating you, the customer base, about the impacts of your actions and decisions, and helping to impact a wider change in habits outside of the direct company reach.

A product’s carbon footprint is evidently not just important to the company, but also to the consumer and their intention to purchase. The Carbon Trust identified in a survey that 67% of UK consumers are more likely to buy a product with a low carbon footprint and 44% of consumers would switch to a lower carbon product even if the brand wasn’t their first choice.

Personal choices

Workplaces that consider themselves ‘carbon footprint conscious’ can do more to reduce personal and business carbon footprints aside from considering choices of water and beverages:

  • Ensure you’re using energy saving light bulbs wherever possible and turn off lights when the room is not in use.
  • Transport contributes greatly to the world’s carbon footprint so where possible walk, carpool, use public transport or bike from place to place. A good number of employers now offer the ‘cycle to work’ scheme which allows savings of up to 42% on a bike bought from participating stores if the bike is going to used primarily for commuting to and from work.
  • There’s really no excuse not to recycle these days as most cities offer recycling pick up or recycling drop off locations. Recycling and reusing helps conserve energy and reduce pollution caused by disposal.

The UK aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050, which means a joint effort from consumers, individuals and businesses alike. According to new statistics emission levels have been slowly decreasing since 2007, which means that whatever we’re doing could be having an effect. Any company like Eden Springs that is involved in and can influence workplaces across the country has an important part to play in affecting further change.

So the next time you reach for drink you could consider who’s supplying it, as choosing your suppliers carefully does make a difference.

Read more about our actions for the environment >>>

read more about our actions for the environment

Thanks from The Children’s Foundation for water donation

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the childrens foundation“Thank you again for providing us with water for our runners following the Great North Run.

The day was fantastic and all the runners were very thankful to have some treats after their 13.1 mile run and were impressed by the generosity of local businesses.

The event aims to raise in excess of £20,000 and is one of our biggest fundraisers. Money raised will go towards The Children’s Foundation Happy, Healthy and Safe campaign which will ultimately ensure that the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the North East is the best in the UK.

Thank you once again, your support to The Children’s Foundation is invaluable, helping to ensure that our children’s future is a brighter one.”

Ashleigh Harrison
Events and Fundraising
The Children’s Foundation



Get your free water

If you’re organising or taking part in a charity fundraising event you can get free water courtesy of Eden Springs.

Eden Springs water and coffee machines

Eden in the Wild: Antarctic Icebreaker [updated]

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While Eden drinks machines are perfect in a cosy office, you might be surprised at how far their use goes. Our most recent order for a coffee machine is set to sail into the Antarctic aboard the HMS Protector.

Ice spot for a coffee

An icebreaker and former polar research vessel, the HMS Protector will be undertaking patrols of the British Antarctic Territory, surveying, and transporting inspection and research teams including British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists.

The Eden Springs bean-to-cup coffee machine will be situated in the ship’s meeting room, ready to warm up the hardy sailors after their exerts in the icy cold Antarctic. Imagine how good a hot cup of coffee would feel in that situation!



The great guys aboard the HMS protector have given us a few pictures of their new coffee machine in place. They’re not the most exciting pics in the world, but they’re certainly happy with it and we hope they don’t come across any coffee-addict polar bears!

HMS protector coffee

Can you top it?

Let us know if you have a water cooler or coffee machine in a weird or interesting place and we’ll happily show our readers! Just comment below to get in touch.


Images courtesy of MOD & Royal Navy