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Eden Springs supports World Water Day 2015

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World Water Day is considered a key date in the diary for any company operating in the drinks industry and this is certainly true for Eden Springs.

Created by the United Nations and celebrated every 22nd March since 1993, World Water Day works to increase awareness of the importance of water.

This year, World Water Day’s theme is based on sustainable development. We at Eden Springs have set out to support this, working with People Help People (PhP) – One World, to build more wells in Central Africa. As a sign of our commitment, with every bottled water cooler installed in March,  we will make a contribution of £3 to PhP-One World.

PhP-One World is one of Eden’s long-term charity partners and works to help communities in Central Africa gain access to clean drinking water and development projects. The project is building several clean water wells in the Wakiso district of Uganda which in turn is helping to improve access to drinking water for this area’s 1.4 million inhabitants – 70% of whom don’t have a source of clean water. Could you imagine a life where on average you live 5km away from a clean water source? This is the case for many communities in Central Africa.

We have found that in many communities health, education, income and general development is negatively impacted due to a lack of water. That’s why we believe it’s vitally important to support where we can.

Did you know?:

  • 17% of girls drop out of school due to poor hygiene
  • 10% of boys spend time fetching water compared to focus on studies
  • 17% of children under five die from diarrhoea

Eden Springs wants to help World Water Day in promoting and recognising the suffering that takes place across the world due to lack of water. Join us this month of March and support our campaign to make water a priority!

To find out how you can help Eden Springs support World Water Day, please visit for more information.




Every drop counts…

At Eden Springs, water is truly at the heart of our business. We go further than just providing office water and coffee solutions across Europe – we work with selected charity partners to help bring clean, safe drinking water to communities who need it, across the globe.

Eden’s “Every Drop Counts” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme runs across all our European offices. A key focus of the initiative is supporting our current corporate not-for-profit partner, People Help People (PhP) – One World, in its work in Central Africa. Prior to this we worked with Unicef from 2007-2010.

Water is a basic human right. It doesn’t just for keep communities alive – it enables them to thrive. For example, many young people end up dropping out of school as a result of bad hygiene, either due to illness or because of the time it takes to travel to reach a safer water source each day. Increasing education gives people the chance to gain good employment and makes a real difference to their lives and the community for the long term.

We support PhP-One World because of the important work the non-profit organization is doing in Tanzania and Uganda to help improve living conditions, including access to clean water and education, in developing countries. We get a complete view of the results of the project’s work and know they are really making a difference.

As well as global charities, our individual offices support projects of importance to their local community. In Sweden, this has included the Noll-tolerans mot mobbning (zero tolerance against bullying in schools) project, in France, Solidarités, an NGO helping people in conflict and natural disaster areas, in Poland WOSP (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). In the UK, Eden Springs has raised funds for the British Teenage Cancer Trust.

So, water is truly at the heart of the business thanks to our Every Drop Counts initiative. We’ll keep you posted on the projects we’re supporting across the globe and closer to home.


Christmas jumpers that are sure to perk up your office

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Friday December 12th marks Save the Children’s third annual Christmas Jumper Day. You could encourage your colleagues to take part this year… Not only would you be supporting a good cause but, at the same time, you’d get to have a giggle at everyone’s jumpers. Why not ‘make the world better with a sweater’?


Christmas jumpers perfect for the office Scrooge

We get it, not everyone loves Christmas! So why not show your feelings for the festive season by donning one of these anti-Christmas jumpers?

Image courtesy of River Island

Image courtesy of River Island

1. Avoid all holiday stereotypes with this jumper from River Island for just £30.


bah humbug

Image courtesy of Cath Kidston

2. Show your inner Scrooge with this jumper from Cath Kidston, priced at £70.



Image Courtesy of ASOS

3. Christmas is not just about Santa Claus and presents. For £19 you can make people remember who Christmas is really about.


grumpy cat

Image courtesy of Miami Girls

4. Are you a cat lover who hates Christmas? If so, at £14 this jumper could be yours…


Christmas jumpers ideal for the office film buff

Are you the annoying co-worker who has a movie quote for every situation? If the answer is yes, then these jumpers will be right up your street.


Image courtesy of Primark

1. Is Elf one of your favourite Christmas movies? If so, then why not rush out for this jumper, priced at only £12…


i know

Image courtesy of The Christmas Jumpers Company

2. If horror movies are more your thing, this play-on-words Christmas jumper is ideal for you at just £19.99.


filthy animal

Image courtesy of

3. Home Alone, a modern day Christmas classic. Anyone who has seen and loves this film will appreciate your jumper – and for just £15, who can complain?



Image courtesy of The Christmas Jumpers Company

4. If you are one of those people who has become obsessed with Disney’s Frozen over the past year, then this Olaf jumper is the one for you at just £19.99.


Christmas jumpers fitting for the office prankster

Are you the office comedian, constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh? If so, why should today be any different? Make your co-workers crack a smile with these jumpers.


tesco value

Image courtesy of Ezytees

1. This jumper is bound to squeeze a smile out of even the grumpiest colleague. Now, isn’t that worth £18.99?


pull cracker

Image courtesy of River Island

2. This jumper has that Christmassy look, while its jolly slogan will help you get in the festive spirit. For £28 is this the jumper for you?



Image courtesy of Funky Christmas Jumpers

3. You have probably seen this t-shirt done in dinosaur form, but can you pass up the opportunity to be Santa? At £24.95 I think not.


naked sanra

Image courtesy of Funky Christmas Jumpers

3. If this jumper doesn’t make you giggle, then I don’t know what will! We’re sure it’s worth £39.99 anyway.


Christmas jumpers for the staff member who actually does love Christmas

There is always one, the person who wants to start playing Christmas music in the office in November and is raring to put the decorations up ASAP. If that is you, then you might appreciate these jumpers. No gimmicks – just nice, simple Christmas jumpers!


xmas m&s

Image courtesy of Marks & Spencer

1. If green and red is your favourite colour combination, then why not head to M&S and pick up this stylish candy cane jumper for £25?


naughty nice

Image courtesy of River Island

2. Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year? Of course you are on the nice list; you are Mrs Christmas herself, so head to River Island for this jumper at just £35.



Image courtesy of BHS

3. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? If not, then you definitely need this £20 jumper from BHS.


xmas topman

Image courtesy of Topman

4. There is nothing gimmicky about this sleek jumper and, for just £18, we think it’s a steal.


To find out more about more about how you can show you support for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day visit


Charity Water: JDRF London Bridges Walk to Cure Diabetes

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On Sunday 28 September 2014, 500 people of all ages took part in the the London walk to cure diabetes, and Eden Springs supplied each participant with a free bottle of water to keep them perked up and hydrated for their walk! Check out some photos from the day and to find out more information about what you could do to help raise money for type 1 diabetes visit



Delicious Ways To EAT Coffee For Breakfast

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With tomorrow being Macmillan’s annual coffee morning why not get creative in the way you get your caffeine fix. Instead of drinking your coffee why not try these delicious breakfast recipes.


2. Everybody loves a bacon roll so why not put a twist on it and try coffee bacon.

3. Looking for something a bit healthier? Coffee granola and Greek yoghurt is the one for you.

4. Beans on toast. A classic breakfast treat for us Brits, but ever thought about adding coffee into those beans?

Host The Ultimate Macmillan Coffee Morning

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Want your colleagues to get behind a good cause and strengthen your team at the same time? A Macmillan coffee morning could be the charity and coffee fix your workplace needs to bring your employees together for a great cause. And now’s as good a time as ever – with Macmillan hosting “The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” on September 26th.




What’s Macmillan About?

First founded in 1911, Macmillan Cancer Support has grown to become the largest cancer care and support charity in the UK. With 98% of Macmillan’s income generated solely from donations – they rely on the help of volunteers and fundraisers to support their essential work.

Cancer’s severe effects impact upon people’s lives in many ways. Macmillan work to provide support from diagnosis to recovery – helping cancer sufferers maintain as much control over their lives as possible. From providing counselling and guidance to financial help for those who have lost their job due to cancer, Macmillan are there 24/7 to support people struggling through an incredibly tough ordeal.


How Does The Coffee Morning Work?

With their first coffee morning held in 1990, Macmillan’s coffee mornings have gone on to be their biggest fundraising event yet. Their coffee mornings can be held at any time, by anyone – all you need to do is register and organise your very own event!

The premise is simple. Lay on a spread with coffee, tea and cakes – even sandwiches if you’re feeling fancy – and ask your colleagues or friends to make a donation to Macmillan instead of paying for their drinks and snacks.


Image Courtesy of Matthew Kang


Planning The Ultimate Coffee Morning

So now you’re well informed and prepared to start raising money, why not see if you can push your donations to the max? With our tips, you can make your office coffee morning a huge success:

  • Get everyone on board by asking permission from your managers and checking your colleagues are up to the challenge. You may be allowed to shift your work’s lunch hour forward or, alternatively, organise it on a weekend.
  • Send out invites by emailing your whole team – and make sure they RSVP so you know how much coffee and cake is required on the day!
  • Recruit volunteers to help on the day. Unless you plan to spend the week baking and folding napkins, you’re bound to need a helping hand. Ask your employer if they are willing to assign a budget for supplies and snacks. Alternatively – put your colleagues’ baking skills to the test by asking volunteers to each bring a cake along to sell. Check out Eden’s handy cake recipes if you’re in need of a little inspiration.
  • Ensure things run smoothly by keeping organised on the day. Remember to assign tasks to your volunteers during the event – from setting up the cake stand to collecting the rubbish at the end.
  • Spread the word to make your coffee morning a raging success and drum up business. Macmillan have created free posters which you can download and print-off – or you can get creative and make your own for that extra special touch.
  • Boost your donations by holding fun activities throughout your coffee morning. Not only will this mean more money to donate to a great cause, but it will also provide entertainment for attendees. From raffles and tombolas to games and novelty auctions, there’s always a way to raise more money and have fun in the process. Ask your boss if you can raffle-off an extra day’s holiday if they’re feeling generous!
  • Make the money go further by asking your attendees to Gift Aid their donation. For every £1 donated, Macmillan can receive an extra 25p if the donation has come from a UK taxpayer – simply print off the handy Gift Aid form and ask your attendees to fill it in between sampling cakes!

Although you can host your Macmillan coffee morning anytime, this September brings an extra special date to the calendar. On September 26th 2014, Macmillan are attempting to host the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” by encouraging people around the country to hold their own event. Last year, Macmillan managed to raise an incredible £20.5 million for cancer support and the bar is set high for 2014. Don’t forget to order your free fundraising kit from Macmillan to help get your coffee morning off to a great start!

Who’s bringing the coffee then? Eden Springs supply coffee and hot drinks machines to offices around the UK. So if your office is in need of some caffeination, or your staff need a warm cuppa to get motivated in the morning, we’ve got the solution.

The 5 Best Biscuits For Dunking At Coffee Break

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Brits are famous for their love of a good cuppa and dunking biscuits into it just makes your mid morning coffee break that little bit more enjoyable. So ever wondered what Britain’s favourite biscuits for dunking are?

A recent survey by office fruit and milk delivery company, Fruitdrop reveal that it is the Rich Tea that tops the list.


In order of preference, Britain’s favourite biscuits for dunking are:

1) Rich tea (33%)

2) Hobnob (25%), chocolate digestive (25%)

3) Custard cream (9%)

4) Bourbon (8%)

Why not share your favourites with us? Anybody love a Jammie Dodger in their coffee?

Why Your Office Mug Tells Colleagues You’re “Aggressive and Touchy”

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What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

While most office workers probably don’t put too much conscious thought into their office mug, the truth is that what you put your office coffee in is as good as a self-portrait in the working world. There’s a lot going on under the surface, so whether you’re a clean, corporate type or prefer your brew inside some quirky kitsch, your office mug says a lot about you behind your back.

It’s vital to feel like you and your colleagues can be yourselves at work in order to feel happy and be as motivated as possible, and your mug can let you show your true colours. Before your colleagues start gossiping, you might want to know what secrets your cup’s been telling…

We know a mug is more than just a mug – and we’ve got the ungrounded theories to prove it!

Which mug are you? Show us your favourite mug at our Facebook page

Pop Culture Paraphernalia

Film Reel

Image by Coyau


You’ve got a favourite movie or record you’re convinced reflects your identity, which means you’ve got the t-shirt, the poster, the key ring and even the coffee cup. Whether you’re a cult movie lover or die-hard Rolling Stones fan, your office mug doesn’t mess about. Everyone knows what you’re into and you were willing to pay £3.99 or thereabouts for the privilege.


Corporate Class


You take yourself seriously and don’t see why that’s a problem. You ooze professionalism and think your mug should do the same – which is why yours is clean, corporate and altogether presentable. You keep work and home separate and don’t give away too much, so your coffee mug keeps its mouth shut and gets right down to business – just like you.


Kitsch Love


You’re a big personality who wants the entire office to know what you’re about without having to spell it out – which is why your office mug is loud enough for the both of you. Whether it’s a misshapen crime against ceramics or a delightful, kaleidoscopic oddity, your mug might be a Marmite choice but it has undeniable character.


<Insert Slogan/Catchphrase Here>

Image courtesy of

Unlike the kitsch lovers, you’re more than willing to spell it out. Your mug features a cheeky slogan, inspirational quote or bold statement – and you’re well aware what it says about you. This is a bold move on the mug front and can alienate some of your colleagues but, as far as you’re concerned, there’s no worse failing than the failure to distinguish yourself.


It’s Got Your Name On It

Image courtesy of

You didn’t get the office memo about the benefits of sharing – not that it would have made any difference. That mug has got your name on it – whether you found it in a custom china shop or had to scrawl it on in Sharpie yourself – and that means it’s yours. Coffee is very important to you, which is why your office mug doesn’t say much other than ‘look but don’t touch’, and there’s an ‘or else’ in there somewhere.


Start-Up Mug

Image courtesy of

You’re a child of the Online Age who probably looks up to Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs types whenever you need some inspiration. Your mug is ultramodern and unmistakably dotcom, probably in a primary colour and quirky shape – and you’re always on the cutting edge of international trends. We wouldn’t be surprised to find some serious gourmet java inside.



Giant Coffee Cup

Image by Dan Lacher


You don’t see the point in having a cup of coffee when you can have five at once. Your office mug is big enough for an entire day’s caffeine dose, and you like it that way. It could be sleep deprivation, or maybe just a serious case of the caffeine cravings, but the bottom line is that you can fit a whole lot of coffee in that beast of a beverage holder. Some colleagues think you’re over-compensating for something, but you know it’s just a quantity thing.

Which mug are you? Show us your favourite mug at our Facebook page

Looking for some tasty java to put inside that mug of yours? At Eden Springs, we specialise in office coffee machines with the power to give your workspace some serious flavour. Take a look at our range of coffee solutions and let’s make a brew.

Green Office Week 2014

It’s Green Office Week 2014 – will you be following the daily tips for moving towards a greener office? Why not place the tips up as a poster or computer desktop in your office to remind everybody to do their bit?

green office week 2014

Green Office Week 2014
Monday 12th–Friday 16th May
Monday – Energy: At the end of the day make sure all electrical equipment is switched off
Tuesday – Transport: Try walking, cycling or carpooling to the office today
Wednesday – Waste: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Thursday – Purchasing: Promote use of environmentally friendly products
Friday – Innovation: Encourage employees to share ideas about how to create a sustainable working environment.