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How to survive the ‘back-to-work’ blues!

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Let’s face it everyone hates returning to work after Christmas break. That unmotivated feeling and the inevitable wishing for your next holiday. So why not beat the ‘back-to-work’ blues with these simple tips!



1. Take an extra day off

Monday. The dreaded day, especially after the Christmas break. To ease yourself back into the working mindset, why not take Monday off? A four-day week seems like a more bearable prospect, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Be prepared and pre-empty your inbox

There is nothing worse than coming back from a long holiday and opening up your email inbox, only to be overwhelmed by the number of emails you have to plough your way through. The solution – scan your emails prior to heading back into the office. You’ll be pre-warned of any nasty surprises that have occurred in your absence and be more able to prioritise your day.

3. Take time to plan

It can be tempting just to dive head-first into the first thing that crops up. However, it’s best if you take your time to plan and prioritise your workload. Make a short to-do list and devise a plan of action to help make your first day back that bit more manageable.

4. Remember to take a coffee break

Coffee is always a much-needed component to help you tackle your first day back. It’s important that you step away from your desk and take a refreshing break, recharge, and come back fighting.

5. Stay hydrated and focused

Your body is made up of more than 65% water, so it is essential to drink water throughout the day to ensure adequate hydration and health. Even minimal decreases in hydration can negatively influence your ability to concentrate on your work. Drinking water keeps your mind clear and focused.

6. Plan your summer holiday

Booking your next break right after getting back from your holiday can be a great idea. Having something to look forward to makes it easier for you to get back into the working mindset.

Perk up your Christmas coffee with these festive stencils

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coffee-stencils-xmas-ad   Merry Christmas everyone! Why not spread some Christmas cheer in the office with these fun festive stencils we have created specially for the occasion? Simply print the designs onto card, then cut around the circle and the shape inside. Hold the stencil above your cappuccino or latte, sprinkle chocolate powder through the shape and, hey presto, you have a Christmas-themed cup of coffee! christmas-coffee-stencils

Print your christmas coffee stencils now!

Spook up your Halloween coffee with these scary stencils

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Happy Halloween everyone! Why not spook up your office coffee break with these fun stencils that we have created for the occasion? Simply print out the designs onto card and cut around the circle and the shape inside. Hold the stencil above your cappuccino or latte and sprinkle chocolate powder through the shape and, hey presto, you have a Halloween-themed cup of coffee!


Print your Halloween coffee stencils Now!

Check out some of the most spooktastic cups of coffee we have found on the web for inspiration.


Drink Your Coffee, and Eat the Mug Too

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The days of inedible coffee mugs are over. Now coffee-drinkers the world over can enjoy the privilege of drinking their tasty brew and eating the mug too.


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A recent news story featured Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, an LA-based coffee shop offering the holy grail of sugary treats – an edible coffee cup which means our coffee breaks can now be 100% consumable.

This glorious coffee mug has ditched traditional materials in favour of scrumptious waffle cone, topped with indulgent milk chocolate – and we can safely say that this culinary creation is not only a scientific breakthrough but a game changer in the sweet treats industry.

The coffee shop, situated on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, has dubbed this sublime creation the ‘Alfred Cone’ – and offers the edible mug upon request (as part of their secret menu, for those in the know). Charging an extra $5 for their trademark Alfred Cone, the cafe has succeeded in pushing the limits on what consumers will pay for their exclusive treats.


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Store Manager Ashlee Lawson says her customers love the edible mugs, describing them as “a little snack with espresso in there” – and we can’t fault her logic. We’d take a taste of waffle cone over the traditional paper takeout cup any day.

Renowned for its killer slogan “But first, coffee”, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a coffee shop that takes its brews very seriously – and we think this kind of commitment is admirable. Offering its customers an extra dose of edible loveliness, the cafe has succeeded in giving the people what they want and cutting down on paper waste in the process. Long live the humble coffee shop.

At Eden Springs, we love nothing more than a steaming cup of coffee – and we don’t see why you should have to live without your daily dose. Thanks to our eco-friendly office coffee machines, employees across the UK can find instant access to their next caffeine hit – and keep things economical while they’re at it. Take a look at the full range right now.

6 Creative Coffee Tables To Liven Up Your Office

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Are coffee breaks a little bit boring? Why not try and entice your boss to get one of these coffee tables to perk up your office.



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1. The Idea Table

This table is perfect for the creative office, your team can sit around it and have brainstorming meetings. Designed by Aileen Bennett and it is cheap to make your own all you need is an Ikea table with some paper cut to fit on top, simple!



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2. Arcade Game Coffee Table

Having the right balance of work and play in the office is crucial to employee motivation and productivity. This arcade game coffee table encourages fun in the office with a work hard play hard attitude.


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3. Book Coffee Table

Fancy an award winning coffee table? Well this one should be right up your street, position it in a chilled out part of the office and load with books that will increase your staff’s knowledge of the industry that you work in. Encourage them to take breaks and head over to the coffee table to learn something new!



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4.  Communicative Coffee Table

Do you work in an office where people are not the most talkative? This table could be a creative and fun way to get your team interacting with one another. Get them to leave notes for other colleagues, take notes or even share stories/ideas.



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5. Fish Tank Coffee Table

Do you work in a fast paced stressful office? Then this fish tank coffee table would be suited to your workplace. It will act as a calming gathering place where your employees can go to clear their mind or have a moment to relax.



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6. Paper Shredding Coffee Table

This multifunctional coffee table is perfect for the types of offices that have a lot of paper to shred, for example a law firm or a bank. Not only does it look nice but it gives the staff something to do while they have their morning coffee.

7 Silly Office Gifts To Perk Up Your Workplace

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In honour of world smile day why not perk up your workplace by giving your colleague a gift that will make them laugh. Here are a few suggestions from us on how to get a smile out of even the grumpiest members of staff!


1. The Daily Mood Flipchart

Perfect for member of staff who isn’t the easiest to read.


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2. Extra Large Coffee Cup

Got a colleague who loves a cup of joe? Then this would be right up their street.


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3. Office Carpet Skates

There is always one member of the team who is always on the move, so why not encourage them to get around in a more fun and timely manner.


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4. Pillow Tie

Have you got someone in the office who is always needs a pick me up? Maybe a 10 minute afternoon nap is just what they need.


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5. Play More Notepad

Is someone in your workplace mad about sport? Then this notepad is ideal for them.


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6. Plug Mug

Are you always being accused of ‘borrowing’ a certain someone’s mug? Well why don’t you give them this, tell them to hide the plug in a safe place therefore the mug becomes useless to theives.


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7. Employee Of The Month Runner Up T-Shirt

Are you the current employee of the month? Hand this out to the jealous co-worker who wishes and thinks it should have been them.


Image Courtesy of Unicorn Tees

Which Profession Drinks The Most Coffee?

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Most workers start their day with a nice cup of coffee. We all know that coffee breaks are crucial in an office environment to keep you motivated. But what are the professions that drink the most coffee? A recent survey done by Pressat reveals the results and you may be surprised…


1. Journalists

2. Police Officers

3. Teachers

4. Plumbers & Trade Workers

5. Nurses & Medical Staff

Delicious Ways To EAT Coffee For Breakfast

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With tomorrow being Macmillan’s annual coffee morning why not get creative in the way you get your caffeine fix. Instead of drinking your coffee why not try these delicious breakfast recipes.


2. Everybody loves a bacon roll so why not put a twist on it and try coffee bacon.

3. Looking for something a bit healthier? Coffee granola and Greek yoghurt is the one for you.

4. Beans on toast. A classic breakfast treat for us Brits, but ever thought about adding coffee into those beans?