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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

Coffee is a versatile drink, that can be enjoyed warm or cold, frothy or smooth, milky or strong. With dozens of coffee types to choose from, there’s a perfect coffee for every taste palate. So how well do you know your coffee?

Download your Ebook, created by the Coffee experts at Eden Kafevend, it’s packed with information, such as:

  • Top tips on creating your favorite drinks
  • Interesting facts
  • Advice on getting the best out of your coffee beans
Coffee Guide Ebook

Coffee Guide Ebook

If you and your team prefer a range of specialty coffees as featured in our Ebook, you might be interested in our Bean to Coffee Machines! For more information about our Bean to Cup machines, click here.

What’s your favourite drink? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to mention us and #coffeelove!




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Coffee Machine Vitro Espresso

Coffee Machine Vitro Espresso


Coffee Machine of the week

Presenting the Vitro Espresso – Bean to Cup Machine

I’ve chosen the Vitro Espresso as our bean to cup office coffee machine of the week because of its contemporary good looks, ease of functionality and the great tasting coffee it produces.

Easy to use coffee selector

With its “ipad” style “in-touch” drinks selection system the Vitro Espresso instantly reaches out to customers and staff, providing them with 10 drinks variations, including Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water for Tea, all at the tap of the screen.

Vitro Espresso Bean to Cup

Vitro Espresso Bean to Cup

High capacity bean hopper

The Vitro Espresso features one high capacity bean hopper (1100g) and 3 removable soluble product containers. These would normally be used for offering an instant decaff coffee option, hot chocolate ingredients and instant milk.

Vitro Espresso

The perfect Espresso

Its 9bar brewing mechanism provides ample pressure to produce an authentic espresso, with a great taste and a perfect crema.

This machine is designed to be plumbed in and will deliver around 250 drinks a day. To increase autonomy a waste solution can be added which allows the coffee grinds to fall directly into an under cabinet bin, rather than the traditional grout tray.

Easy to clean and economical to use

The cleaning cycle is straightforward and easy to manage and with its low power LED lighting, advanced power saving mode and paperless brewing system it is also an economical and environmentally friendly machine – in fact 90% of its components are recyclable.

Accessories available for the Vitro Espresso include a base cabinet, universal cabinet, cup warmer and a coin/token validator.

For more information on the Vitro Espresso visit Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Experts

10 ways to impress customers in your office

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modern office meeting room

Conference room

  1. Positive interaction

    It is of great importance to make sure that every single member of staff, no matter what their position can and will positively interact with any visiting customers. Employees should be friendly and polite and ready to offer assistance to a visitor if need be

  2. A great receptionist

    A receptionist will often be responsible for the first impression a customer will have of a business. It is therefore essential that your receptionist is a fantastic ambassador for the company. Ensure that he or she is an excellent communicator with good people skills and the ability to multi task. If for example your receptionist is on the phone when a visitor arrives it is important that they make eye contact, smile and can indicate that they will be with the customer ASAP

  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness

    Ensure that the office is clean and tidy, paying particular attention to anywhere that the visitor may have access to including toilet and kitchen facilities

  4. Refreshments

    Have high quality refreshments available for visitors. A high end coffee machine and water cooler that the customer can operate themselves in the reception area would be a brilliant idea

  5. Branded stationery

    Have professionally designed (complimentary) stationery with your company logo that can be given to the customer to keep (notepads, jotters, pens etc.). As well as being a nice gesture, it will also keep your business at the forefront of their minds

  6. Inspiring décor

    Offices don’t have to be boring and sterile spaces. It is certainly possible to inject some colour and personality into your workplace whilst still remaining professional. Perhaps for example, you could incorporate colours from your brand identity into the office

  7. Dress code

    Decide on a dress code within your company and stick to it. Employees at all times should adhere to the companies chosen dress code so that unexpected visitors always gain a good first impression

  8. Space and layout

    Modernise your layout and make the most of your space. Customers will be impressed by innovative technology which gives the impression that you are a forward thinking company. Avoid unnecessary clutter on desks and in the surrounding workspace which can be distracting and look unprofessional

  9. Genuine engagement

    Genuinely engage with customers through small talk so that they don’t feel they are yet again being schmoozed. Actively listen to what they are saying and if they offer small details about their lives be interested and remember to ask about for future meetings. For example they may mention a child of theirs or an approaching holiday somewhere. This shows that you view them not just as a potential business deal but as an actual person

  10. Go green

    Adding greenery to your office space, from reception to boardroom, enhances the environment both aesthetically and in terms of mood. By creating an inviting atmosphere, visitors will feel at ease and welcome from the moment they enter your office

Host The Ultimate Macmillan Coffee Morning

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Want your colleagues to get behind a good cause and strengthen your team at the same time? A Macmillan coffee morning could be the charity and coffee fix your workplace needs to bring your employees together for a great cause. And now’s as good a time as ever – with Macmillan hosting “The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” on September 25th.




What’s Macmillan About?

First founded in 1911, Macmillan Cancer Support has grown to become the largest cancer care and support charity in the UK. With 98% of Macmillan’s income generated solely from donations – they rely on the help of volunteers and fundraisers to support their essential work.

Cancer’s severe effects impact upon people’s lives in many ways. Macmillan work to provide support from diagnosis to recovery – helping cancer sufferers maintain as much control over their lives as possible. From providing counselling and guidance to financial help for those who have lost their job due to cancer, Macmillan are there 24/7 to support people struggling through an incredibly tough ordeal.

How Does The Coffee Morning Work?

With their first coffee morning held in 1990, Macmillan’s coffee mornings have gone on to be their biggest fundraising event yet. Their coffee mornings can be held at any time, by anyone – all you need to do is register and organise your very own event!

The premise is simple. Lay on a spread with coffee, tea and cakes – even sandwiches if you’re feeling fancy – and ask your colleagues or friends to make a donation to Macmillan instead of paying for their drinks and snacks.


Image Courtesy of Matthew Kang

Planning The Ultimate Coffee Morning

So now you’re well informed and prepared to start raising money, why not see if you can push your donations to the max? With our tips, you can make your office coffee morning a huge success:

  • Get everyone on board by asking permission from your managers and checking your colleagues are up to the challenge. You may be allowed to shift your work’s lunch hour forward or, alternatively, organise it on a weekend.
  • Send out invites by emailing your whole team – and make sure they RSVP so you know how much coffee and cake is required on the day!
  • Recruit volunteers to help on the day. Unless you plan to spend the week baking and folding napkins, you’re bound to need a helping hand. Ask your employer if they are willing to assign a budget for supplies and snacks. Alternatively – put your colleagues’ baking skills to the test by asking volunteers to each bring a cake along to sell. Check out Eden’s handy cake recipes if you’re in need of a little inspiration.
  • Ensure things run smoothly by keeping organised on the day. Remember to assign tasks to your volunteers during the event – from setting up the cake stand to collecting the rubbish at the end.
  • Spread the word to make your coffee morning a raging success and drum up business. Macmillan have created free posters which you can download and print-off – or you can get creative and make your own for that extra special touch.
  • Boost your donations by holding fun activities throughout your coffee morning. Not only will this mean more money to donate to a great cause, but it will also provide entertainment for attendees. From raffles and tombolas to games and novelty auctions, there’s always a way to raise more money and have fun in the process. Ask your boss if you can raffle-off an extra day’s holiday if they’re feeling generous!
  • Make the money go further by asking your attendees to Gift Aid their donation. For every £1 donated, Macmillan can receive an extra 25p if the donation has come from a UK taxpayer – simply print off the handy Gift Aid form and ask your attendees to fill it in between sampling cakes!

Although you can host your Macmillan coffee morning anytime, this September brings an extra special date to the calendar. On September 26th 2014, Macmillan are attempting to host the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” by encouraging people around the country to hold their own event. Last year, Macmillan managed to raise an incredible £20.5 million for cancer support and the bar is set high for 2014. Don’t forget to order your free fundraising kit from Macmillan to help get your coffee morning off to a great start!

Who’s bringing the coffee then? Eden Springs supply coffee and hot drinks machines to offices around the UK. So if your office is in need of some caffeination, or your staff need a warm cuppa to get motivated in the morning, we’ve got the solution.



Iced Coffee Proves to Be a Hot Topic

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When it comes to work, late nights and early starts can take their toll – and many of us struggle to get through the working day without at least one cup of coffee. With 54% of people drinking coffee in America alone, 60% of those claim to need the alluring aroma of caffeine to kickstart their day.

But while a hot brew has long been a much-loved beverage, it seems that iced coffee is fast becoming a firm favourite both in Britain and across the pond. Blending caffeine with cool refreshment, is iced coffee the ultimate drink for all occasions?

Opinion is divided – and in today’s post, we’re diving into the reasons why having your morning coffee over ice is causing so much controversy.



The scary stats

In a previous post discussing how your brain becomes addicted to coffee, we looked at how moderating our caffeine intake can have a positive effect in the workplace – and it seems cold coffee drinks are becoming just as popular as the hot stuff. In the US, a survey carried out on 1500 coffee drinkers revealed that 75% now drink their coffee both hot and cold.

Over the years, health professionals and the media alike have debated the effect caffeine can have on our bodies – but with the BBC recently revealing that coffee drinkers have cleaner arteries, perhaps more of us should be kickstarting our days with a cup of joe.


Switch with the seasons

Indulging in a mug of coffee can be a great way to beat away those winter blues and warm you up in the workplace, but what about when summer strikes? Once the weather hots up, many of us face the annual dilemma of switching our caffeine fix in favour of a more refreshing beverage – but an iced coffee caters to all tastes, whatever the weather.

Whether it’s popping out for a latte on your lunch or home-brewing your iced mocha before work, there are tons of ways to enjoy your cold cuppa – and it doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Brew your beans, pour over rocks and you’re set!


The cost of keeping cool

An iced drink can be a welcome treat on a warm day, but your cool coffee will come at a price – and that price is steadily climbing. While a hot drink can be picked up for small change, a cold coffee is a different story.

Taking the lead from American chains, UK coffee shops have jumped aboard the iced coffee bandwagon – and as the drink grows in popularity, the price will grow too. From the plastic cup it’s served in to the straw we drink it from, iced coffee costs more to serve and, therefore, more to buy.

Where do you stand on the great iced coffee debate?

If you prefer your coffee piping hot, invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly office coffee machines – guaranteed to give you and your team a well-earned pick-me-up throughout the working day.

4 Ways to keep your cool in the office this summer

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It’s that time of year when the weather is heating up and being stuck in an office all day requires some cool-down time. We have come up with some flavoursome ways to help perk up the workplace and stay hydrated in the summer heat.


1. Fruit ice lollies

They look good, they taste good and the best thing about these lollies is they are actually good for you!

Smitten Kitchen’s swirled berry yogurt popsicles
The Sweet Life’s pineapple blueberry pops
Tiny Inklings fiesta ice pops



2. Flavoured ice cubes

Nothing can quench your thirst quite like a glass of iced water. Why not spice it up by making some flavoured ice cubes?

17 Apart’s mint infused ice cubes
Babble’s berry ice is oh so nice
The Kitchn’s coffee ice cubes



A photo posted by Two And Two (@twoandtwocafe) on

3. Coffee flavoured ice lollies

If you can’t decide if you want an ice lolly or an iced coffee, then this treat is perfect for you!

A Spicy Perspective’s Vietnamese coffee popsicles
Tabitha Blue’s dulce de leche iced coffee popsicles
Hello Little Home’s coconut milk iced coffee popsicles



A photo posted by DCfoodporn (@dcfoodporn) on

4. Iced coffee

Need your coffee fix but the temperature is too high to even think about a hot drink? Well that is why iced coffee was created.

The Pioneer Woman’s perfect iced coffee
Kitchen Treaty’s creamy vanilla iced coffee
Elizabeth Minchilli’s iced coffee with almond milk


Interview: Creative artwork made from coffee spills

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coffee spills art

I was browsing Facebook one day and this image popped up on my news feed:


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


I thought this piece of ‘Alice and Wonderland’ artwork created by coffee spills was absolutely stunning. So intrigued by the piece was I that I contacted the artist to find out more about her and to ask why she uses coffee as a medium for creating art.

So here is the low-down on our coffee spill artist.

Her name is Giulia Bernardelli, a 28-year-old museum worker from Mantova, Italy. She says that ‘art has always been part of my life’ and helps to organise art courses for children in her father’s art gallery.


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


When asked what gave her the idea to use coffee as a substitute for paint, she responded: “I started to use coffee by chance, less than a year ago. I accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee and suddenly appeared a new world, made of beautiful shades, each one different from the other. In my artwork I try to catch the magic of a moment, as if the coffee created a story by toppling. I love the spontaneity, the ephemeral, the magic.

“The different shades, from the Espresso to the Americano, make coffee an amazing raw material to create art with.”


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


The piece above is Giulia’s favourite of all those she has created and depicts a dream sequence she had. She likes “its continuity, as if the images came out from a unique stain. I believe it’s magic. It is my favourite, even if the picture other people like most is ‘Alice in Wonderland’.”


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


When I asked Giulia if she has any plans or ideas for her next piece of coffee art, she said: “I don’t like planning my next work; I follow my moment inspiration.”


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


Obviously someone who uses coffee to create art with must really enjoy it and she calls coffee her ‘life partner’. As an Italian, she drinks many cups a day alone, while with friends every cup is a “special moment”.

She is not fussy about how she takes it either: “I love coffee in every way! Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, Macchiato…” for her it is a “ritual”.


A photo posted by Giulia b (@bernulia) on


To see more of Giulia’s amazing coffee artwork, follow her on Instagram.

Do you and your colleagues love coffee? If so, we think her work would be perfect for hanging on your office walls and perking up your workplace.

Ugly mugs: Six coffee mugs that will freak out your colleagues

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Normally the first thing people do when they get into the office is shove on the coffee machine or the kettle. However, would you consider drinking out of one of these mugs? If the answer is no, why not perk up your workplace by playing a prank on one of your colleagues? Perhaps the smokers gag mug will be enough to freak them out.


1. Grenade mug


Image courtesy of

There are few things more appropriate to freak out about than the thought of holding a grenade in your hand. I am sure your colleagues would agree!


2.  Smokers gag mug


Image courtesy of

Is there a certain co-worker who is always taking your coffee mug? Then why not prank them with this mug? Surely the thought of cigarette butts at the bottom of their cuppa will be enough to make sure they think twice before using your mug again.


3. Dirty mug


Image courtesy of

Would the thought of using a dirty mug unsettle a certain member of your team? This mug is perfect for toying with the mind of the office neat freak.


4. Toilet mug


Image courtesy of

This toilet mug is great for injecting some humour into your workplace. Make your colleagues do a double take when they see you sipping from this silly mug, or prank a co-worker you know has a weak stomach.


5. Pig snout mug


Image courtesy of

This pig snout mug is a great way to make your colleagues look silly without them even noticing. It will help to lift spirits by giving the office a giggle.


6.  Weird human mouth mugs

Shannon Lee

Image courtesy of Shannon Lee

Want to make your colleagues’ experience of drinking their morning coffee awkward and hilarious at the same time? Then look no further – these mugs might even freak out your colleagues so much that you won’t ever be asked to make a round again!



UK Coffee Week 2015 – what’s it all about?

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The 4-10 May is UK Coffee Week. A week designed to celebrate the deliciousness of coffee by bringing together a variety of product offerings, activities and public events (including the London Coffee Festival) – all in aid of Project Waterfall.

Project Waterfall aims to improve the lives of those living in African coffee-growing countries by giving them better hygiene and sanitisation through access to clean water. Sickness from contaminated water is a constant threat for places like Tanzania, where only 54% of the population has access to a clean water source. Even then, these people may have to walk up to two hours a day just to reach a clean source of water. So, this week is in aid of a fantastic cause.

So what can you and your office do to help? Why not become a sponsor? After all, you don’t want all of this to disappear, right?


How else would you ever get through the working day without your cup of Joe!

Motivational coffee mugs to get you through the working day

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It’s that time of the month when your workload seems never-ending and you find it difficult to stay positive and motivated. We all know that a coffee break has been shown to increase productivity in the office, so why not take a break, grab a cup of coffee and all will be fine? Especially if you are drinking from one of these motivational mugs…

1. Drink coffee, get stuff done

Jessica N Designs

Image courtesy of Jessica N Designs

This mug pretty much says it all. With its simple white background and some beautiful, black hand-drawn text, this mug is perfect for any office.


2. Make it work, then make it better


Image courtesy of

Always finding a way to make your work better is a motto we should all strive to live by. The pale blue colour of this mug is quite calming, while bold typography creates a powerful message.


3. When nothing goes right, go left!


This mug is perfect for all the office lefties! You can stare at the message while waiting for your cuppa to cool. The hand-drawn effect and use of colour keep it lighthearted and playful.


4. You got this

Image courtesy of Printable Wisdom

Image courtesy of Printable Wisdom

Who doesn’t need words of encouragement every now and again? Well, why not have it with every sip from this unique hand-lettered, calligraphic floral mug.


5. Set goals, reach, repeat

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

This mug is perfect for everyday office use. It is a great rule to live by, especially if you are feeling unmotivated and unproductive.


6. Things to do


Image courtesy of Click & Blossom

What I like about this mug is that it doubles up as a notebook. You can write your tasks for the day on it; then, with every cuppa, you can see what you have accomplished or what still needs to be done.