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Bottled Coolers are the most common type of water cooler, with large upside-down blue bottles on the top. Water is delivered in these re-usable bottles and you simply plug them in to your cooler.

How to Create the Ultimate Office Den

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Gone are the days of sad cubicles, bright fluorescent light rails and undecorated white walls, where office spaces were designed to provide as little distraction as possible. Today, corporate giants like Google, Red Bull and General Motors are proving that unconventional workspaces actually simulate creativity and innovation, resulting in happy, devoted and hardworking employees. This way of thinking also applies to the areas of the office where employees head for a well-deserved break – with employers realising that offbeat breakout areas are the secret to sky-high productivity.

If your office is in need of a motivation max out, we’ve compiled some of the most effective office den designs out there.

Relaxation: the office breakroom

Most offices will already have a break room. No matter what your business, breaks offer your employees a chance to relax and recharge. Traditionally, the break room will feature the office fridge, a notice board, a big lunch table and a small kitchen – and, more often than not, the all-important coffee machine. In most offices, coffee is the lifeblood of an energised workforce. In fact, studies have shown that productivity plummets when the coffee runs out – so don’t skimp on the office coffee machines, whatever you do.


Peace and quiet: a room for distraction-free hard work

With flexi-time working and interchangeable workstations becoming increasingly common in today’s offices, more and more employees are seizing the chance to work the way they want. This creative approach to office layouts makes it easier to find a space free of distractions and primed for productivity. Creating a ‘quiet room’ designed for minimal distractions gives your team the opportunity to isolate themselves in the name of ultimate efficiency.

Office meetings: the conference room

The office conference room has been an office staple for years and provides a space designed with strategy in mind. As the conference room will be frequently visited by guests from outside the office, you’ll want it to reflect your company. Meetings can often run a lot longer than anticipated – so comfortable chairs are a big plus here, and putting a water cooler in your conference room will offer constant H2O access to keep hydration levels where they should be. So stock up on a water cooler for increased productivity during meetings. There are so many ways to optimise your office for peak performance – and it’s often the finer details that make the biggest difference. Introducing office art injects personality into the office and helps to inspire creativity in your employees, while plants bring life to an office environment and purify the air in the process. The options are practically limitless, so it’s all about choosing the layout that works for your business.   If you’re ready to turn your office into a certified hydration station, you’ve come to the right place. At Eden Springs, our eco-friendly office coffee machines and water coolers help your employees to stay happy and hydrated all day long – take a look at the full range now to optimise your office.

Are you drinking enough water?

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Last week saw the return of the annual UK Bottled Water Conference hosted by Zenith International. Some of the findings revealed by Kantar Worldpanel were quite staggering. For example 60% of the UK population only drinks one glass of water a day or less, with 1 in 250 people failing to meet their total daily fluids needs. It is important that you stay hydrated, especially at work, as drinking water can help to improve alertness and productivity. Use the Eden Springs water calculator below to see just how much water per day you need to be drinking to keep your mind and body hydrated.


drinking-enough-water (1)


The Secret to a Motivated Workforce

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Motivating your workforce can be somewhat difficult, especially when many of the tried and tested methods are fast becoming tired exercises. Luckily for you, there’s a formula for professional drive – and it’s an easy one to crack. Better still, it can be as easy as a little liquid motivation. Fresh water, that is.

There are, of course, an array of essential management skills which impact on employee productivity – all of which are uniquely valuable – but one immensely effective way of keeping your staff thirsty for work is simply to lead them to water.

Here are just some of the ways that an office water cooler can mean big things for your company’s output.




The Culture

Having a cohesive working environment is key to employee productivity. By cultivating a feeling of synergy among your staff, you can have a team whose primary instinct it is to work effectively. One incredibly simple way to instil that sense of office culture in your workforce is through the use of office water coolers. It may not seem like it, but touches as minimal as this can have a profound effect on office morale and the overall unity of the team. Having a space, however small, to congregate with their fellow employees provides a welcome interval to their working day and can be a catalyst for huge productivity.


The Science

Having an office water cooler not only offers some light relief for your employees, but also provides numerous health benefits for your team. Firstly, water is excellent for your employees’ energy levels. Our bodies become dehydrated overnight, which is only worsened by caffeine – so trading in regular coffee breaks for trips to the water cooler should leave your employees revitalised and ready to perform. The otherwise likely sluggishness, fatigue and irritability resulting from dehydration are best avoided if you’re looking for a workforce that is bright and efficient.

Mental alertness means your employees are not only better prepared to work, but also equipped to work at their best. Simply by taking advantage of fresh water’s various benefits, you can have work completed more quickly and to a higher standard. A simple cup of water also flushes out toxins, and keeps the oxygen and nutrients in your bloodstream flowing nicely. On top of that, regular water intake is great for your kidneys, you can’t fight benefits like that.

As a general rule, your employees should be drinking between 100 and 200ml of water at frequent intervals throughout the day –equating to around 8 full glasses. This amount of water is necessary to replace what’s lost through perspiration through the day. So, by providing easily accessible, easily dispensable fresh water in the workplace, you’re able to keep your employees healthy and, as a result, optimise business output.


Ready to join the water cooler revolution? Introduce a cooler to your office and watch productivity levels skyrocket – it really is good stuff.

Illness Etiquette: Avoiding Absenteeism during Flu Season

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In the UK, the annual cost to businesses of sickness and absence is estimated at a crippling £29 billion each year. To make matters worse, UK employees are said to take four times as many sick days off-work as some of their global counterparts – a statistic any manager would be keen to improve! Luckily, there’s certain things you can do in the office to stop you from getting (or spreading) illness in the workplace. We’re bringing you our top tips to help keep your office up and running during the impending winter flu season.

Image Courtesy of Arlington County

Image Courtesy of Arlington County

Wash your hands regularly

Without wanting to state the obvious – washing your hands is a must, research has shown that up to one in five don’t! In order to effectively rid your hands of germs, use warm soapy water to thoroughly wash them – this is especially important before eating, after using the toilet, when you’re ill or after you’ve been outside.

Fight germs with tissues

Did you know one sneeze can spray up to 3,000 infectious droplets into the air at more than 100 mph? As such, it’s vital that you cover your mouth and nose – keeping plenty of tissues on hand to prevent the spread of infections. Cold and flu viruses can also live on tissues for up to 24 hours, by ensuring your office is stocked with antiviral tissues – you can stop other employees catching your cold.

Image Courtesy of Robert S. Donovan

Image Courtesy of Robert S. Donovan

Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

Make sure your cleaning cupboard is stocked up with antibacterial and antiviral products. Sinks, taps and door handles are often to blame for the rapid spread of office illness – so it’s essential to keep them sanitised. Disinfectant wipes should be used regularly to rid desks, keyboards and other surfaces of germs – minimising the risk of infection.

Be wary of the office kitchen

Office kitchens can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, so it’s important to be safe when using these facilities. Always thoroughly wash shared utensils before using them, or use disposable products if you can. Don’t forget to ensure you wash tea and coffee cups regularly before you drink from them – don’t give viruses an easy way in!

Keep contact to a minimum

If you suspect someone is ill, or you absolutely need to be in the office while you’re unwell – try to minimise physical contact with your co-workers. Politely explain you’re unwell – giving them a chance to step-up their defences. You should also avoid shaking hands or close contact with anyone in the office during flu season – keeping the possibility of cross-contamination to an absolute minimum.

Keep fit and healthy this winter

Make sure you get plenty of sleep during winter months – staying well rested is key to keeping immune system up and running. Having a well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and taking part in regular exercise will also keep the flu at bay and allow your body to bounce back from feeling unwell.

If you’re ill, stay at home

Most importantly, if you’re ill, stay at home! Most companies can be flexible as to where you work, so if you don’t have to go into the office then stay put. This way, you’ll be less likely to infect your co-workers, and will recover quicker yourself. At Eden Springs, we know the importance of keeping your workforce fighting fit – that’s why we supply offices all over the UK with eco-friendly water coolers. Our water coolers provide the ultimate solution to keeping your workforce hydrated and health. Take a look at our range and stop your business from losing any more money through preventable illness!

Green Technology: New Machine Makes Drinking Water from Thin Air

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Glass of water

You would be forgiven for thinking that news of a machine that makes water out of air sounds like the stuff of pure science fiction, but Israeli engineers have made this fantastical concept a reality. The company behind the technological innovation, Water-Gen, hopes the technology will revolutionise developing nations by demonstrating a positive impact on communities suffering from lack of clean drinking water.

Primarily intended for military and government use, the machines are finding new applications in the developing world. Water-Gen spokesperson Arye Kohavi has said “we believe that the products can be sold to developing countries in different civilian applications. For example in India, (drinking) water for homes is not available and will also be rare in the future.” The machines, known as ‘Atmospheric Water Generation Units’, offer a far more cost effective solution than alternative water sources – with a lower environmental impact.


Image Courtesy of

So how does it work?

The system is actually quite simple at its core, using a heat exchanger similar to those found in air conditioning units, to rapidly cool down hot and humid air. This causes the water in the air to condense, forming droplets, which are then collected in a tank inside the Water-Gen unit. The concept of air dehumidification isn’t new – however, heat exchangers are traditionally expensive to run, whereas Water-Gen have successfully created an ultra-efficient system, minimising electricity usage.

The process doesn’t stop there either, as water in the air may be polluted by contaminants such as particles of dust or dirt which clings to the microscopic water droplets. To combat this pollution, the Water Generation Units employ a complex filtration system, removing any chemical or other contaminants – leaving behind nothing but clean and safe drinking water.

Depending on the levels of water vapour in the air (humidity) and the outside temperature, the Units are capable of producing anywhere between 250 and 800 litres of drinking water per day – enough to change many people’s lives for the better. Especially considering that, according to Water-Gen, it costs as little as 2 cents per each litre of water produced – providing perhaps the most cost effective solution to date for charities and governments investing in water provision for those in desperate need.

Eden Springs works in partnership with People help People – One World – working on projects in Tanzania, Africa – to provide drinking water to those who need it the most. In fact, Eden Springs is currently helping over 1000 school children and thousands of residents in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, providing access to life-saving water sources.

Closer to home, we provide fresh drinking water to offices around the UK – check out our selection of water coolers, providing the ultimate solution to your employee hydration needs. We work hard to ensure that our water is both locally and sustainably sourced as part of our ongoing environmental commitment.

Why Water Is So Important?

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Since the body continually looses water – 2.5 to 3 litres per day – through normal body functions, this water needs to be replaced to keep the body healthy. Ironically, the sensation of thirst occurs only after the body has started to become dehydrated. For this reason it is very important to drink water often, without waiting to feel thirsty. By the time you begin to feel thirsty, the body is already dehydrated to a level of 0,8% to 2% of body weight.

Here are just a few of the many important roles water plays in the functions of the body:




Your Brain

Your brain tissue consists of 85% water. When you are not properly hydrated it may be your brain that starts to feel the effects, with headaches, poor concentration and reduced short-term memory. Even your ability to perform arithmetic and the rapidity of your psychomotor skills can be reduced. This is due to the fact that dehydration causes the level of energy production in the brain to decrease. Studies have shown that a person’s ability to concentrate progressively declines when the body is subject to a water deficiency of just 1 to 2%.


Your Heart

The heart consists of 77% water. Clinical studies have shown that adequate hydration may improve the way your heart works and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Your Liver

The Liver consists of 73% water. Its function is to convert the body’s fat into energy it can use. But if the liver is forced to help in the work of the kidneys due to insufficient water consumption, the body will accumulate extra fat that would have been burned if there had been adequate water intake.

Your Lungs

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, your body needs water to breath: the lungs consist of 85% water. In order to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, our lungs must be continually moistened with water. The average person looses between half to one litre of water per day just by breathing. When the body is dehydrated it tries to prevent respiratory water loss by producing histamines which close off the capillaries in the lungs. This reduces water loss, but makes breathing more difficult.

Your Skin

The skin is the largest human organ, both by weight and by surface area, consisting of 70% water. We loose a percentage of our body’s water everyday by evaporation through the skin. The environment in which we work, with climate-controlled heating and air conditioning, low humidity, and even simple things like soap and cleaning solutions can damage the protective outer layer of the skin, reducing its ability to hold moisture. When you are not drinking enough to compensate the for the body’ water loss, you may notice your skin feeling dry; moisturizers or body lotions can treat the symptoms, however the best solution is to reach for a glass of water and moisturize from the inside.

Your Kidneys

The kidneys are made of 80% water. Their function is to remove waste products from the body, which are dissolved in water. When there is not enough water these waste products are not removed effectively which can cause damage to the kidneys. The National Kidney Research Foundation recommends that drinking two litres of water a day can reduce your risk of developing kidney stones.

Your Bones

Even your bones have a high level of water in them – approximately 22%. Water is also necessary to ensure the smooth movement of bone joints. The cartilaginous tissue at the end of the bones retains water to lubricate the movement of your joints. When well hydrated the two opposing surfaces slide smoothly; if the cartilage is dehydrated, the damage from friction increases, causing deterioration of the joints and leading to pain, such as arthritis.

Staying Hydrated At Work: What Workers Say About Their Daily Drinking Habits

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It is about that time of year when the weather starts to heat up and it is important that we all stay hydrated, especially at work. Are you making sure you drink enough water throughout the day? Maybe it is time for a trip to the water cooler!



5 Fun Ways To Make Your Water More Exciting

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Stay hydrated at work with these top tips for turning your average glass of water into a revitalising treat.

5 fun ways to make your water more exciting


Add slices of cucumber – Cucumber contains B which are effective in ridding
the body of toxins from the digestive system, therefore aiding digestion.


Add a Squeeze of citrus – Oranges, lemons and limes are an excellent
source of Vitamin C and they can help to boost your immune system.


Add some crushed fresh mint leaves – Mint leaves have anti-bacterial and
anti-inflammatory properties that fight against tooth decay and bad breath.


Infuse your water with berries – Strawberries and raspberries are rich in fibre
and antioxidants helping to lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease.


Freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes – Grapes are rich in antioxidants and
have the ability to treat constipation, indigestion, fatigue and kidney disorders.

The Office Watering Hole: A Hub of Productivity

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Why Face-To-Face Water Cooler Moments Will Improve Your Productivity

Once considered the hiding place for employees taking an extended lunch break or catching up on personal gossip, managers are now realising that water coolers are an essential investment for any office. Besides the obvious health benefits – which aren’t to be ignored – research has indicated that the humble water cooler can act as a meeting point, forming a hub of office productivity.


Zebras at waterhole

Image by Joachim Huber

Much like a watering hole on the plains of the Serengeti brings all kinds of animals and exotic creatures together, in an office, the water cooler acts as a hotspot for employee interaction. At the watering hole, lions and zebras meet side by side, both agreeing to mutual peace (however temporary this may be!). In an office environment, the water cooler levels the playing field, where everyone from CEOs to interns can meet to quench their thirst and discuss work. Formal meetings create an unnatural environment for human interaction, and their cold and sterile nature can negatively impact your employee’s ability to respond to questions or actively participate.

Studies have shown that water coolers act as a venue for ‘micro-meetings’, whereby employees interact and exchange information without even realising they’re doing it. In fact, the information exchanged in these informal and quick ‘chats’ is often more valuable than that exchanged in a board-room meeting. This is due to the fact that employees can become anxious in formal environments – productivity and creativity are maximised when your employees are relaxed and stress free.

To some extent, having a water cooler in the office even keeps your employees more active – it’s alarming the number of office workers who don’t leave their desk during the day. Having a water cooler gives them a chance to get away for a minute, stretch their legs and refresh their mind, boosting their productivity.


Approximately 60% of our body’s mass is made up of water, proving it’s essential that we keep well hydrated. In fact, nearly 75% of our brain is made up of water, and research has established a clear link between hydration and our ability to think clearly. If this percentage dips by even a small amount, our brains simply cannot function as efficiently. Scientific research has proven that dehydration has a serious negative affect on our ability to concentrate on tasks. Dehydration has also been proven to impact on our short-term memory, and the more dehydrated we are, the less effectively we are able to recall our thoughts. Have you ever lost your train of thought at work? Perhaps it’s time for a trip to the water cooler.

So what are you waiting for? Give your office a healthy boost of productivity with a new water cooler. Eden Springs is the leading water cooler supplier in the UK. Check out our website to view our extensive range of water coolers and coffee machines.