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Your local Water Cooler supplier

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As the UK’s No.1 water cooler supplier we have an exceptional water delivery network, supplying water from 16 depots across the nation and ensuring you get a truly local service from your nearby branch.

Our water delivery network comprises over 135 delivery trucks and more than 1 million bottles in circulation, constantly being recycled and reused. However because of our local focus you receive water sourced within your area from a nearby depot, meaning we have to travel less – helping to contribute to our industry-leading low carbon and Carbon Neutral status!

Water supplier near you


Our Route Sales Managers deliver your water to your door, and have a great rapport with customers. Operating from regional depots they ensure that your water is never far away – they manage your water stock, delivery frequency and even answer billing queries. Our team do whatever they can to ensure you’re hydrated and happy!

So, contact our team to find out where your local branch is and start receiving your quality local water supplier service today.

Icy Britain: How water deliveries are affected

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Water delivery in the Glasgow cold
Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

Water delivery in the Glasgow cold

With the wintry conditions gripping the UK, we’ve interviewed Ricky Gall, Eden Blantyre Service Centre Manager, to see how the delivery team are coping on the roads.

How have water and water cooler deliveries been affected?

Deliveries have been affected very badly, particularly in the north and Scotland. I’m Service Centre Manager of Eden Springs Blantyre, near Glasgow, and all the area that we cover have been affected in some way.

Have any deliveries been missed due to the adverse conditions?

Some deliveries have unfortunately been obstructed, although we are currently working through all outstanding deliveries and are updating the Customer Services call centre daily. If you have any questions or are expecting a water delivery please feel free to contact them on 0844 800 3344 and they should be able to keep you informed.

How have the drivers been coping with the conditions?

As any motorist will tell you driving in these conditions is bad enough, but delivering bottles of water in the snow has been very challenging. On 6–7 December when the weather was at its worst our last truck returned to Blantyre 21 hours after it left for its day’s deliveries! We’ve had trucks leaving the branch at 6.00am and returning anytime from 9.00pm to midnight, and there were some of us stranded at the depot overnight. You can’t fault their commitment.

So the drivers are dedicated to getting deliveries through?

We have had drivers starting as early as 4.00am to try and catch up on any failed deliveries, and we’ve also had some routes going out on Saturdays.

What happens to water cooler bottles in the ice cold?

We have had a some water cooler bottles freezing and bursting, however we can deal with this and it doesn’t affect our customers. It certainly arrives nice and chilled!

Lochwinnoch: Scottish water for Scottish customers

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All Eden Springs customers benefit from cool, refreshing water sourced locally, including those north of the Border. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and ensure that water travels the minimum distance possible before it refreshes and hydrates you! Our customers all across Scotland – from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Highlands to the Borders – receive water sourced beneath the picturesque countryside at the foot of the Renfrewshire Hills, near the country’s second largest regional park – the Clyde Muirshiel.

Water delivery across Scotland

The water from the Renfrewshire aquifer is transported to Eden’s Blantyre Headquarters near Glasgow, where the water is bottled and filtered for purity. From there we deliver and install your cooler anywhere in the Glasgow region – in fact anywhere across Scotland! If you’re using a bottled water cooler than we also supply a free scheduled delivery service, replacing and replenishing your water supply promptly and easily whenever you need it.

So when you’re looking for a water cooler company in Scotland, look no further than the pure Scottish water of Eden Springs!