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10 Ways to make your workday that little bit better

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Got those Monday blues? Why not try some of our tips on how to make your workday that little bit better!



1. Have a delicious breakfast

Treat yourself to healthy breakfast baked goods that will go perfectly with your morning tea or coffee.


2. Sit properly

A properly designed workspace is an important component of well-being at work; some simple things can make a big difference.


3. Listen to music whilst you work

Music has been proven to help aid productivity and motivation. So if you are finding it more difficult than usual to concentrate, why not throw on your favourite songs to help get you in the mood.


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4. Decorate your desk with an office plant

Having plants in the office helps workers to be more productive. They also have other benefits, such as cleaning the air, improving your mood and brightening up a drab desk.  

5. Remember to take a coffee break

Like most people, you are probably sedentary for most of your working hours. To help prevent stiff and sore muscles, take a break at least once an hour. Go for a short walk and grab yourself a refreshing cup of coffee, for example.      

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6. Make sure you have a nutritious lunch

Certain foods help your mind to stay alert and motivated at work. Why not try some recipes on  Nutritious & Delicious, a healthy eating/wellbeing programme created for the busy employee.


7. Hang some motivational posters

Brighten up your bare office walls with some motivational quotes to help aid employee productivity.


8. Play some office pranks

One or two light-hearted pranks every week could brighten up your day and make that tough working week more bearable.


9. Use apps to boost your workday

Whether you are in need of a tool to help do your job like Evernote or something to keep you occupied when you are on a  Break, we have got it covered.



10. Stay hydrated!

Stay hydrated at work with these top tips for turning your average glass of water into a revitalising treat.

Would your office welcome the nap desk?

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nap desk ad

You may remember a few months back we posted an article on the Nutshell napping pod, ‘a pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking’. Well there is a new phenomenon in town, introducing the nap desk!



Created by Greek company Studio NL the nap desk is currently only in prototype stages. It has been designed and built for maximum napping efficiency, creating the perfect privacy for those 3pm crashes most workers get.

The designers said that “The main concept was to comment on the fact that many times our lives are ‘shrinking’ in order to fit into the confined space of our office. This desk could be used for a siesta or for a few hours of sleep at night on those days when someone struggles to meet deadlines.”

Does your office need a nap desk?

While taking a nap in the office sounds like the perfect way to get us through the working day, is it something we really need? In an environment where social interaction and productivity are key to creating a successful team, there is an argument that a nap desk might have the adverse effect – actually encouraging isolation as a result. If you’d rather power through the working day nap-free, there are other ways to help your staff stay energised. By staying hydrated all day, we can keep our minds and bodies alert and minimise the need for napping.

So, would you welcome a nap desk into your workplace?

If a nap desk isn’t for you, there are more traditional ways to help your team recharge throughout the working day. Invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly coffee machines or water coolers to help your employees stay awake, alert and hydrated all day long.

Sweden is shifting to a six hour work day. Should we?

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Office hours have been creeping up in recent years. This is perhaps in response to the lingering effects of 2008’s economic crisis, as businesses are under ever-increasing pressure to record profits in a tough market. Many organisations have responded by increasing office working hours in order to increase the amount of work done in a week.

Sweden, however, has done quite the opposite and has decided to move towards a standard six-hour day. Linus Feldt, CEO of Stockholm-based app developer Filimundus, told Adele Peters at Fast Company; “I think the eight-hour work day is not as effective as one would think. To stay focused on a specific work task for eight hours is a huge challenge. In order to cope, we mix in things and pauses to make the work day more endurable. At the same time, we are having it hard to manage our private life outside of work.”


“But how do they manage to get all their work done?” you might well ask. It’s simple – they stay off social media and limit all other distractions, keeping meetings short as another way to reduce time wasting. They also believe that cutting the working day will enable staff to be more motivated and energised to get things done in a shorter space of time.

This ties in with what self-styled productivity expert Chris Bailey has identified.

He believes that the ideal working week is 35 hours long, achieving the optimum balance between work, rest and play. Research indicates that working more than 35 hours a week can have damagingeffects in the long term. Although there is an initial spike in employee productivity which comes with longer working hours, data shows that about four weeks after the extended hours commence things begin to take a turn for the worse. Longer working hours are only sustainable for a short period of time before the overworked employees become stressed and fatigued as workloads catch up with them.

As an employer or business manager, it’s in your best interests to have a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Would you like to see these reduced hours taking effect in the UK? Do you think you would be more productive and happier with reduced working hours?

Eden Springs provides high quality and competitively priced water coolers and hot drinks machines – give your office a boost by keeping your employees well hydrated and caffeinated too!

How much energy do you have at work this week?

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Here at Eden one of our main focuses is helping businesses feel more energised and productive. To find out how energised the nation feels at work, we decided to run a UK-based survey asking one simple question:

“How much energy do you have at work this week?”

Respondents were asked to answer on a 1 – 10 rating scale (where 1 is feeling very unmotivated and 10 is feeling very productive).

Here is what we found out:




  • Over half (51.5%) of UK respondents are running on half a tank of gas! They answered between 1 and 5 on the scale, therefore are not feeling very energised or motivated! Perhaps they are not drinking enough water.
  • Men answered higher on the scale than women: 5.7/10 versus 4.8/10.
  • The most productive region in the UK is Northern Ireland with respondents answering an average of 6.2/10.
  • The least motivated region is North West England with respondents answering an average of 4.3/10.
  • The young ones (people between 18 and 24 years old) are the least motivated of the bunch, answering 5.4/10 on the scale, whereas people aged 35 – 44 answered the highest at 5.9/10 on the scale.


We know that motivating your employees is no easy task and that every business owner wants to create a motivated and productive workforce. Luckily for you, we have put together ‘The Ultimate Employee Motivation Guide’. This guide covers topics from how to have a happy team, how to use technology to strive your business and how to create the perfect work-life balance for your employees. Why not have a read and see if any of these tips can help you and your co-workers? Or, if you don’t want to read it all at once, over the next two weeks we will be publishing each chapter individually. Perfect bite-sized information for the morning coffee break!

25 Tweeters That Will Help You Optimise Your Office

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Is your office looking tired or are you searching for ways to shake up your workplace? From creating a visual impact to injecting a touch of inspiration, showing your office some TLC can reignite your team’s passion for productivity.

In today’s post, we’re shining the spotlight on some top tweeters that are guaranteed to get you excited about optimising your office space. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you:


Office Design


1. Brit + Co

When it comes to creativity, Brit + Co have got you covered. With self-confessed ‘tech-nerd’ Brit Morin at its helm, this website is a treasure trove of inspiration – aiming to spark creativity among the masses.      

2. Dezeen


If you’re looking for the ultimate influencer, Dezeen offers up a whole host of ideas. A staple of the architectural sphere, the online magazine is packed with design tips for those looking to shake up their office space.


3. Decoist

Decoist is brimming with design ideas to help you overhaul your office interior. Taking inspiration from all around the world, this web magazine will set you on the path to creating a workspace you love.    

4. Dulux


Known for their extensive colour palette (and the huge shaggy dog), Dulux are a household name when it comes to decorating. Follow their twitter account for the latest tips and tricks from those in the know. ‘Let’s colour’!


5. Houzz

From unique interior styling to bespoke home offices, Houzz is dedicated to helping its followers inject a touch of creativity into their design. Follow the creative professionals for any number of influential hints and tips.    

6. Office Snapshots


Bringing their audience some of the most creative and unique office designs from around the world, Office Snapshots are passionate about the workplace. Follow these guys on twitter for all the visual inspiration you could ever need!



Office Inspiration


7. Paid to Exist

The 9-5 can sometimes be a slog, but at Paid to Exist – they’re firm believers in injecting some freedom into your working life. With the ‘merging of work and play’, Paid to Exist offers inspiring insights into a career without limits.    

8. Successories


Motivation is top of the priority list for the guys over at Successories. Encouraging employers to put the focus back on their team, the website aims to help those in the professional sphere ramp up their recognition radar for increased productivity.


9. The HR Director

A respected and reliable resource in the world of HR, The HR Director covers everything from newsworthy updates to regular blog content from those in the industry – intent on helping businesses on their way to a profitable future.    

10. Appreciation at Work


Appreciation at Work strives to put employees back on the professional map by acknowledging their achievements. Packed with training advice and assessment incentives, the website keeps workforces inspired, motivated and on track to success.



Office Supplies


11. Staples

The Staples brand is instantly recognisable as the kingpin of stationery suppliers – offering everything from paperclips to printers. So whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect office desk or fancy pitching up a workspace in your home, Staples are on hand to help.    

12. Office Depot


Searching for office supplies as well as handy hints? Office Depot has everything you need to get your working life in order. Whether it’s a practical desk tidy or a reliable laptop, head over to their website to see what they can offer.


13. OfficeTeam

Whatever your industry, OfficeTeam is armed with an array of business solutions guaranteed to get you and your staff off to a flying start. Bringing with them years of industry expertise, OfficeTeam will help you and your staff set your standards high.    

14. Ian Smith


The Ian Smith group is all about providing a quality, hassle-free service to get you your stationery essentials as efficiently as possible. With 46 years of industry experience under their belts, these are the go-to guys for your office must-haves.


15. Velcro

The office doesn’t have to be dull – and you can perk up the smallest of spaces with a touch of TLC. Head over to Velcro to find any number of ways to perk up your workspace by adding a splash of personality.    

Office Blog


16. 123-reg


Business is the name of 123-reg’s game – and they want everyone to get in on the action. Their blog is brimming with inspiring quotes and mottos, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.


17. Glass Door

Loaded with facts and figures, hints and tips, the Glass Door blog is all about supporting employers and employees in their quest for the perfect career. If you’re looking for a helping hand up the job ladder, be sure to follow Glass Door on twitter.    

18. Office Show


Office* Show covers some hot topics as well as tricks of the trade. With their blog regularly featuring guest contributors and industry professionals, employers and employees alike can keep up to date with the goings on of the working world.


19. Chartered Managers Institute

Chartered Managers Institute (CMI) keep success in their sights as they seek to assist employers with the growth of their team. Their blog is packed with thought-provoking questions intent on stimulating the minds of those thirsty for knowledge.    

20. HR Zone


HR Zone are firm believers that knowledge is power – and through their informative blog, they bring their wealth of experience to one platform. Check out the blog for advice on how to improve your business’ HR needs.



Office Productivity


21. Regus UK

Productivity in the workplace is the first step towards success – and at Regus UK, targeting the core of a business’ is key. From insightful webinars to individual case studies, Regus UK will help you on the path to simpler business solutions.    

22. Great Place to Work


When it comes to what they do, Great Place to Work’s name speaks for itself. Helping businesses be better, the website is all about advising and supporting professionals in their industry – helping them squeeze every last drop of productivity from their working lives.


23. Go to Meeting

Providing a platform from which professionals can connect, Go to Meeting allows users to hold, attend and record meetings. Head over to their website to find out how group meetings could benefit your brand and propel you towards a more productive future.    

24. Motivation Grid


Without the right tools to guide you, self-motivation can be an uphill battle – but with a little help from Motivation Grid, you and your team can thrive. Follow them on twitter for success stories, life hacks and snippets of motivational inspiration.


25. Start up Grind

From team building to networking solutions, Startup Grind offers those in the professional sector information and advice on how to find funding, meet with other businesses and create valuable, long-lasting connections – check them out!


Armed with the experience of these unique influencers, get set to see your team’s productivity levels soar – and for your dose of daily inspiration, don’t forget to check out @eden_springs twitter account!

Host The Ultimate Macmillan Coffee Morning

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Want your colleagues to get behind a good cause and strengthen your team at the same time? A Macmillan coffee morning could be the charity and coffee fix your workplace needs to bring your employees together for a great cause. And now’s as good a time as ever – with Macmillan hosting “The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” on September 25th.




What’s Macmillan About?

First founded in 1911, Macmillan Cancer Support has grown to become the largest cancer care and support charity in the UK. With 98% of Macmillan’s income generated solely from donations – they rely on the help of volunteers and fundraisers to support their essential work.

Cancer’s severe effects impact upon people’s lives in many ways. Macmillan work to provide support from diagnosis to recovery – helping cancer sufferers maintain as much control over their lives as possible. From providing counselling and guidance to financial help for those who have lost their job due to cancer, Macmillan are there 24/7 to support people struggling through an incredibly tough ordeal.

How Does The Coffee Morning Work?

With their first coffee morning held in 1990, Macmillan’s coffee mornings have gone on to be their biggest fundraising event yet. Their coffee mornings can be held at any time, by anyone – all you need to do is register and organise your very own event!

The premise is simple. Lay on a spread with coffee, tea and cakes – even sandwiches if you’re feeling fancy – and ask your colleagues or friends to make a donation to Macmillan instead of paying for their drinks and snacks.


Image Courtesy of Matthew Kang

Planning The Ultimate Coffee Morning

So now you’re well informed and prepared to start raising money, why not see if you can push your donations to the max? With our tips, you can make your office coffee morning a huge success:

  • Get everyone on board by asking permission from your managers and checking your colleagues are up to the challenge. You may be allowed to shift your work’s lunch hour forward or, alternatively, organise it on a weekend.
  • Send out invites by emailing your whole team – and make sure they RSVP so you know how much coffee and cake is required on the day!
  • Recruit volunteers to help on the day. Unless you plan to spend the week baking and folding napkins, you’re bound to need a helping hand. Ask your employer if they are willing to assign a budget for supplies and snacks. Alternatively – put your colleagues’ baking skills to the test by asking volunteers to each bring a cake along to sell. Check out Eden’s handy cake recipes if you’re in need of a little inspiration.
  • Ensure things run smoothly by keeping organised on the day. Remember to assign tasks to your volunteers during the event – from setting up the cake stand to collecting the rubbish at the end.
  • Spread the word to make your coffee morning a raging success and drum up business. Macmillan have created free posters which you can download and print-off – or you can get creative and make your own for that extra special touch.
  • Boost your donations by holding fun activities throughout your coffee morning. Not only will this mean more money to donate to a great cause, but it will also provide entertainment for attendees. From raffles and tombolas to games and novelty auctions, there’s always a way to raise more money and have fun in the process. Ask your boss if you can raffle-off an extra day’s holiday if they’re feeling generous!
  • Make the money go further by asking your attendees to Gift Aid their donation. For every £1 donated, Macmillan can receive an extra 25p if the donation has come from a UK taxpayer – simply print off the handy Gift Aid form and ask your attendees to fill it in between sampling cakes!

Although you can host your Macmillan coffee morning anytime, this September brings an extra special date to the calendar. On September 26th 2014, Macmillan are attempting to host the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” by encouraging people around the country to hold their own event. Last year, Macmillan managed to raise an incredible £20.5 million for cancer support and the bar is set high for 2014. Don’t forget to order your free fundraising kit from Macmillan to help get your coffee morning off to a great start!

Who’s bringing the coffee then? Eden Springs supply coffee and hot drinks machines to offices around the UK. So if your office is in need of some caffeination, or your staff need a warm cuppa to get motivated in the morning, we’ve got the solution.



What are the nation’s favourite lunches?

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Lunchtime is the time of the working day that most people look forward to. Research commissioned by Lurpak to launch its new “go freestyle” campaign, however, reveals that 32% of UK office workers eat the same thing for lunch every day and have done so for more than four years!

This statistic is astonishing, as there are so many great lunch options out there. So what are Brits eating, day in day out?




The nation’s top 5 favourite lunches are:

1. Cheese sandwich

2. Ham sandwich

3. Chicken sandwich

4. Salad

5. Tomato soup

Are any of these options on your lunch menu?

Certain foods help your mind to stay alert and motivated at work. So if you are looking to switch things up, why not check out our previous blog posts “Work lunches to help you stay energised and motivated” or “Four ways to improve your desk lunch”.


Employee Recognition: 5 Apps to Show Appreciation

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Staying motivated in the workplace is no easy task. As the ritualistic routine of the 9-5 takes over, keeping motivated can be a challenge – and recognising the hard work of your employees can often take a back seat.

We’ve previously brought you some tips on how to reward your staff – and today, we’re recommending 5 apps that will help you recognise the efforts of your employees and show your appreciation.



1. Give a WOW – Android, iOS – Free

Give a WOW provides employers a platform from which they can recognise the achievements of their team and acknowledge any outstanding performances. The easy-to-use app encourages employer-to-employee engagement on a regular basis, allowing managers to take a timely approach to showing their appreciation.


2. Kudos Points – Android, iOS – Free

By providing employees with specialist employee recognition software, the Kudos Points app allows managers to breed a culture of support and encouragement across departments. From manager-to-employee recognition to peer-to-peer support, the app encourages an integrated support system designed to benefit the whole team.


3. iAppreciate – Android, iOS, Blackberry – Free

If sparking creativity and nurturing your employees is at the top of your priority list, the iAppreciate app will fit right in with your business. Whether it’s broadcasting their success on social media or providing them with a personal keepsake, recognising the hard work of your staff will show that they’re a valued member of the team and help to propel them forward in their career.


4. TINYpulse – Android, iOS – Free

The day to day office life can sometimes be a grind, but the TINYpulse app allows employers to inject some welcome relief into the work day. Communication is key in any successful business – and through the TINYpulse app, employees have an opportunity to fill in anonymous surveys and raise any issues or concerns they have.


5. Achievers – Android, iOS – Free

Whatever their position in the company or their level of expertise, every employee deserves to be acknowledged for their achievements. Dedicated to helping you provide your staff with rewards they actually want, the app allows your team to choose from dining experiences, pamper days and a whole host of other treats as part of their reward schemes. With Achievers, an ever-changing selection of rewards means there really is something for everyone in your team.


Making sure your employees are enthusiastic about their jobs is key to keeping them motivated – and with a little appreciation, you will see productivity levels soar. From appreciation gift tags to bringing in cakes on Fridays, there are any number of ways to reward your team.


If apps aren’t your thing, there are ways to reward your staff outside of smartphone tech. By investing in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly office coffee machines, you can show your appreciation and give your team access to a welcome boost throughout the working day.

Six qualities of the perfect employee

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What makes the perfect employee?

Workplace happiness is something that we all should strive for. We often post articles about employee motivation and productivity and different ways to perk up your workplace. Happy employees make successful companies.

So let’s check out ways you can be a better employee and create a great work environment:




The six qualities of the perfect employee are:

1. Productivity

The key to being a perfect employee is the ability to stay productive and motivated. Staying hydrated helps your brain to stay focused and ensures you reach those all-important deadlines.


2. Organisation

Employees who are organised are likely to be more productive and focused in the workplace, thus helping to drive the business.


3. Honesty

A workplace with honest employees leads to a more peaceful and drama-free work environment. This will enhance the company culture and help create a more social working atmosphere.


4. Dedication

Great employees show total dedication to the work they produce. It becomes their passion, and hard-working employees help to influence other members of the team and their productivity.


5. Reliability

All managers need employees they can count on no matter what. A manager needs to know they can trust their staff with the tasks in hand and that they will be able to meet crucial deadlines.


6. Ambition

The perfect employee will always be looking for ways to meet goals and improve on previous targets. They will have great ambition, not only improve themselves as individuals but to better the company.

5 Tips for staying hydrated in the office this summer

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Are you finding it difficult to stay focused at work this summer? Well, just maybe you are not drinking enough water! Check out our five easy tips for summer hydration success:



1. Make your water more exciting

Turn your average glass of water into a revitalising treat by adding a squeeze of orange. This will also provide your body with an excellent source of Vitamin C. You could try adding some crushed fresh mint leaves instead.


2. Add some flavoured ice cubes

Nothing quenches your thirst like a glass of iced water. Why not spice it up by making some flavoured ice cubes? Strawberries, blueberries and kiwi are all good options.


3. Download an app

Drinking water keeps your mind clear and focused on the task at hand. Apps such as Daily Water helps you track the amount of fluid you drink and reminds you to drink water at the right time.


4. Get yourself a water bottle

Use a pen to mark time goals for yourself on the bottle. For example, by 10am you will aim to drink a quarter of the bottle. This is a good way of working out how many litres of water you are drinking on a daily basis.


5. Eat your water

Do you find it difficult to drink your daily water recommendation? Then how about eating foods that will aid hydration, such as cucumber and lettuce?