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Eden Springs at the MOBOs

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mobo awards logo

Eden Springs are pleased to have been asked to be the official bottled water supplier for the VIPs at the MOBO Awards, to be held this Saturday 3 November at the Echo Arena in Manchester.

With nominees including current chart-topper Labrinth, Plan B, Professor Green, Jay Z, Jessie J, Tulisa and Rihanna it’s sure to be an incredible evening, and with live performances and celebrating to be done we can be sure the attendees will need to have some water close to hand to stay hydrated!

We’ll be watching along on Saturday 3 November, so find out what we think and tell us your opinions and views:

Eden Springs on Twitter:  

Follow along with all the news, views and results from the awards at the official Twitter account and hashtag:

MOBO Awards on Twitter @MOBOAwards #MOBO

mobo awards

FREE COFFEE for the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

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Macmillan world's biggest coffee morning

Exclusively for Eden Springs customers – 28 September 2012

The Macmillan Cancer Support World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is just a couple of days away, and we’ve been offering free Kenco coffee morning packs exclusively to our valued Eden Springs customers in order to help them raise money for this wonderful cause. We’ve had a great response so far and fortunately have sourced around 20 additional packs, and there’s not long left to claim yours!

The pack contains:

kenco coffee logo

  • 100 cups
  • 100g Kenco Millicano wholebean instant coffee
  • 500g Kenco smooth instant
  • Sugar sticks and stirrers
  • Posters and promotional items

Wowzer – that’s a lot of great Kenco coffee and coffee equipment! There’s really not long to go so if you’d like to get your hands on a fundraising coffee morning pack from Eden Springs make sure you apply immediately!
order coffee

               Conditions: Only for existing Eden Springs customers

coffee mugs and cupsbuffet

Are your team drinking enough water?

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Good hydration can significantly improve productivity and well being at work, but sometimes it can be hard to get everyone in a company or workplace to think about their drinking habits. How can you help to improve hydration in the office?

  • Make hydration easy to access: Ensure you have water stations or water coolers installed in highly-used staff areas like receptions, break rooms or kitchens, as well as places with lots of through-traffic where there might not be an opportunity to sit like manufacturing zones or warehouses. It’s especially important to have water close-to-hand if you’re active, and don’t forget to provide bottles or cups for use – there’s no point in water if people can’t actually drink from anything!
  • Allow for regular breaks: These will allow employees to drink and rest their minds, and this has been proven to improve concentration and productivity.
  • Remind and remember: It’s easy to forget good hydration practices when you’re busy, so consider pushing the message with promotional campaigns and messages and by showing a good drinking example. A culture of good hydration will last and generate benefits for all in the longer term.


Light-roasted coffee, Dark-roasted coffee – what’s the difference?

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Light-Roasted Coffee, Dark-Roasted Coffee - What's The Difference?

Light-Roasted Coffee, Dark-Roasted Coffee - What's The Difference?While some of us may be experts on coffee and coffee lingo, others are just getting familiar with this popular beverage. We hear about different types of coffee, such as light-roasted and dark-roasted coffee, but what exactly do those terms mean? Is one type of coffee roast superior to the other, or is it simply a matter of individual preference?

Let’s start at the beginning with the coffee bean, after it has been picked and is ready to roast. The roasting process changes the make-up of the green (raw) coffee bean and extracts the aroma and flavour of coffee.

Light-roasted coffee and dark-roasted coffee both come from the same coffee bean. The main difference between light-roasted coffee and dark-roasted coffee is the amount of roasting time, and the temperature at which the beans are roasted. As you would expect, the darker the coffee bean, the longer it was roasted, and vice-versa. Now let’s talk about some other differences between the two coffees.

Light-roasted coffee

The caffeine content of the coffee bean changes depending on the roasting level. The more the bean is roasted, the less caffeine it has, so if you’re watching your caffeine intake, know that light-roasted coffee contains more caffeine. It is also interesting to note that light-roasted coffee beans retain more of their original flavour, which is derived from the growing conditions of the coffee bean, such as location, weather, soil, etc. You may have heard of the light-roasted coffee beans from Kona, Java and Kenya.

Dark-roasted coffee

Dark-roasted coffee beans are roasted for longer periods of time, and contain less caffeine. Types of dark-roasted coffee beans are Vienna Light French Roast and Full French Roast. Some say that because the dark-roasted coffee bean is roasted longer, you lose the unique original flavour of the coffee bean. Some also say that dark-roasted coffees all taste similar to one another, but still remain an excellent choice.

What about espresso?

Espresso is another favourite coffee drink (and a coffee machine staple), but it is not a roast. Certain blends of coffee beans are used for espresso, and are roasted for a certain amount of time at a specific temperature.

Now you are ready to experiment with light-roasted and dark-roasted coffees and see which one appeals most, and who knows? Maybe someday, you may want to try roasting your own coffee beans to come up with the perfect roast – and the perfect cup of coffee – for you!

Image: Mark Walker/Flickr

Eden Springs Water Helps Macmillan Cancer Support Overcome Hydration Challenge

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macmilllan charity water donation runner

macmillan logoEden Springs have agreed to supply handy bottled water to Macmillan Cancer Support’s 2012 Challenge Event participants in a major announcement as part of our UK-wide charity water initiative.

Macmillan fundraisers will be tackling events ranging from the London Marathon to the Great North Swim, with fantastic running, hiking, swimming and cycling events taking across the UK in locations as diverse as Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and even Loch Ness.

making a real difference

Eden Springs are the UK’s leading bottled water cooler company, and in addition to providing Macmillan Cancer support with water for over 15 events we’re offering 1,000 cases of 500ml bottled water free to individual charity fundraisers in our water donation initiative.

Joe McDermott, Challenge Events Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, explained his delight at the donation from Eden Springs:

We pride ourselves on offering the best support to our team, from the moment they sign up. By providing water at events for our supporters Eden Springs is helping to make sure that the Team Macmillan experience is second to none in Challenge Events.

The support of the participants at these events, and the money they help to raise, makes a real difference to people living with cancer, and this water donation is part of our ongoing commitment to charity and community causes.


More details of the Eden Springs donation to Macmillan Cancer Support

More details on what events are on offer from Macmillan Challenge Events


macmilllan charity water donation runner



Free bottled water for charity fundraisers

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apply for free water - click here

1000 bottles of free water to give away

We’re delighted to announce that we’re once again donating 1,000 cases of bottled water to anyone fundraising for charity in the UK following our successful initiative last year.

If you’re an individual charity fundraiser training for or competing in an event you can apply for a case of 12 x 500ml bottles of refreshing Eden Springs delivered to a work address at absolutely no charge. You could be walking in benefit of a local hospice, climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of cancer research or dancing for diabetes support – whatever your cause we’ll help you stay hydrated during your challenge!

Organising a fundraising event or group activity group yourself? Apply for a larger water donation and we’ll also be happy to consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

apply for free water - click here

Free water for The Childrens Trust Family Fun Day

Helping charities across the UK

Charities that benefited from the initiative include The Children’s Trust, who received water for a range of fundraising events. Angie Turner, Head of Corporate Partnerships (below, left) at the charity, explained to UK Fundraising that “Eden have been fantastic and really help charities around the UK save money on their events.Last year we helped a wide range of individuals and larger events that together raised thousands for fantastic causes.

“We have used the water that was kindly donated at our Sleepwalks around the UK and at our Easter Fair and Summer Fairs. It’s a great initiative and helped us raise more money to help children with profound disabilities around the UK.”


£30 donation to your charity with water coolers

In addition Eden will also continue to donate £30 for every water cooler installation resulting from a water donation to a charity event. If you’re involved in an event and help to promote the great range of bottled water cooler and mains-fed water cooler options Eden Springs provide you can then feel great knowing that any water cooler orders generated have helped to contribute to helping those in need.

Apply now

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Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

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Coffee beans by Aaron Logan via Wikimedia Commons

When you’re tucking in to your favourite coffee machine brew have you ever stopped to think about where it might come from? The truth is that the great coffee comes from all round the world and you just never know what might be in the blend that you’re drinking today. Here are some of the places that your coffee beans might originate.

The Beans from Brazil

Coffee beans by Aaron Logan via Wikimedia CommonsMost regular coffee blends will probably include some beans from Brazil. That’s because the country is the world’s largest coffee producer, holding an estimated 35% of the coffee production market. Beans from Brazil make their way into many blends so the chances are that if you’ve been drinking coffee for a while you will have drunk Brazilian coffee. Another well-known coffee bean comes from Colombia, another top coffee producer and known for some rich, full flavoured coffee blends. Colombian coffee is well regarded perhaps because the country has the perfect climate and geography for growing the bean.

World Coffee Blends

You will also find delicious coffee blends originating from other South American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. All of these coffees have distinctive flavours which coffee lovers enjoy. If you drink Java then your coffee hails from Indonesia, another major coffee producer. And let’s not forget about some of the countries that have been involved in coffee production right from the start and where it is still drunk today. You need a strong palate and a strong stomach to drink coffee from Ethiopia. Don’t be surprised if you can’t manage to stir it; that’s how thick it is. And coffee from Turkey (the country that gave us the name that has now gone worldwide) is rich but maybe a bit sludgy in the bottom of the cup – you have been warned.

Specialist Coffee

Beans from other countries may also make it into your daily cup of coffee but no one’s going to tell you unless you ask. That’s because coffee connoisseurs consider that coffee from Vietnam, Uganda, India and the Ivory Coast just doesn’t match up to the blends listed above when it comes to flavour. And when you add to that the attractions of specialist coffees such as Brazil’s smooth Bourbon Santos blend, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee and Indonesia’s Kopi Luak you can see why some coffee drinkers might be choosy.

So the next time you buy coffee beans, take a moment to look at the back of the pack and see where those beans come from. You never know, you might get a pleasant surprise.

‘Barista Challenge’ develops commercial coffee

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coffee machine barista

coffee machine baristaIf you’re enjoying a smooth coffee from an Eden Springs coffee machine you’ll know how much we care about great coffee – we’re not baristas but we are dedicated to providing coffee that our customers want to buy and enjoy. That’s why the new Barista Challenge from the Caffè Culture show, the coffee trade’s principal exhibition, is set to be really exciting; it recognises development of coffee drinks that can be commercially successful over conventional barista skills.

Coffee drinks that deliver

“While we want to recognise the fantastic skills of baristas operating in the UK we also want to deliver a competition that relates back to the commercial world in which they work,” explained Elliot Gard, the show’s event director. “We are looking for someone who can translate barista skills into devising drinks that will truly deliver for their business – drinks that have great marketability and are consistently quick and easy to deliver.”

The content’s judges will select entrants and invite them to create a video demonstrating their drink, with selected finalists invited to present their drink at the Caffè Culture show in May. At that event they will also be judged on two other, as yet unspecified, coffee drink.

Drinks of tomorrow

The inventive coffee beverages of today are the drinks you’ll be enjoying from your coffee machine tomorrow, so we keep an eye on events like these to ensure you’re getting the tasty coffee hit you want!

Have you got any favourite coffee-based drinks you’d love to see in your Eden Springs coffee machine? Let us know in the comments below.

Eden Springs wins Best Environmental Practice prize in Aqua Awards

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aqua awards best environmental practice

Eden Springs has won first prize in the coveted Aqua Awards 2011 for Best Environmental Practice, continuing work to become CarbonNeutral® by certifying an additional four international operations and further displaying our dedication as the industry leader in bottled water sustainability.

Speaking after the award was given at a Watercoolers Europe convention in Ukraine, CEO of Eden Springs Group Raanan Zilberman said

We are proud to receive this award. Our goal is to share the steps we take to improve our environmental impact and also show how low our carbon footprint actually is compared to other everyday food and beverage products.

aqua awards best environmental practice

Carbon neutral coolers across Europe

As a leading brand of drinking solutions in the office, our commitment  to providing a convenient and environmentally-friendly source of hydration has now resulted in our operations in Denmark and Finland becoming 100% carbon neutral, with Norway and Netherlands to follow in early 2012.

They join the UK, France, Switzerland and Sweden in being certified CarbonNeutral®, where we were the first company to offer carbon neutral certified water coolers.

Ongoing commitment

Our ongoing commitment to achieving CarbonNeutral® includes life cycle assessments to measure carbon footprint, route planning systems for all vehicles, water coolers with low consumption and longer life span for bottles, renewable energy technology, and reduction of paper use.

Find out more about our carbon neutral water coolers.


award ceremony

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Eden help Aberlour Midnight Sleepwalk

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We’re delighted to hear that the Aberlour Child Care Trust’s Midnight Sleepwalk, held in mid-September across the Forth Road Bridge, was a fantastic success with lots of sleepwalkers in PJs and fancy dress keeping hydrated with Eden Springs donated water.

The brave souls who faced the night chill raised a wonderful L15,000 for the charity, aided by Aberlour ambassador Catriona Shearer of BBC Reporting Scotland. There were some fantastically wacky outfits on display as expected, most following a pink and frizzy theme!

Well done to everyone involved, and we hope to be able to help this great charity again in the future. Find out how you can get free water for charity fundraising events.