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Coffee Machine of the week – Vitro X4 Espresso – Bean to Cup Machine

I’ve chosen the Vitro X4 Espresso as our bean to cup office coffee machine of the week because of its contemporary good looks, ease of functionality and the range of great tasting coffee it produces.

Easy Functionality

With it’s clear imagery and touch screen, the drinks selection system of the Vitro X4 Espresso instantly reaches out to customers and staff, providing them with 10 drinks variations, including Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water for Tea, all at the tap of the screen.

Vitro Display

High Capacity Bean Hopper

The Vitro X4 Espresso features one high capacity bean hopper and 3 soluble containers, the flexibility of these containers means you can use them for an instant decaf coffee hot chocolate ingredients and instant milk – to create all your coffee shop favourites.

The Perfect Espresso

The 9bar brewing mechanism provides an authentic espresso, with a great taste and a perfect crema. This machine will deliver around 250 drinks a day and is designed to be plumbed in. To increase autonomy a waste solution can be added which allows the coffee grinds to fall directly into an under cabinet bin, rather than the traditional grout tray.

Vitro double nose

Easy to clean and economical to use

The cleaning cycle has the same easy-to-maintain steps as the previous Espresso machine, making it a simple process to train others to keep the machine clean and in working order, you can find the cleaning instruction video here. The Vitro X4 Espresso is also an economical and environmentally friendly machine – in fact 90% of its components are recyclable at the end of its life, creating a sustainable coffee machine for your workplace.

Additional Features

Last but not least the X4 is unlike any other coffee machine, by offering the option of a 10” media screen, where you can show off your latest products and promote upcoming events!

Vitro 4 optional screen

You can find out more about the Vitro X3 & X4 here.

For more information on the Vitro X4 fill out a Request a Quote Form.

Water Cooler of the Week – EDEN F-MAX MAINS-FED

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Water Cooler of the Week - F-Max Mains-Fed

Water Cooler of the Week – EDEN F-MAX MAINS-FED

The Eden Ebac F-Max will look great in any environment. Made in Britain by Ebac, one of Europe’s best selling brands, the Eden Ebac F-Max has a contemporary, slim design constructed from high quality & durable ABS Polymer. It features a high dispense point for ease of use and the Ebac patented AquaSafe technology, making it one of the most hygienic water coolers available today.

Our most Hygienic Water Cooler

The floor standing mains-fed Eden Ebac F-max is the epitome of style and hygiene. The Duplex dispense nozzle is shielded by a shroud, ensuring any filtered water being served from the machine is protected from potential cross-contamination.  Unprotected coolers can be contaminated by exposure to the touch of a water bottle or hand in high volume use areas.Aquasafe insitu

The AquaSafe technology within the cooler is the most hygienic technology of its kind. The unfiltered water from your mains is chilled within the water cooler, chlorine and impurities are then filtered out at the point of dispense, for crystal clear hydration.

The water temperature options available on this machine include ambient and cold or hot and cold. The F-Max features an internal cup holder and an automatic drip tray evaporation system that will remove any excess water left over after use, providing a clean and hassle-free machine for everyone.

Lowest Carbon Footprint Water Cooler

Eden Ebac F-max is the lowest carbon footprint water cooler in the world, the hot option on the Ebac, the industry award winning Hot Tank in the F-Max works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to ensure it retains heat. The F-Max requires less frequent heating and as a result is 30 times more energy efficient than other Hot Tanks.Water Cooler of the Week - Eden F-Max

Reliable and Hygienic

Our team will visit your site once every 6 months to sanitise your cooler, between Monday – Friday to fully sanitise your water cooler. The AquaSafe will be replaced and the cooler will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, ensuring a hygienic and reliable fresh filtered water supply.

For further information on this machine please contact our team on 0808 256 2470.

Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Unlimited

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Eden UnlimitedFrom our Better range, our cooler of the week, is the state-of-the-art Eden Unlimited, a mains-fed water cooler providing the perfect solution for sites with direct access to a mains water supply.

The Eden Unlimited is an easy to use, stylish machine. It provides an unlimited supply of clean water removing chlorine or unwanted tastes and odours.

Customers choose the Eden Unlimited for its energy efficient water cooler features and environmentally friendly carbon filter system, providing purified, great tasting water in two temperature combination settings, either duo or trio. Options include ambient and cold or ambient, hot and cold.

The Eden Unlimited Water Cooler is available in both, floor standing or desktop versions, so no matter what size your office, you can benefit from clean, energy efficient mains-fed water. When the easy-to-use push button is pressed, the water will be served in either ambient, cold or hot, into the large dispense area, large enough for a sports bottle.

The benefits of having an Eden Unlimited water cooler include:

  •  Energy efficient and hygienic Direct Chill technology
  • Duo: Ambient / Cold or
  • Trio: Ambient / Hot / Cold options
  • Regular scheduled sanitisation
  • Push-button control
  • Large dispense area – ideal for sports bottles
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Floorstanding & desktop models
  • Hot tap models feature a child safety mechanism
  • Environmentally friendly carbon filter system for safe, great tasting water.


To ensure your mains-fed water cooler remains hygienic, every 6 months a BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) trained Eden Kafevend cooler expert will sanitise your water cooler and change its filter. The sanitisation process includes a thorough cleaning inside and out. This is automatically scheduled by our team. Sanitisation visits are scheduled Monday to Friday.

For further information on the Eden Unlimited Mains-Fed Water Cooler please call our team on 0808 256 2470 or fill out our ‘Get a Quote Form

Water Cooler of the Week: EBAC E-MAX

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Ebac E-Max

We start this week with our mains-fed Good Range water cooler solution, The Eden Ebac E-Max is our dependable entry-level option that has a robust, durable design suitable for all work & home environments.

There are many benefits of renting a Mains-fed water cooler, these include:

  • No bottle storage requirements
  • Cost efficiency
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

This hygienic, durable water cooler features a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly carbon filtration system that ensures your mains-fed water is as pure as can be whilst maintaining a high standard of hygiene through the use of the specially designed dispense levers, that are positioned away from the dispensing area, preventing potential water contamination by hands.


Additionally, the Ebac E-max is our only mains-fed water cooler that includes the patented WaterTrail, this sanitisation kit is the most successful technology of its kind. The WaterTrail doesn’t have any chemicals, and the dispense nozzle is insulated from contamination –providing 100% sanitisation, from the outset.

Every 6 months, one of our BWCA qualified technicians will come to clean and sanitise your water cooler, this includes removing and replacing you WaterTrail to ensure a healthy source of fresh, filtered water for everyone to enjoy. Sanitisation visits take place between Monday – Friday. However if you wish to make any changes to this, or want someone to visit sooner this can be arranged by a quick phone call.


The Eden Ebac Emax water cooler has dual temperature controls with options including cold and ambient or hot and cold. When opting for the hot and cold option the machine will come with a vacuum insulated hot tank which is 30 times more energy efficient than regular water coolers.

For further information on the Eden Ebac E-max or to arrange a site visit please call us on 0808 256 2470 or fill out the ‘Get a Quote form’.


Water Cooler of the Week: Fleet Range

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Eden Fleet Range
This week we would like to introduce you to our Fleet Range. These fantastic all-purpose bottled water coolers, have a simple, clean white finish that can fit into any office and workplace environment. Water temperature options on the Fleet Range include ambient & cold and hot & cold, providing great tasting, fresh Eden Springs water for every situation.

Our Fleet Range of water coolers are reliable and easily installed. In fact to ensure that you are 100% satisfied we will deliver and install your Fleet Range cooler for free. Many customers choose the Fleet Range as an inexpensive solution for their back of house requirements and select a cooler from our Better and Best ranges for front of house. The choice is of course yours and should you need help in locating the correct cooler for your environment please contact: 0808 256 2470


Choosing our Fleet Range means you will receive a white bottled water cooler from our existing stock and we cannot guarantee the exact model you will have installed. We pride ourselves in selecting only the highest quality models/ brands and all our water coolers are rigorously checked, to ensure the quality of the machine is 100% and meets our exacting standards, only then will it will be signed off for dispatch to you.


Bottled Water Deliveries at your Convenience

Eden Kafevend are the UK’s largest Water and Coffee machine company operating from 16 depots across the UK. We have over 90 delivery trucks on the road, and more than 700,000 bottles in circulation at any time. We can deliver and install your bottled water cooler anywhere within mainland United Kingdom.

When you become an Eden Kafevend customer, a bottled water delivery schedule will be created and tailored to your individual needs. The frequency of delivery can be set to monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on your water usage and storage capacities. All empty 18 litre bottles are collected on your scheduled delivery dates and re-used up to 50 times before we recycle them.

Although we understand you will be looking after your water cooler, it will require a routine sanitisation to ensure it remains hygienic. All our bottled water coolers receive a scheduled sanitisation visit every 12 weeks, where one of our BWCA qualified technicians will come out to your site and clean the interior and exterior of the machine.

For further information on rental of the Fleet Range, please feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0808 256 2470 or fill out a Get a Quote form.


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Eden Kafevend is proud of its association with the Business in the Community and the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, the aim of the network is to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

The Business in the Community (BITC) was founded by businesses and remains reliant on the funding and leadership of responsible businesses across the UK, working together to tackle a wide range of issues.

This year (2017) Eden Kafevend joined The Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG). Established following the riots in Tottenham in 2011 BERG’s aim is to help small to medium businesses and communities prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters such as flooding and storm devastation and cybercrime, which is becoming more and more prevalent in todays connected business world.berg-2

As a member of the BERG Communication group and Leadership team, Eden Kafevend are helping to broadcast the importance and responsibility of all businesses to ensure that they are resilient.

Through our customer network our goal is to raise awareness and change the behaviour of small to medium sized businesses and communities to be more resilient, encouraging them to utilise the resilience tools and resources available to them through BERG.

BERG’s overall goal is for every small to medium sized business and community to have access to advice and support that increases response times and improves recovery outcomes. In short, BERG aim to provide on-the-ground practical help for businesses during a crisis and Eden Kafevend are proud to be part of this.

You can find out more about our work with Business in the Community and BERG here.

Take 10 mins to find out how resilient your business is here, it could save your company!

Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Oasis Graphite

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Eden Oasis Graphite

Water Cooler of the Week: Eden Oasis Graphite

The Eden Oasis Graphite is the Bottled Water Cooler of the week due to it’s robust and attractive design. It provides a supply of great tasting bottled Eden water at the touch of a button and unlike our Good range of bottled water coolers the Eden Oasis comes in a stylish graphite colour which will look smart in any location. This floor standing water cooler is quiet, with an external cup holder and has an easy to remove drip tray.

Options Available

The Eden Oasis Graphite comes with duo temperature options, ambient and cold or hot and cold. This provides a solution to suit everyone’s needs. Depending on the model chosen consumers can enjoy both chilled and hot drinks, at the press of a tap.


Bottled water coolers are perfect for locations that do not have access to a mains supply, they can in fact be situated practically anywhere. All you need is access to a mains cable and should you need to relocate the water cooler to a different room, it’s a simple process, unplug – move and plug in again.

When you become an Eden Kafevend customer, a bottled water delivery schedule will be created and tailored to your business requirements. The frequency of bottled water deliveries can be set to monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on your water usage and storage capacities. All empty bottles are collected on your scheduled delivery dates and taken back to our depot to be re-used, or if at the end of their workable life, recycled.



It is important that you keep your drinking appliance clean and hygienic. To help you we will schedule a sanitisation for your bottled water cooler every 12 weeks. One of our British Water Cooler Association trained specialists will contact your premises and give your cooler a thorough clean. This will be automatically scheduled by our team. Sanitisation visits take place between Monday – Friday. However if you wish to make any changes to this, or want someone to pop in sooner this can be arranged by a quick phone call.

Health in the Workplace: Pedometer Challenge

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Health in the Workplace: Pedometer Challenge

At Eden Kafevend we strive to continually improve the well-being of our employees by ensuring a healthier, safer and supportive working environment. Towards the end of last year, whilst reviewing our future HR objectives, we were keen to focus on employee health and wellbeing. We understand that healthy employees are happy employees and we wanted to spread this message to everyone in the business.

What we do at Eden Kafevend for our Staff

bFccnUDt_400x400We want our colleagues to benefit, get involved and ultimately help us achieve our goal. Eden Kafevend already have some great initiatives in place including discounted gym membership, fresh fruit delivered to all offices, staff water coolers for home, occupational health services and a healthcare cash plan. However, we wanted to adopt a more interactive approach – involving our employees – with the ultimate aim of getting our organisation in better shape!

After conducting some research into health and wellbeing, we came across an NHS initiative called
Healthy Working Lives. The Healthy Working Lives (HWL) award process is an integrated approach to improving health, safety and wellbeing at work. This accredited award programme supports employers and employees to develop health promotion and safety themes in the workplace in a practical, logical way, which is beneficial to all. There are 3 levels of award – gold, silver and bronze. We signed up to the programme and were assigned an advisor whose role is to guide and support us through the process.

Setting up the Challenge

In February (in association with the British Heart Foundation) we launched a company-wide pedometer challenge. We asked employees to form teams of 5, and provided everyone with a pedometer, to count steps on a monthly basis. Everyone who entered also gets the chance of winning holiday vouchers at the end of the challenge. This challenge has been a great success, breaking down silos, whilst encouraging healthy competition between teams!Pedometer Challenge

Weekly motivational emails are sent to encourage motivation. They include suggestions for exercise, fitness events, health and fitness resources, reminder of the health benefits, healthy eating ideas and more, as well as publishing a monthly league table to see who is in the lead. The competition will run until the end of July, when the winning team will be crowned and announced here!

What we have Planned for the Future

Some other initiatives we have introduced as part of our Healthy Working Lives campaign are mental health training sessions, mindfulness training, a health and wellbeing resource library and we have also engaged with the Credit Union to help employees get their finances in better shape and save for the future.

We already have some great ideas for further challenges and initiatives that we hope to roll out later this year to keep the momentum going, including a stop smoking campaign and more support and awareness of mental health. We are well on our way to achieving our bronze status and hope to achieve this significant milestone over the next few weeks, which is very exciting! And we won’t stop there – we will then move on to work towards our silver award and beyond with the aim to achieving and maintaining gold status! This will be achieved through practical steps, proactive promotion and training and most importantly, we can only achieve this through the continued engagement and support of our colleagues. We will keep you updated with our Pedometer Challenge progress!

Water Cooler of The Week: Eden Ebac F-MAX

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Ebac F-MaxWater Cooler of the Week: Eden Ebac F-Max

It can be hard to believe that there is such a variety of water coolers available to you, that’s why we have decided to pick some of our favourites to help guide you along the way. The Eden Ebac F-MAX is one of Europe’s best selling brands, it features within our best range and it’s easy to see why.

Slimline DesignFmax__C_2848x5079_300

The design of this bottled water cooler, stands out in comparison to others. It comes in a stylish black and silver finish that looks great in any environment, with a high quality and durable ABS Polymer construction, making it durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The water cooler is floorstanding which has an easy to load cup dispenser integrated within the casing, making it tidy and organised.

The cup stand has an automatic drip tray that features an evaporation system. This clever system means you and your team won’t have to worry about emptying a reservoir daily.

A Variety of Options

The bottled water cooler comes either as a Duo (Ambient and Cold) or Trio setting (Ambient, Cold and Hot.) Ideal for all your water needs, from refreshing cool water to hot water for teas and soups. The Hot models also feature a child safety mechanism, preventing any potential accidents.

The water cooler has a high burst rate and is capable of keeping up with a busy environment, the cooler can produce 8 consecutive cold cups of water and 6 cups of hot water.

High Standard of Sanitisation

EMax - WaterTrailHere at Eden Kafevend we pick water solutions that are suitable for a variety of locations from offices to hospitals. Bearing this in
mind, we make sure our water is the highest standard of hygiene.

Your machine will be sanitised approximately every 12 weeks by a water cooler expert, these visits are scheduled Monday to Friday – at a time that suits you! The cooler will have thorough clean and the WaterTrail™ within the product will be replaced.

Our patented WaterTrail™  technology is one of the most successful sanitisation processes in the world, meaning 100% sanitisation every time!

There aren’t any chemicals used within this cleansing process, as well as this the operating levers are separate to the dispense point, which is insulated with a shroud to prevent any cross-contamination.

Energy Efficiency

The hot tank that heats up the water is vacuum insulated, which makes the Eden Ebac F-Max 30x more energy efficient than competitors’. As well as this our water bottles are picked up and deep cleaned, up to 20 times in their lifetime and finally recycled at the end of their life.

Fresh, Locally Sourced Water

With over 5 million reusable Eden water cooler bottles filled every year, it’s fair to say we have some experience in bottling!

We take great pride in our water, which comes from natural aquifers located within the UK. These protected borehole sources provides the high quality and great tasting water found in every bottle of Eden Springs delivered here in the UK.

To find out more about the other Bottled Water coolers we have on offer, simply click here. Or give our team a call on 0808 271 8242.

How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

Coffee is a versatile drink, that can be enjoyed warm or cold, frothy or smooth, milky or strong. With dozens of coffee types to choose from, there’s a perfect coffee for every taste palate. So how well do you know your coffee?

Download your Ebook, created by the Coffee experts at Eden Kafevend, it’s packed with information, such as:

  • Top tips on creating your favorite drinks
  • Interesting facts
  • Advice on getting the best out of your coffee beans
Coffee Guide Ebook

Coffee Guide Ebook

If you and your team prefer a range of specialty coffees as featured in our Ebook, you might be interested in our Bean to Coffee Machines! For more information about our Bean to Cup machines, click here.

What’s your favourite drink? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to mention us and #coffeelove!